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Nice. President Obama used the State of the Union to call for the Senate to pass a comprehensive climate and energy bill. During the early part of his speech he said “This year, I am eager to help advance the bipartisan effort in the Senate,” and: […] Read more »

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So it’s official. Today, Steve Jobs took the stage and held up the iPad, Apple’s long awaited tablet. Last week, we took the best information surrounding the iPad and made predictions about the device’s eco-attributes, and we ended up being pretty spot-on. So how did the […] Read more »

It’s been less than a year since German software giant SAP bought carbon software startup Clear Standards, but the company has already used the carbon software tool — now rebranded SAP Carbon Impact — on its own emissions footprint. This morning, in conjunction with its earnings, […] Read more »

After doing research on startups making clean power products for the developing world over the past few weeks, I’ve come to realize that there’s generally two types of power goods being created for “the next billion” consumers in regions like rural India or sub-saharan Africa: novelty […] Read more »

Updated: Last week we reported that famed venture capitalist Vinod Khosla ended up boosting his firms new funds, which includes a large portion for greentech, to a total of $1.3 billion, up from previous estimates of $1 billion. Well, this morning CNET reports a tidbit about […] Read more »

If you’ve been following the moves of electric vehicle infrastructure maker Better Place over the years then you’re well aware that its world ambitions will need a lot of capital. On Monday morning the company announced that it is raising a whopping $350 million in a […] Read more »

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Siemens, the German energy and engineering giant, has been slower to move into the smart grid than fellow competitors like GE and Swiss-based ABB. But over the past year Siemens has seemed to be making up for lost time, announcing a flurry of new projects and […] Read more »

There are a lot of similarities between the build out of telecom and Internet infrastructure, and the current rollout of the smart grid. But here’s one major, and very important, difference between the construction of communications and energy networking, which the President and Chief Operating Officer […] Read more »

How the FCC Will Promote Open Smart Grid Networks & Real Time Energy Data: Here’s the first glimpse into how the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will work with and oversee the smart grid industry. Why the Power Buildout Will Mirror Cell Phones in Developing Nations: Will […] Read more »

The turn of the new year seemed to act like the flip of the light switch in terms of greentech venture investing — already in 2010 greentech startups, and particularly smart grid firms, are seeing a rush of investment. And it looks like Vinod Khosla — […] Read more »

Save the planet. Transport bits. Not atoms. It can help. Five experts will be exploring the ideas behind using the Internet for dematerialization – the notion of replacing atoms with digital bits – and its impact on carbon emissions on our panel “Switching Atoms for Bits: […] Read more »

Despite some reports, we haven’t seen smart grid firms struggling to raise money — particularly not this week. I’ve seen three investments in the smart grid space — from smart grid network infrastructure, to in-home energy displays — over the past couple of days, bringing in […] Read more »

What a year. Coasting on the momentum that propelled cleantech to the forefront of venture capital investment in Q3, the fourth quarter capped off a year that, when all was said and done, saw a total of $4.85 billion invested in the sector. However, as the […] Read more »

What will convince people to actually reduce their home energy consumption and engage with new smart meters that are being rolled out? The folks leading ComEd, including the Chicago utility’s President and COO Anne Pramaggiore, want to know. At the Cleantech Investor Summit on Wednesday Pramaggiore […] Read more »

PALM SPRINGS, CALIF. — Reed Hundt is widely known for being the first chairman of the Federal Communications Commission to lead a spectrum auction, setting the stage for the modern U.S. wireless industry. He’s also known in geekier circles for his entrepreneurial endeavors like co-founding Frontline […] Read more »

PALM SPRINGS, CALIF. — The Department of Energy’s Senior Advisor Matt Rogers has one of the best and worst jobs in greentech: He’s one of the leaders in charge of handing out the $36 billion in U.S. stimulus funds for clean power and energy efficiency projects. […] Read more »

Joule Biotechnologies — the folks behind the unusual hybrid solar-biofuel technology that officially launched last year — say they will build their first pilot plant in Leander, Texas and it will be operational within the first half of this year. That puts the 3-year-old Cambridge, Mass-based […] Read more »

For cost-related reasons, developing countries have mostly skipped traditional telephone infrastructure and got their first communications via cellular. Similarly, countries that have not built out the power grid to much of their population completely skip the traditional power infrastructure and turn to distributed solar for power. Read more »

Here’s the latest indicator that home energy management devices are going mainstream fast this year: Canadian Blue Line Innovations has started selling a $99 energy management device called the PowerCost Monitor at big box retailer Fry’s Electronics this week (check it out here). The news comes on […] Read more »

2010 year will be a major year for the wireless standard WiMAX and the smart grid, says Sprint’s national program manager for utilities Robert Gustin. Sprint, the third largest phone company in the U.S., owns a joint venture with carrier Clearwire focused on WiMAX, a nascent, […] Read more »

Updated: Looks like this is the weekend for some unusual firms to dabble in the increasingly hot home energy management (my take on how Apple could jolt the energy management space here). Minnesota-based manufacturer 3M, which makes such disparate products as post-it notes and medical supplies, […] Read more »

Apple, like Google, has a habit of causing major waves throughout the markets it enters. Could the master designers behind the iPhone, iPod, iTunes and Mac, one day revolutionize the way consumers manage the energy consumption of their gadgets and even homes? In effect, can Apple […] Read more »

Smart meter maker Itron looks set to clean up in 2010. Being the leader of the U.S. smart meter market during a period that saw the largest investment in U.S. history (via the $4 billion in smart grid stimulus funds) will do that for a company. […] Read more »

As solar thermal firms like eSolar have started flipping switches on their first projects in U.S. deserts, I’ve been eagerly waiting the stirling engine solar folks to officially enter the game. Looks like we’re getting one project at the end of this month: Stirling Energy Systems […] Read more »

On the morning of January 28, we’re holding an exclusive event at our office in San Francisco that will take a close look at the next generation of smart grid applications. Here’s the idea: Now that smart grid infrastructure is being built out, what new applications […] Read more »

When I first started covering greentech, I paid close attention to the Cape Wind saga — the proposed first U.S. offshore wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts that has been in limbo for nine long years due to concerns over turbines disturbing local sea views. But […] Read more »

Every week it seems like California’s utilities announce a new clean power contract — solar PV, solar thermal, geothermal, wind power, even space solar. But according to a report from researchers at Black & Veatch, California utilities won’t be able to meet the state renewable portfolio […] Read more »

Lasers have performed wonders over the years but can they push display technology into an era of super-efficient screens? One San Jose, Calif.-based startup is betting on it. Founded in 2005, Prysm exited stealth mode this week with the introduction of its Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) […] Read more »

When it comes to smart grid deployments the need for “open” architecture using Internet Protocol has become resounding (IP is one of our Winners of 2009 on GigaOM Pro). Hey, even the phone companies — who have long built closed, proprietary networks — want to offer something […] Read more »

A startup based in Bangalore, India, is selling an off-the-shelf device for less than the cost of a one-night stay in an average hotel in downtown San Francisco that can offer rural Indians a way to generate and store solar power, charge cell phones and other […] Read more »

Can a venture-backed startup do for lighting what Silicon Valley has done for communications and entertainment: Make it digital? That’s the aim of LED chip and array maker Bridgelux. This evening the startup announced that it’s raised $50 million and brought on former Seagate CEO Bill […] Read more »

Individual biofuels — algae fuel, cellulosic ethanol, biodiesel, corn ethanol — have all had their day in the sun over the past few years. Is it time for everyone to cheer for the alternative version of butanol, biobutanol? This morning Mountain View, Calif.-based startup Cobalt Biofuels, […] Read more »

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