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Updated: China isn’t just going gangbusters on solar photovoltaic systems (like this 2 GW deal with thin film solar firm First Solar). Over the weekend solar thermal startup eSolar said it has won a licensing deal with Chinese power equipment maker Penglai Electric to build 2 […] Read more »

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Over the past nine years, solar plastic maker Konarka has been creeping toward commercialization, raising close to $200 million in private equity and government grants. When will it teeter over that brink of pilot production and move into full-scale commercialization? Well, for now some more funding: […] Read more »

Boeing is hardly a high-profile name in the world of solar thermal power development — firms like BrightSource Energy or Abengoa spring to mind a lot quicker. But Boeing, as it turns out, is the lord of solar thermal technology patents, according to a cleantech law […] Read more »

I’m thrilled to announce that we’re holding our second annual Green:Net conference on April 29, at San Francisco’s Mission Bay conference center. Similar to our sold out Green:Net 2009 event, this year’s conference will focus on how information technology — software, computing, the web and communication […] Read more »

Will Google be selling you electricity? There are reports that the search engine giant has created a subsidiary called “Google Energy,” which is looking to buy and sell electricity on federally regulated wholesale markets, and the company has asked for permission to do so. Read more »

On Monday we noted four greentech firms that had filed fund-raising documents or had made announcements about new financing rounds. But by golly, I’m counting at least five more in my in-box and on my radar screen on Wednesday. Today solar web firm Clean Power Finance […] Read more »

While it’s only $47 million, the 14 data center efficiency projects that won grants from the DOE and the stimulus package this morning, hold the keys to some real computing power innovation. The projects tackle bleeding-edge technology like liquid-cooled servers, ambient air cooling, modular data centers, […] Read more »

When the Department of Energy announced that it was awarding 14 data center efficiency projects $47 million this morning, one name piqued my interest: SeaMicro. The stealthy server maker has remained under the radar despite raising at least $10 million from backers like Khosla Ventures, Draper […] Read more »

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Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski did an hour-long Q&A at GigaOM HQ with GigaOM founder Om Malik and senior writer Stacey Higginbotham, in which they tackled issues like the lack of telecom competition and how to foster innovation in the broadband ecosystem. While Genachowski […] Read more »

Now here’s a truly smart way to spend some of the stimulus: This morning Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced that the Department of Energy will spend $47 million of its stimulus funds on 14 projects that will make information and communication technology more efficient, with […] Read more »

On a first glance you might think the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has very little to do with greentech. But the FCC is not just focused on wardrobe malfunctions and expanding broadband access — in recent months the FCC has also started looking at how to […] Read more »

A decade-old software firm called Ecologic Analytics has been quietly cleaning up when it comes to the software link that connects smart meter data to a utilities’ back office (commonly called meter data management systems, or MDMS). This morning the company, which has meter maker Landis […] Read more »

If the first day back to work in 2010 is an indicator of how greentech investing will look this year, there’s a reason to be bullish. By Monday afternoon we saw three greentech startups file fund raising documents with the SEC, and on Tuesday another greentech […] Read more »

A weak economy is a solid time to sell a product that can save companies 30-60 percent on their energy bills. Computer energy software maker Verdiem, which passed the 1 million mark back in August for the number of government and business PCs that are running […] Read more »

Here’s another hurdle for the carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) market (where carbon emitted during power generation is collected and stored): Research firm ABI says that the price of carbon on emissions trading markets needs to hit $40 per ton of CO2 for CCS to “attain […] Read more »

The gadget-frenzy that is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off this week, and like in recent years past (2009, 2008), we’re keeping an eye out on the energy efficient and “greener” gadgets on display at the show. Like in 2008 and 2009, expect to see […] Read more »

As we’ve all heard before, it’s often “who you know,” instead of “what you know,” when it comes to the world of business. And that’s even more true for the greentech industry, which became the leading venture capital investment sector in the third quarter of 2009 […] Read more »

One more look back at 2009 — the $371 million IPO of lithium battery maker A123Systems back in late September, was the largest of last year, according to a report from Dow Jones VentureSource. Investors definitely had confidence in the company on September 24, 2009, and […] Read more »

While the articles that drove the most clicks this year were a combo of lists and FAQs, we know our loyal readers came back on a daily basis to check out our solid reporting, our trend-spotting, our startup profiles and our scoops. We worked hard in […] Read more »

Americans love the idea of the neatly packaged product, even when it comes to clean power — biofuels, wind and nuclear all come in modular “in-a-box” sizes. In that same vein, Helios Solar, a 2-year-old startup based in Denver, Colorado, has announced that its SunCube is […] Read more »

When we profiled three-year-old startup EcoFactor in November the company said it was in the process of raising its Series A round. Well, today the company filed a document with the SEC that says it is in the process of raising $4.5 million, and has already […] Read more »

I’ve been hearing rumblings about C3, the carbon-focused stealthy startup from Thomas Siebel — the guy who sold Siebel Systems to Oracle for billions of dollars — for the past couple of months. But TechCrunch has the kicker on them this week. The company has filed […] Read more »

The Department of Energy quietly announced this month (hat tip Green Inc) that Korean electronics giant LG can’t use the Energy Star logo for over a dozen of its refrigerators starting in the new year. The decision was a result of findings of multiple independent labs […] Read more »

Wow, I had no idea solar theft was such a problem. According to a KQED Public Radio, over the past year over 400 solar panels, worth $1,000 each, have been stolen from vineyards throughout Napa County, California. That’s pretty amazing given solar photovoltaics don’t even have […] Read more »

Here’s an issue that I think will greatly effect startups building the next-generation of home energy management tools over the next couple of months: Many utilities won’t be turning on the wireless communication chips (most often the wireless standard ZigBee) in their smart meters until well […] Read more »

While 2009 was the year that startups, smart grid firms and venture capitalists decided to move into the home energy management market, 2010 could be the year that the consumer electronics players make their moves. Energy reseller Direct Energy and a group of gadget heavyweights, including […] Read more »

Clearly, the accord that emerged from the Copenhagen climate negotiations has drawn criticism. President Obama has acknowledged that, saying “people are justified in being disappointed about the outcome in Copenhagen.” Read more »

Back in October during our smart grid webinar, we referenced a report on the smart grid from Pike Research that had some pretty massive global figures. Well, this morning Pike has officially launched that report which says the smart grid market will bring in $200 billion […] Read more »

Copenhagen was a bit of a disaster, but the Danish sure know how to celebrate Christmas. Here’s a bright and shiny Lego Santa in the window of a toy shop in downtown Copenhagen. Happy Holidays to all our readers! Read more »

However many thousand-word essays and bite-sized news posts we wrote this year about the latest green technologies, sometimes it was the photos we snapped and pictures we curated that you really dug. There’s nothing like a close-up snap shot of a sparkling eco-innovation or a pic […] Read more »

While we’d love to think it’s our smart analysis of greentech businesses, our savvy scoops and our winning personalities that drive your clicks, here’s a clue into what you like reading. . . . lists! So here’s our obligatory end-of-the-year top 10 list of the most […] Read more »

Several events in the solar industry in recent weeks have made clear just how valuable executives with semiconductor chops are to the solar biz, as they can bring decades of knowledge of low-cost chip manufacturing, as well as experience working with suppliers of silicon itself. Read more »

The obvious problem with solar power is that the sun doesn’t shine at night, but quite a few solar makers are turning to molten salt to help with that problem. This morning SolarReserve, a Santa Monica, Calif.-based startup that collects solar power with mirrors and stores […] Read more »

A lot happened in the world of greentech in the last 12 months — the U.S. government started doling out stimulus funds, the smart grid became a mainstream moniker, the Copenhagen climate summit passed with a whimper, and the first half of the year was overshadowed by […] Read more »

Not only world leaders, United Nations delegates and environmentalists were disappointed in the weak accord reached in the 11th hour of the Copenhagen climate talks — the markets for carbon allowances didn’t like the deal either. Bloomberg is reporting that on the first day of trading […] Read more »

Will 2010 be the year for greentech IPOs? When lithium ion battery maker A123Systems successfully debuted on the Nasdaq back in September, there was much speculation that the move would ready the market for a following of greentech IPOs. The notion seemed over-enthusiastic then, but three […] Read more »

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