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Five-year-old Spanish startup Optimitive has raised a $1.9 million Series A round from European venture capital fund GGM Venture Capital to boost sales of its artificial intelligence software. The company, which came out of the Surge Accelerator in Houston, can help refineries, manufacturers, power generators and industries that are heavy energy users, make their processes more efficient in real time.

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A startup that’s recently been spun off from MIT — SolidEnergy — is making materials for lithium ion batteries for electric cars that could make them cheaper, less flammable in the event of an accident, and capable of holding more energy, according to MIT Tech Review. The company, which has developed a lithium-metal electrode (instead of graphite) and combined that with a safer electrolyte, plans to sell its materials to battery makers. It has raised a round of venture funding and is working with battery maker A123 Systems.

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Microsoft is doing something super interesting and experimental: using fuel cells to create self-powered racks in data centers. Microsoft, which is now testing the tech, says such a set up could make data centers more efficient, minimizing energy distribution losses and reducing dependence on the power grid.

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Tesla went from a high of over $180 per share earlier this week to, at one point, under $135 per share on Friday. The company’s shares have been over valued for awhile, and a modest earnings report sent the stock falling this week. Will it head back up or even more down next week?

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