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SunReports has launched a Facebook app that displays how much power your home solar system is generating. Monitoring solar systems can make sure solar panels are working right, while solar installers are hoping that showing off solar systems via social networks will lead to more sales. Read more »


Solar company BrightSource says it employs between 60 and 100 biologists at any time to make sure animals in the desert surrounding its inaugural solar plant Ivanpah are unharmed. A group of environmentalists have been protesting the plant, and part of the construction was temporarily halted. Read more »

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A company called Liquid Robotics, which makes a wave-powered marine robot, took one step closer to world domination and announced it’s raised $22 million from Silicon Valley venture firm VantagePoint Capital Partners and oil and gas vendor Schlumberger. Read more »

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Model S

While we brought you photos of Tesla’s Model S alpha cars from its head quarters in March, Tesla just put up some new photos of what looks like a more production-ready version of the Model S. What do you think? Read more »

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Solar rooftops only work in specific environments — an area with enough sun, or a roof with the right tilt — and a company called Geostellar is using big data tools to help its solar installer customers deliver more solar in places where it actually makes economic sense. Read more »


Electric car company Tesla plans to raise $234 million in a combination of a follow-on offering and a private placement. On Friday morning, Tesla priced the 5.3 million shares it plans to offer for its follow-on offering (announced last week) at $28.76 per share. Read more »

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Tesla is expanding its Apple-inspired interactive stores, designed by former Apple exec George Blankenship, and has opened up its second one in Park Meadows, Colorado, just outside of Denver. Check out our video tour of the first interactive store and an interview with Blankenship: Read more »

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Mitsui sees the promise of networked, smart, LED lighting. This morning, Redwood Systems announced it has raised $3.5 million from Mitsui’s investment arm. Investment Partner Shin Kodera called the funding “a testament to the impact we believe Redwood’s technology will have on the global business landscape.” Read more »


Power gear giants continue their smart grid shopping spree. Schneider Electric is bidding to buy software maker Telvent for about $2 billion. The acquisition would give Schneider, which is a massive power equipment maker, more software and IT capabilities for the power grid. Read more »

Funds Trickle Into Flow Batteries, EnerVault Raises First Round

Large tanks filled with fluids could be the next low-cost way to provide energy storage for the power grid. A company called Primus Power is developing so-called flow batteries, and has now raised a round of $11 million from a group of venture capitalists. Read more »

Solazyme's Algae Jet Fuel Makes the Grade

On its first day of trading, algae oil and fuel company Solazyme, saw its shares trade up around 15 percent from its IPO price of $18 per share. At one point Solazyme’s shares hit $22 per share, but leveled back down to close at $20.71. Read more »

Solazyme CEO

This morning, as algae oil maker Solazyme made its debut on the Nasdaq, the company’s co-founders and investors are popping the champagne corks on pricing shares at the high end at $18 per share. Who made good in Solazyme’s debut? Hint: The Roda Group, co-founders and Braemar. Read more »


Deploying information technology is supposed to be able to reduce 15 percent of global carbon emissions by 2020 through things like creating smarter grids, buildings and transportation. But some governments are doing better than others at supporting the use of IT to build low-carbon infrastructure. Read more »


Some of the best ideas on our network sometimes come from reader comments. In response to our piece last week on Why the LinkedIn IPO is Bad For Cleantech, commenter Bill Hewitt, I think hit a nerve with his suggestion: “Clean tech has gone beyond VC.” Read more »

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