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The partners at venture firm Mohr Davidow Ventures (MDV) say there’s a dirty little secret in the current cleantech investing climate: Much of the sector has been based on modernizing outdated industrial technologies and we’re missing out on a new transformational industry. In an article in […] Read more »

The energy information that will be unleashed by the digital technologies of the smart grid is valuable. That’s why companies and policy-makers are pushing so hard to add infotech to our electrical system. But that information is also valuable to people that could use it for […] Read more »

This week Google announced its first device partner for its energy management tool PowerMeter, which will enable PowerMeter to bypass the smart meter and the utility. Part of the benefit of cutting out the utility is that the device can use an Internet connection to feed […] Read more »

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While I was edumacating attendees of our “Biggest Opportunities of the Smart Grid” webinar this morning (for subscribers to GigaOM Pro), I learned a great deal from Pike Research analyst Clint Wheelock, who gave an overview of the market on the call. Most interesting to me […] Read more »

The development of the smart grid is really about unleashing and managing a whole lot of data about energy — where, when, how and how much energy is produced, consumed and moved around the network. That data could come from deep within the power grid at […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] With Google’s endless projects — from book search to a browser killer to Blogger — you’re probably wondering why I’m so excited about a new partnership deal for the company’s PowerMeter energy management tool. Well, here’s why: For the first time, consumers can now access […] Read more »

Networking giant Cisco could learn a whole lot from its partnership with German utility Yello Strom, which I once called the coolest utility in the world, and which focuses heavily on smart grid consumer hardware and the use of the Internet for the power grid. While […] Read more »

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There’s a growing laundry list of complaints about the climate bills that passed the House and were introduced into the Senate this week. But here’s another very important one: the bills basically neglect to promote the use of natural gas for electricity production, points out Mark […] Read more »

Yep, there are actually 22 firms selling software to help companies and governments manage their carbon footprints. And most of them are older, established companies (here’s our previous list of 10 Carbon Management Startups). Research firm Verdantix put together an extensive list of 22 carbon management […] Read more »

Here’s another reason to like energy-harvesting — technology that can capture and store energy from external sources like the sun and movement — it can help with utility demand response programs. This week Germany-based EnOcean said utility PG&E completed a successful study using EnOcean’s energy-harvesting technology […] Read more »

Last week, the successful public debut of lithium battery maker A123Systems, which saw its shares jump over 50 percent on opening day, warmed the wallets of investors worried that a cleantech IPO could freeze in the icy public markets. The stock, which was priced at $13.50 […] Read more »

Sempra Eyes 500MW of Solar: Sempra wants to build as much as 500 MW of solar plants that use either solar panels or solar-thermal technology on 4,000 acres near Phoenix, Arizona. But all of those megawatts won’t necessarily come from First Solar, Sempra CEO Michael Allman […] Read more »

Despite all the new high tech ways to help us curb our energy consumption, only about a quarter of us are expected to be interested in using home energy management dashboards and online energy management websites, says Ogi Kavazovic, Senior Director, Marketing & Strategy, for energy […] Read more »

Boxer-Kerry Senate Climate Bill: It’s officially here! Read over the entire draft, or a summary, or the various media reports checking it out — Environmental Capital, Green Inc, BBC, Reuters. Smart Grid Take Aways from GridWeek: GE Energy’s vice president of transmission and distribution Bob Gilligan […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] If you thought investment in the cleantech sector would never rival that of information technology, well, you underestimated the impact of the recession and subsequent stimulus package. Researchers from the Cleantech Group and Deloitte Consulting said this morning that in the third quarter — for […] Read more »

Back in 2006 there was much cheering from the cleantech industry when cleantech venture investing became the third largest category, trailing information technology and biotechnology. Many wondered if it would ever hit the top spot. Well, we can now thank the recession and government funding for […] Read more »

The connected car, or Car 2.0 — a vehicle that’s linked to both the power grid and communication networks — has a serious crush on the iPhone. Major car manufacturers, startups building connected vehicle software, and car-sharing companies, are embracing Apple’s handset as the first mobile […] Read more »

Dot Eco Frenemies: The first top level domains (like .org, .com) will be decided upon next year and two companies are battling to get approved for .eco. The New York Time’s green blog notes that the debate “heated up” when in August one Dot Eco decided […] Read more »

As expected the Senate version of the climate bill, which passed the house back in June, will soon be released from the Environment and Public Works Committee, and various media outlets have gotten a chance to look at a 684-page draft version of the bill before […] Read more »

Ultracapacitors are the hyperactive version of energy storage — they have ultra-fast charge and discharge times, but lag behind batteries in terms of the amount of energy they can store. Because of their unique characteristics, entrepreneurs and investors have seen them as an area of breakthrough […] Read more »

The smart grid might be the Megan Fox of cleantech right now (hot), but will venture-backed smart grid startups be able to deliver the type of returns that VCs commonly like (somewhere around 10 times their investment)? Not really, suggested venture capitalist Vinod Khosla at the […] Read more »

If you’re been following the cleantech industry for awhile, you know that cleantech, more than any other venture-backed sector, is very reliant on support from Uncle Sam. As David Anthony, founding partner of 21Ventures, put it to us recently: “There’s more money allocated to cleantech in […] Read more »

Large manufacturers have been tinkering with smart appliances — dishwashers, microwaves and other devices embedded with communications technology — for years. During the height of the dot-com bubble, connected appliances saw renewed hype, with announcements like that of Sun Microsystems, whose CEO Scott McNealy paired a […] Read more »

In a crucial step for the smart grid industry, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released its smart grid standards road map last week, which revealed close to 80 standards that will serve as the building blocks for the nascent industry. OK, cool…so now […] Read more »

The week of A123Systems: A123Systems upped its estimated share price on Tuesday, and then ended up pricing its shares even higher late Wednesday for its Thursday morning Nasdaq debut. At the end of the day on Thursday the battery maker saw its share price jump by […] Read more »

Thanks to our Earth2Tech sponsors, Find Open Green Tech Jobs at Interested in sponsoring Earth2Tech? Contact Nick Basso and Paul Irving at Read more »

It’s a tough job market out there but some IT professionals are navigating these troubled times just fine. Better than fine, actually. They are rocketing up the org chart and landing high profile positions at big tech companies. What sets them apart? Green IT. Among the […] Read more »

Chip company Intel is looking closely at the edges of the smart grid network — or “the edgy smart grid” — where Intel’s chips can play a role in connected energy devices, said Andrew Chien, VP of Intel Labs, at the Intel Developer’s Forum in San […] Read more »

As expected, Commerce Secretary Gary Locke released the smart grid standards road map — which the National Institute of Standards has been working on for many months — during his speech at the GridWeek conference in Washington, D.C., on Thursday morning. The roadmap (download here), which […] Read more »

It’s looking like the cleantech industry could get its long-awaited smash hit IPO on Thursday after a long dry spell. Update: A123 Systems opened at $17 per share on Thursday and climbed as high as $20 per share in early morning trading. Update: A123′s stock dipped […] Read more »

While we’re all eagerly waiting in anticipation for the smart grid standards roadmap to come out tomorrow (OK, maybe just nerds like me), take a second to sign up for a webinar we’re holding on the Biggest Opportunities in the Smart Grid from 10 a.m. to […] Read more »

Canadian electric vehicle maker Zenn Motors has been stating its grand vision for a while: to supply a range of automakers and grid operators with energy storage technology created with partner EEStor. That’s what Zenn CEO Ian Clifford told us at the Fortune Brainstorm Green conference […] Read more »

Critics Give Obama’s Climate Change Speech Poor Grade: There wasn’t much praise for Obama’s UN climate change speech, from either the left, the right, mainstream media, or the blogosphere. Not enough solutions and goals — New York Times. eBay Bids on GHG Cuts: “A combination of […] Read more »

Just as Kleiner Perkins investor and former Oracle president Ray Lane let slip last week, electric vehicle startup Fisker has some big news about how it will build a $39,000 plug-in hybrid vehicle. This morning, the Department of Energy announced that it has awarded Fisker a […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Car 2.0 — the era in which vehicles are connected to both communication networks and the power grid — is here. The evolution started years ago, led by the now mainstream practice of using GPS navigation systems in cars, and is moving to include plug-in […] Read more »

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