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The leaders of several university energy departments were solidly optimistic about the prospects of the international climate talks that begin in Copenhagen next week at an event at Google’s San Francisco headquarters on Monday night. While Google grabbed our attention at the event by indicating the […] Read more »

About 37 percent of the carbon footprint of the entire information and communication technology sector (ICT) in 2007 was due to the energy consumption of telecom infrastructure and devices, according to the Climate Group (14 percent came from data centers, and 49 percent came from PCs […] Read more »

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Rich Miller at Data Center Knowledge wonders if servers should come with batteries. At least two web giants — Google and Facebook — are answering with an emphatic “yes.” And if such a strategy catches on, it could spell good news for IT vendors. Google raised […] Read more »

The upcoming Cop15 international climate negotiations in Copenhagen will have a massive affect on the developing greentech industry. How close countries get to agreeing on legally binding greenhouse gas emissions could determine the size of the various international greentech markets, be a lever for how much […] Read more »

Despite all the attention on battery technology for energy storage for the power grid in the latest round of smart grid stimulus funds, current battery technology is just too expensive to be mass deployed right now, according to analysts at Black and Veatch. “Unless battery technology […] Read more »

Sometimes a week in the fickle world of international climate change politics can deliver a whole new ball game. Last week politicians and pundits were decrying that the Copenhagen climate talks, which are now 12 days away, would not include a formal pact given the U.S. […] Read more »

The second largest defense contractor Boeing was one of the few tech providers and the only defense firm that won grants in the $620 million round of smart grid stimulus funds announced yesterday (most of the winners, like in the $3.4 billion round of funding announced […] Read more »

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In an interesting twist involving how the $4 billion in smart grid stimulus funds are being allocated, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu this morning announced that energy storage technology received 16 grants for a total of $185 million from the U.S. federal government. While the list […] Read more »

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu has just announced another $620 million in stimulus funds for 32 smart grid demonstration projects. As we explained this morning, this latest funding combined with the $3.4 billion in smart grid stimulus grants allocated last month, is delivering $4 billion to […] Read more »

So you think you’ve come up with the next game-changing greentech idea and now you just need to score some funding to get your new firm off the ground? Well, if you were eying the greentech bigwigs at Kleiner Perkins to back your fledgling startup, maybe […] Read more »

The cost of solar equipment has been steadily dropping over the last decade, but as the economy hit the skids over the past year, the cost to finance solar projects actually increased. In other words it became more expensive for a utility or company to raise […] Read more »

Sure, buying stuff isn’t exactly good for the environment — all products take energy to make and ship and, thus, contribute to carbon emissions — but Black Friday is upon us, and we’ve decided to put together an Earth2Tech slant on the annual holiday gift guide. […] Read more »

Back when I was a broadband reporter for Red Herring magazine, I took a trip to Seoul and did the classic story on how South Korea kick-started its economy with government investment into blazing-fast broadband pipes that created its world-leading mobile and web industries. South Korea’s […] Read more »

Now that large, established players — Silver Spring Networks and Cisco (CSCO) — are building out the smart grid network, the next area for innovation will be the applications, software and services designed to run on top of the network. That’s a trend we’ve covered, and […] Read more »

In a long speech on a variety of greentech subjects — ranging from renewable energy technology to prospects for the upcoming climate talks in Copenhagen to the U.S. Senate’s slow pace on the climate bill  — former Vice President and current Kleiner Perkins partner Al Gore […] Read more »

Rupert Murdoch’s got a new partner with a Silicon Valley pedigree to help his company News Corp go carbon neutral by 2010: Hara. The media giant plans to announce on Thursday that’s it’s using Hara’s software to track and reduce energy and carbon emissions. While we […] Read more »

It’s official: New TVs sold in California will be more energy efficient in coming years. The hotly debated state energy efficiency standards for televisions — the first of their kind in the nation — have just been approved by the California Energy Commission (hat tip our […] Read more »

While the debate over how — or if — consumers will want to manage their home energy consumption makes a lot of headlines, commercial buildings suck up 18 percent of the total energy consumption in the U.S. and represent one of the biggest opportunities for energy […] Read more »

Number eight on our list of 10 Things to Know About Smart Grid Security was this: Utilities need much better privacy safeguards. While the massive amount of data that will be unleashed by adding digital intelligence to the power grid needs to be kept out of […] Read more »

When news breaks that a company is in talks to be acquired, pundits are often quick to point to it as a positive sign. But in reality, it all depends on the valuation and the price of the deal. Over the past couple of days the […] Read more »

Amid heated debates over clean power sources, how to build out the smart grid, and the future of advanced transportation, one thing’s clear: Energy storage technology will play a key role in all of these transformations. Energy storage — from batteries to ultracapacitors to pumped hydro […] Read more »

Data center managers aren’t the only ones suddenly charmed by solid-state drives (SSDs) for computing storage needs. A growing number of VCs are also warming to the green, high-performance potential of the storage technology (GigaOM Pro Research, subscription required). With no moving parts to speak of, […] Read more »

At this point, the number of creative ways that companies have developed to help home owners monitor and manage their energy consumption, seems to far surpass the volume of consumer interest. That’s OK, though, because the home energy management market is so new, and it’s still […] Read more »

On Friday Microsoft plans to announce that its energy management online tool Hohm is now live and available to utility Xcel Energy’s 3.4 million customers. Troy Batterberry, Microsoft’s product unit manager of its Energy Management & Home Automation division, plans to break the news at an […] Read more »

Despite attempts by companies and industry groups to paint the wireless standard Wi-Fi (the one commonly used within buildings for Internet connections) as a winner for smart grid rollouts, it’s looking like Wi-Fi will end up taking a back seat for the next generation of the […] Read more »

Out of 10 solid greentech startup contenders vying for cash on the East Coast there could only be three winners of the Ignite Clean Energy business competition that took place on Tuesday in Massachusetts. Here they are: third prize, EGG Energy; second prize InnoSepra; and first […] Read more »

Berkeley Labs has been working on an open source version of a system for demand response services for the power grid (called openADR) for more than five years. But only one company in that time has commercialized a version of the open source platform — a […] Read more »

Can an open source data management system do for the smart grid what Google’s open mobile operating system Android is doing for cell phones — spawn innovation and low cost development? Execs at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the largest public power provider in the U.S., […] Read more »

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