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Despite the seemingly downward short-term trend for cleantech investing, corporations and investors continue to back the green building sector. On Wednesday San Francisco–based energy-efficient building company Project Frog announced that it has raised $22 million from GE and a group of investors. Read more »

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Skyline Solar X14 Array

As energy use by the U.S. military grows — the Department of Defense (DoD) uses 300,000 barrels of oil every day — the conversation about how the military can consume cleaner power continues to grow, too. One potentially good fit could be concentrating solar photovoltaic technology. Read more »


It’s refreshing to see a little innovation going into the wind industry. On Tuesday, Danotek, a startup that builds a technology called permanent magnetic generators for wind turbines, announced that it has raised $15 million from high-profile investors GE, Khosla Ventures, CMEA Capital, and Statoil Technology. Read more »


The tale of Evergreen Solar — which recently filed for bankruptcy — matters because the company fell victim to shifting forces that are redefining the solar industry. Adam Lesser, our GigaOM Pro Green IT curator, lays out the growing pains for the PV industry. Read more »

LSG Sub-$15 LED Bulb

An LED light bulb that can fit into a standard socket, will cost less than $15, and will last 8 years — that’s what Lighting Science Group and Dixon Technologies India are promising for the Indian market this year and global markets next year. Read more »


It’s rare to find electric lights along the Indian countryside. But a startup called Husk Power Systems is trying to change that. The company has developed biomass miniplants that convert rice husks and grasses into electricity providing power and jobs to the people of rural India. Read more »


Ford and Toyota are working together on standards for the next-generation of networking and Internet-connected services in their vehicles. The move shows just how important connectivity is becoming for car companies, as vehicles are becoming the latest devices to have an always-on wireless connection. Read more »

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