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Three-wheeled electric-car startup Aptera has already delayed the launch of its car and has discussed restructuring and moving its manufacturing out of California. But it looks like the company is not completely down for the count: According to a filing, Aptera has raised $2.5 million in debt. Read more »

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A another bubble seems to be brewing and entrepreneurs and investors need to get ready, tread carefully and, most importantly, learn from the lessons of the previous bubble and bust cycle. To help with that, we sat down with five entrepreneurs and investors to hear their tips. Read more »

Honda Natural Gas Car

Corporations are some of the few types of investors still pursuing new opportunities in greentech investing. Here’s the latest: natural gas company Chesapeake Energy announced on Monday that it plans to invest up to $1 billion into technologies that can use natural gas instead of oil. Read more »

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Silver Spring Network’s IPO filing is basically the first time we’ve been able to get a peek under the hood of the nine-year-old company, which has been a leader in the smart grid network industry. Here’s what you need to know from Silver Spring Network’s S-1. Read more »


Demand response company EnerNOC has one of the most aggressive acquisition strategies in the smart grid sector, and that doesn’t look like it’s slowing down. On Wednesday it announced that it has acquired Energy Response, a demand response provider in Australia and New Zealand. Read more »


Opower, a startup using software and big data tools to help utility customers reduce their energy consumption, is expanding outside the U.S. for the first time, and will be working with U.K. energy company First Utility. Read more »


Electric car and motorcycle racing can deliver important breakthroughs and innovations for the future of electric vehicles. While it might seem like some of these racing events are frivolous and niche, they’re the ultimate testing ground for cutting edge and high performance electric vehicle technology. Read more »

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