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Follow physics Professor Tom Murphy as he takes you through some of the metrics, and fun-house mirror, of sustainability, efficient use of natural resources and population growth. Read more »

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According to a report by the watchdog group The Energy Saving Trust, U.K. households’ increasing gadget addiction is leading to rising energy consumption in homes, and that could mean that the country doesn’t meet its national carbon emissions reduction targets for reducing household energy consumption. Read more »

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Kleiner Partner Ray Lane receives the keys for his Fisker Karma.

Electric car startup Fisker Automotive is raising another $150 million in equity, and has closed on $25 million of that round. Before this round, Fisker had already raised $1.1 billion in equity, loans and grants. Read more »


Amidst a lot of the doom and gloom at a clean power financing conference this week, there was a bright spot for entrepreneurs and investors building: mergers and acquisitions have been good in 2011. Here are some myths and tips for selling a greentech firm: Read more »

Sprint's Stephen Bye at Mobilize 2011

As the third place carrier in the U.S., Sprint — trailing AT&T and Verizon — can’t really compete on scale. Instead it’s got to embrace new technology, it’s so-called “dumb pipe” status (as Stacey Higginbotham described it), and partnerships, explained Sprint CTO Stephen Bye at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference. Read more »

Kevin Tofel - GigaOM; Ilja Laurs - Founder and CEO, GetJar; Hjalmar Winbladh - Founder, Rebtel at Mobilize 2011

Voice is in the process of transitioning from providing the bulk of phone companies’ profits to becoming just another part of a data service that can be provided by web players, explained execs from voice-focused startups at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco on Monday. Read more »

NRG Energy's eVgo Network of charging stations.

Clean power giant NRG Energy will partner on a vehicle-to-grid project that was developed at the University of Delaware and will use parked electric vehicles as grid batteries, helping stabilize the grid, and offering electric vehicle owners money. Read more »


Physics professor Tom Murphy fights solar PV snobbery with his explanation of why 15 percent efficiency rates for solar panels is actually quite remarkable and not the real barrier to clean power. Read more »

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