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John Stewart brings you the Solyndra story in the true fashion of The Daily Show, proclaiming, “That custom-tailored Obama scandal you ordered is finally here.” To us in Silicon Valley, it shows just how big this story has gotten. Read more »

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Two and a half years ago we covered Canadian solar startup Sixtron Advanced Materials, which developed an anti-reflective coating system for solar cells. Fast forward to 2011, and Sixtron’s website is gone, its phones are discontinued and the company auctioned its assets off to pay creditors. Read more »


Earlier this year we reported that energy software startup Opower was considering adding a home energy device to its portfolio. A half year later here’s Opower’s first foray into hardware: the company announced it has partnered with building automation giant Honeywell to sell a connected thermostat. Read more »

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Cleanweb Hackathon

We’re exclusively bringing you live video of the demos from the first Cleanweb Hackathon! The “Cleanweb” is the trend of using information technology — software, the web, social media, mobile — to address resource constraints around energy, food and water. Read more »

Joe Biden & Harry Reid at the Clean Energy Summit

While Senator Harry Reid indicated that President Obama would likely discuss clean energy jobs in his jobs speech, Obama’s speech contained only the very briefest mentions of anything green related. Is the President cooling on talk of clean energy jobs in the wake of Solyndra’s scandal? Read more »

Sunil Paul, Spring Ventures, at Green:Net 2011

We’re getting excited about the first Cleanweb Hackathon, which kicks off this weekend in San Francisco! The “Cleanweb” is the trend of using information technology — software, the web, social media, mobile — to address resource constraint, from energy, to food, to water. Read more »


It’s time for Today in Green IT! Another bit of interesting info from Google’s new green site is how aggressively Google argues that PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) needs to be measured as often as possible, points Adam Lesser, our GigaOM Pro Green IT analyst. Read more »


Despite the seemingly downward short-term trend for cleantech investing, corporations and investors continue to back the green building sector. On Wednesday San Francisco–based energy-efficient building company Project Frog announced that it has raised $22 million from GE and a group of investors. Read more »

Skyline Solar X14 Array

As energy use by the U.S. military grows — the Department of Defense (DoD) uses 300,000 barrels of oil every day — the conversation about how the military can consume cleaner power continues to grow, too. One potentially good fit could be concentrating solar photovoltaic technology. Read more »


It’s refreshing to see a little innovation going into the wind industry. On Tuesday, Danotek, a startup that builds a technology called permanent magnetic generators for wind turbines, announced that it has raised $15 million from high-profile investors GE, Khosla Ventures, CMEA Capital, and Statoil Technology. Read more »


The tale of Evergreen Solar — which recently filed for bankruptcy — matters because the company fell victim to shifting forces that are redefining the solar industry. Adam Lesser, our GigaOM Pro Green IT curator, lays out the growing pains for the PV industry. Read more »

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