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SolarCity NASDAQ

SolarCity’s stock soared by up to 40 percent in morning trading, after being reduced significantly in recent days. It debuted at a $9.25 per share price, up from a pricing of $8 per share. Does the bellwether IPO indicate Wall Street is OK will clean energy stocks again? Read more »

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Venture firms have a long history of partnering with high profile former politicians, to help grease the wheels of the regulatory frameworks. Khosla Ventures says it will work with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to help its startups in emerging markets. Read more »

Better Place Israel

After slow sales in Israeli — the first test bed and flagship market — Better Place is laying off hundreds of employees. The company is struggling with losses as it figures out how to make Israelis want to sign up for electric car charging like a cell phone service. Read more »

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