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While much of the attention in the smart grid industry has been focused on the U.S. market — gotta take advantage of that close to $4 billion in smart grid stimulus funds — developing countries like India, China and Brazil are also looking to make their […] Read more »

It’s one thing for a company to score a utility deal to build a solar thermal power plant; it’s another thing entirely to get that solar project permitted, connected to transmission lines and financed, says Fred Morse, U.S. senior adviser to Abengoa Solar, the solar arm […] Read more »

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The last time you encountered WeatherBug — the brand name of a company that has 8,000 weather tracking stations across the U.S. and sells various weather-based services — could have been when you were trying in vain to uninstall an early version of its ad-based desktop […] Read more »

While nuclear giant Areva declined to disclose how much it plans to pay for solar thermal startup Ausra this week, the deal speaks volumes about greentech exits (or a lack there of) as well as the solar thermal industry. For several of the venture capitalists who […] Read more »

The famously private investor David Gelbaum, founder of The Quercus Trust, who by his own estimates has between 40 and 50 cleantech investments, as a rule hasn’t done interviews for years. We caught up with him for 10 questions, though. Read more »

Whoa — big news on the solar thermal front today, as French power giant Areva says it’s agreed to buy solar thermal startup Ausra. Back in November there were several media reports that said Ausra was in talks to be acquired by one of three companies, […] Read more »

The end goal of AMEE is for everyone and every organization to know their complete energy use, or their “energy identity,” explained Gavin Starks, CEO of the web services platform that helps track and measure carbon consumption, at our Green:Net 2009 conference last year. To help […] Read more »

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Electric vehicle infrastructure company Better Place has a lot of work to do before it commercially launches its first networks of battery swap and charging stations in Israel and Denmark next year. But this weekend the company took a couple steps forward in Israel. First, Better […] Read more »

When Energy Secretary Steven Chu fast-tracked the long-stalled $25 billion dollars in loans and loan guarantees, created as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and appropriated by Congress in 2006, it was a breath of fresh air for the clean power and green transportation […] Read more »

Hack-A-Credit: Last week hackers broke into online accounts and stole and resold carbon credits, according to the German newspaper Der Spiegel — Wired. The Yes Men @ Davos: Ha, ha. Supposedly the Yes Men put up this dubbed video of ADM CEO Patricia Woertz speaking from […] Read more »

Given that a U.S. carbon cap-and-trade system appears increasingly unlikely in the near term, what’s the next best way to boost the domestic renewable energy industry and deliver green jobs? According to a study done by Navigant Consulting on behalf of the renewable energy industry group, […] Read more »

When I think about smart grid security I get a tired-feeling like I’m being forced to watch the Bachelor on TV. That’s because the debate is largely over around how important it is (it is very), the U.S. government and standards bodies are taking it extremely […] Read more »

It’s still early days for Google’s web-based energy tool PowerMeter. A company spokesperson told us today that Google has “a few thousand users at this point” for PowerMeter. That’s pretty small, but it’s enough to enable Google to start using the collective energy consumption data to […] Read more »

Too much intelligence at the edge of a network, and not enough in the middle, makes for a volatile network. That’s according to Ray Gogel, president and chief operating officer of the Current Group, quoted in a Forbes article this morning. Gogel says a lot of […] Read more »

The FCC plans to make recommendations for how the National Broadband Plan — due to the U.S. Congress on March 17 — should help shape the fledgling smart grid industry. Interested parties have been submitting their comments, including Cisco. Read more »

Sure, your company’s smart grid tech might be the slickest on the market, but don’t expect that to guarantee success in the industry. According to a report out this morning from Lux Research, which predicts the smart grid market will be a $16 billion opportunity by […] Read more »

Buildings, like cars, need constant tune-ups to make sure they’re running efficiently, says David Helliwell, co-founder of 4-year-old startup Pulse Energy, which makes building energy management systems. Fortunately for Pulse Energy’s customers, buildings don’t need the time-consuming, oil change-type of maintenance, and Pulse Energy can use […] Read more »

Huge electronics conglomerates in Japan and Korea — Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, LG — have long been leaders of gadget, battery and mobile innovation. China has also spent decades as the low-cost manufacturer always “just about to emerge” as the electronics innovator and massive purchaser. Now it’s […] Read more »

Electric vehicle startup Tesla’s IPO-filing last Friday provided industry-watchers with the first real glimpse behind the company’s hip brand and high-profile PR. What they saw wasn’t as pretty as the image: a company that’s lost $236.4 million, sold less than 1,000 cars, and will lose many […] Read more »

While a lot of the attention has been focused on gadgets, software and services that will convince the consumer to engage with home energy management, an untapped area for opportunity for startups and incumbent players alike will be utility applications. That was one of the themes […] Read more »

The Greener Gadgets Conference explores sustainable alternatives for the electronics we use every day, showing off design concepts that will inspire us all to be greener citizens. Join eco-design leaders February 25 in New York for keynotes by Yves Behar, founder of the San Francisco studio […] Read more »

We had a blast at our smart grid bunker event this week, and we wanted to share the videos with any folks that weren’t able to tune into the live stream. Thank you to all of our thought-leader speakers — Andy Tang, PG&E Senior Director of […] Read more »

Nice. President Obama used the State of the Union to call for the Senate to pass a comprehensive climate and energy bill. During the early part of his speech he said “This year, I am eager to help advance the bipartisan effort in the Senate,” and: […] Read more »

So it’s official. Today, Steve Jobs took the stage and held up the iPad, Apple’s long awaited tablet. Last week, we took the best information surrounding the iPad and made predictions about the device’s eco-attributes, and we ended up being pretty spot-on. So how did the […] Read more »

It’s been less than a year since German software giant SAP bought carbon software startup Clear Standards, but the company has already used the carbon software tool — now rebranded SAP Carbon Impact — on its own emissions footprint. This morning, in conjunction with its earnings, […] Read more »

After doing research on startups making clean power products for the developing world over the past few weeks, I’ve come to realize that there’s generally two types of power goods being created for “the next billion” consumers in regions like rural India or sub-saharan Africa: novelty […] Read more »

Updated: Last week we reported that famed venture capitalist Vinod Khosla ended up boosting his firms new funds, which includes a large portion for greentech, to a total of $1.3 billion, up from previous estimates of $1 billion. Well, this morning CNET reports a tidbit about […] Read more »

If you’ve been following the moves of electric vehicle infrastructure maker Better Place over the years then you’re well aware that its world ambitions will need a lot of capital. On Monday morning the company announced that it is raising a whopping $350 million in a […] Read more »

Siemens, the German energy and engineering giant, has been slower to move into the smart grid than fellow competitors like GE and Swiss-based ABB. But over the past year Siemens has seemed to be making up for lost time, announcing a flurry of new projects and […] Read more »

There are a lot of similarities between the build out of telecom and Internet infrastructure, and the current rollout of the smart grid. But here’s one major, and very important, difference between the construction of communications and energy networking, which the President and Chief Operating Officer […] Read more »

How the FCC Will Promote Open Smart Grid Networks & Real Time Energy Data: Here’s the first glimpse into how the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will work with and oversee the smart grid industry. Why the Power Buildout Will Mirror Cell Phones in Developing Nations: Will […] Read more »

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