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This weekend the New York Times profiled a San Francisco-based startup called WaterFX, which is using mirrors to harness the sun’s rays to produce energy to clean water. The company has a $1 million project with the Panoche Water District in Central California to clean dirty water that lies under the surface of a wheat field.

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Steve Vassallo and Trae Vassallo are among some of the more well-known cleantech and digital energy investors. Thing is, they’re married, are raising three kids, and also work at two different venture capital firms that sometimes compete on deals. Trae works for Kleiner Perkins and Steve for Foundation Capital. This is what it’s like to compete on a deal with your spouse:

“[W]e still laugh about competing over Opower; we had a sneaking suspicion that we were both engaged, based on the mystery trips back East.”

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Venture capital firm Khosla Ventures already has a long list of startups that it’s backed that are looking to make food more sustainable — like plant-based egg maker Hampton Creek Foods, organic candy company Unreal Candy, salt replacement product Nu-Tek Salt, and plant-based meat replacement startup Sand Hill Foods. But Exist has the details on the Khosla-backed vegan cheese startup Kite Hill, which uses nut milk instead of dairy to make artisanal cheeses.

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