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As we’ve all heard before, it’s often “who you know,” instead of “what you know,” when it comes to the world of business. And that’s even more true for the greentech industry, which became the leading venture capital investment sector in the third quarter of 2009 […] Read more »

One more look back at 2009 — the $371 million IPO of lithium battery maker A123Systems back in late September, was the largest of last year, according to a report from Dow Jones VentureSource. Investors definitely had confidence in the company on September 24, 2009, and […] Read more »

While the articles that drove the most clicks this year were a combo of lists and FAQs, we know our loyal readers came back on a daily basis to check out our solid reporting, our trend-spotting, our startup profiles and our scoops. We worked hard in […] Read more »

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Americans love the idea of the neatly packaged product, even when it comes to clean power — biofuels, wind and nuclear all come in modular “in-a-box” sizes. In that same vein, Helios Solar, a 2-year-old startup based in Denver, Colorado, has announced that its SunCube is […] Read more »

When we profiled three-year-old startup EcoFactor in November the company said it was in the process of raising its Series A round. Well, today the company filed a document with the SEC that says it is in the process of raising $4.5 million, and has already […] Read more »

I’ve been hearing rumblings about C3, the carbon-focused stealthy startup from Thomas Siebel — the guy who sold Siebel Systems to Oracle for billions of dollars — for the past couple of months. But TechCrunch has the kicker on them this week. The company has filed […] Read more »

The Department of Energy quietly announced this month (hat tip Green Inc) that Korean electronics giant LG can’t use the Energy Star logo for over a dozen of its refrigerators starting in the new year. The decision was a result of findings of multiple independent labs […] Read more »

Wow, I had no idea solar theft was such a problem. According to a KQED Public Radio, over the past year over 400 solar panels, worth $1,000 each, have been stolen from vineyards throughout Napa County, California. That’s pretty amazing given solar photovoltaics don’t even have […] Read more »

Here’s an issue that I think will greatly effect startups building the next-generation of home energy management tools over the next couple of months: Many utilities won’t be turning on the wireless communication chips (most often the wireless standard ZigBee) in their smart meters until well […] Read more »

While 2009 was the year that startups, smart grid firms and venture capitalists decided to move into the home energy management market, 2010 could be the year that the consumer electronics players make their moves. Energy reseller Direct Energy and a group of gadget heavyweights, including […] Read more »

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Clearly, the accord that emerged from the Copenhagen climate negotiations has drawn criticism. President Obama has acknowledged that, saying “people are justified in being disappointed about the outcome in Copenhagen.” Read more »

Back in October during our smart grid webinar, we referenced a report on the smart grid from Pike Research that had some pretty massive global figures. Well, this morning Pike has officially launched that report which says the smart grid market will bring in $200 billion […] Read more »

Copenhagen was a bit of a disaster, but the Danish sure know how to celebrate Christmas. Here’s a bright and shiny Lego Santa in the window of a toy shop in downtown Copenhagen. Happy Holidays to all our readers! Read more »

However many thousand-word essays and bite-sized news posts we wrote this year about the latest green technologies, sometimes it was the photos we snapped and pictures we curated that you really dug. There’s nothing like a close-up snap shot of a sparkling eco-innovation or a pic […] Read more »

While we’d love to think it’s our smart analysis of greentech businesses, our savvy scoops and our winning personalities that drive your clicks, here’s a clue into what you like reading. . . . lists! So here’s our obligatory end-of-the-year top 10 list of the most […] Read more »

Several events in the solar industry in recent weeks have made clear just how valuable executives with semiconductor chops are to the solar biz, as they can bring decades of knowledge of low-cost chip manufacturing, as well as experience working with suppliers of silicon itself. Read more »

The obvious problem with solar power is that the sun doesn’t shine at night, but quite a few solar makers are turning to molten salt to help with that problem. This morning SolarReserve, a Santa Monica, Calif.-based startup that collects solar power with mirrors and stores […] Read more »

A lot happened in the world of greentech in the last 12 months – the U.S. government started doling out stimulus funds, the smart grid became a mainstream moniker, the Copenhagen climate summit passed with a whimper, and the first half of the year was overshadowed by […] Read more »

Not only world leaders, United Nations delegates and environmentalists were disappointed in the weak accord reached in the 11th hour of the Copenhagen climate talks — the markets for carbon allowances didn’t like the deal either. Bloomberg is reporting that on the first day of trading […] Read more »

Will 2010 be the year for greentech IPOs? When lithium ion battery maker A123Systems successfully debuted on the Nasdaq back in September, there was much speculation that the move would ready the market for a following of greentech IPOs. The notion seemed over-enthusiastic then, but three […] Read more »

Had enough of the Copenhagen climate negotiations? Well, the convention officially ended this weekend, with resounding disappointment over the weak and vague Accord that wasn’t even fully supported by all of the delegates. Positive notes from the convention are that clearly the world is watching these […] Read more »

The controversy and debate will rage on this weekend about how real and sufficient the agreement is that the White House and President Obama announced on the closing of the conference. The Accord hadn’t been voted on by the delegates by the time Obama made the […] Read more »

Whoa! The next big cleantech IPO following A123System’s recent public offering, has just been announced. Thin film solar company Solyndra has filed a registration statement for an IPO that could raise up to $300 million. According to the SEC filing, the company generated revenues of $58.8 million […] Read more »

Here’s what everyone’s been waiting for: the Copenhagen climate deal. It still hasn’t been voted on by the delegates and it’s about as weak as could be coming out of a negotiation process that’s been filled with controversy, stalemates and political posturing. But the White House […] Read more »

It’s here folks — the final day of the 2-week-long Copenhagen climate summit, and U.S. President Obama addressed the delegates (full transcript here) on Friday morning. Obama offered no 11th hour concessions or aces up his sleeve, but essentially reiterated the U.S position on the Copenhagen […] Read more »

On the final morning of the Copenhagen climate talks, as world leaders have but a few hours left to reach some kind of agreement, the smart grid will get a bit of attention. Chris King, the Chief Regulatory Officer of smart meter software company eMeter, plans […] Read more »

The issue of “transparency” has taken over the Copenhagen climate negotiations. If and how countries will provide verifiable measurements of their emissions reductions is the sticking point of the $100 billion annual fund that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced today, and a major fissure […] Read more »

On the second-to-last day of the international climate negotiations in Copenhagen, there’s gridlock for both the negotiators and for many attendees trying to get into the jam-packed Bella Center. Amid the chaos, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced (see video clip) on Thursday that the […] Read more »

Google’s Director of Climate Change and Energy Initiatives, Dan Reicher — a policy wonk that served in the Clinton Administration energy department and heads up Google’s efforts on shaping energy legislation — spent the past few days at the Copenhagen climate summit, meeting with business leaders, […] Read more »

For all those disappointed that Congress was unable to pass energy legislation before the Copenhagen climate talks, which are now in their second week, Senator John Kerry reassured an audience at Copenhagen on Wednesday that success in Copenhagen would deliver success for the energy bill in […] Read more »

As the international climate change negotiations in Copenhagen have gotten under way, countries have been issuing various updates on their plans to reduce or limit carbon emissions. Among the many stories emerging from Europe came the news recently published in Platts Global Power Report that on […] Read more »

Silver Spring Networks, one of the largest smart grid infrastructure firms, has raised another massive round of funding to keep on expanding. This morning the 7-year-old Redwood City, Calif.-based company announced that it has raised $100 million in equity funding, bringing the company’s total funds raised […] Read more »

Talks Resume: After a 5-hour suspension of the talks due to an African delegation walking out on Monday, the talks resumed in the evening. Japan Pledges Aid for Developing Countries Emission Reductions: Japan plans to step forward with aid for the $10 billion per year kick-start […] Read more »

COPENHAGEN — Copenhagen has witnessed dozens of rallies and protests this week, but none like the geeked-out call to action that will occur on Tuesday afternoon here at the Bella Center as the climate negotiations move into the second week. A group including Google, General Electric, […] Read more »

In an initiative that we heard vaguely referenced over the weekend, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu has announced an international agreement that will see developed nations give $350 million, including $85 million from the U.S., to developing nations . Called the Renewables and Efficiency Deployment Initiative (REDI), the plan […] Read more »

COPENHAGEN — The weekend break between the two weeks of the Copenhagen climate negotiations showed two things: on one hand hundreds of thousands of people around the world are willing to hold rallies to support an international climate agreement (by some estimates 100,000 alone in Copenhagen), […] Read more »

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