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Vinod Khosla speaking at Green:Net 2010.

Khosla Ventures, the firm of influential venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, is raising a new $1.05 billion fund — Khosla Ventures IV — according to an SEC filing. The filing comes just a little over a year since the firm closed on $1.3 billion. Read more »


Looks like PG&E is finally giving up on wave power, for the time being. PG&E’s spokesman Denny Boyles tells KQED that it has essentially abandoned the wave power projects it had been researching, including pilot projects and permits for three areas along the California coast. Read more »

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GreenRoad’s greener, safer driving technology has gotten another round of investment. The startup, which is backed by Al Gore and Richard Branson’s funds, as well as Benchmark Capital and others, has raised another $13 million and brought on new CEO Jim Heeger. Read more »


Using silicon for converting power for electronics, gadgets and computing has reached its limit — or so says the CEO of startup Transphorm, Umesh Mishra. On Tuesday the company, which is backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Google Ventures, launched a 600-volt transistor. Read more »

Sustainable Software-as-a-Service Hara Launches, Backed By Kleiner Perkins

On Wednesday morning energy software startup Hara plans to announce that it’s raised another $25 million from new strategic investors, including the collaboration of GE, NRG Energy and ConocoPhillips (called Energy Technology Ventures), as well as the investing arm of Japanese conglomerate Itochu. Read more »

Lightfair banner 10x6

Along with our latest gadgets, cell phones, electrical meters and cars, light bulbs and lighting systems, are increasingly getting embedded with chips, connected to wireless networks and moving into the Internet age. Here are some examples from the annual lighting convention Lightfair this week. Read more »


Electric car maker Fisker Automotive has already raised over $1 billion in equity, loans and grants. And yet, the company, which will be launching its first inaugural electric car this summer, has raised another $100 million. That’s on top of the $190 million which recently closed. Read more »


To build or to buy is often described as the oldest decision in IT. Today, electric utility executives are facing it anew with the smart grid. The best decision is likely to be neither build only nor buy only, but rather to take a hybrid approach. Read more »

SunPower & Flextronics Factory in Milpitas, CA

Solar companies know what to blame for their weak first quarterly financials this year: Italy and the country’s revision of its solar subsidies. Solar bellwether SunPower this afternoon, announced a quarterly loss of $2.12 million ($0.02 loss per share). Read more »


Is the Foursquare, Twitter, or of real time energy data just around the corner? GridGlo, a year-old startup working on combining energy data with other big data sets, launched on Wednesday, with a plan to sell apps around energy info to utilities. Read more »


The CEO of Vigilent (formerly called Federspiel Controls) Mark Housley, says there’s been so little technology introduced into cooling systems for data centers “it’s almost criminal.” Vigilent provides smart software via a wireless sensor network to manage and optimize these cooling systems. Read more »

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Facebook’s new data center in Oregon has gotten its fair share of attention for Facebook’s decision to open up the energy efficient design. But here’s another reason to recognize the data center: Facebook has installed a smart lighting system courtesy of startup Redwood Systems. Read more »


To kick off the first quarter of 2011, electric vehicle maker Tesla reported record revenues and gross margins. But given the company won’t be making a profit until well after its second electric car the Model S comes out, Tesla is still losing money every quarter. Read more »


Facebook, Google, and Yahoo have recently been innovating around building greener data centers, but not all these energy efficiency projects have to be so novel. This morning Verizon announced it’s been cutting the energy consumption of its data centers by installing containment panels made by Polargy. Read more »

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