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There is a lot of debate over whether city-wide WiFi, or WiMAX, will replace or cannibalize high speed cellular networks. Telecoms and mobile handset makers talk about an era of seamless connectivity and painless switching between cellular and WiFi networks. Never mind the inherent conflicts with […] Read more »

Fresh from Verizon’s Chocolate-phone sugar high yesterday, the company reported its second quarter earnings today of $1.6 billion on revenues of $22.7 billion. Earnings were down from the second quarter of last year, but the company said revenues were up 25.6% from the year earlier. Verizon […] Read more »

Ed Whitacre, AT&T’s Chairman and CEO, stopped by a conference for the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners in downtown San Francisco this morning, and gave a speech with some harsh words about the Net Neutrality issue. There are reports that a vote on a Net […] Read more »

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The upcoming AWS spectrum auction could be a desperate attempt for survival by EchoStar and DirecTV says the Denver Post. The companies are part of a consortium, with Rupert Murdoch and others, that was recently approved to bid for spectrum. Proving the importance of the move, […] Read more »

In sharp contrast to Google’s free model in Mountain View and Earthlink’s for pay model in the city of Anaheim, Boston, home of Red Sox Nation, is exploring another model for planned city-wide wireless broadband. The Boston mayor unveiled plans of the service that will be […] Read more »

Verizon is the first U.S. carrier to start selling LG’s hot new ‘Chocolate’ phone, which Verizon customers can buy online today and in stores starting August 7th. Verizon says the deal is exclusive, and that it will be the only carrier in the U.S. to sell […] Read more »

The FCC just released a list of 168 qualified bidders for the AWS spectrum auction coming up on August 9th, and also announced that the process will not involve the controversial blind bidding. We’ve been following the companies interested in bidding pretty closely, and there were […] Read more »

iSkoot, a startup that connects Skype over regular cell phones, just upgraded beta software on its site that lets users receive Skype calls, add and remove contacts, and set an online status. The upgrade also adds support for phones like the Motorola RAZR, SLVR L7, PEBL, […] Read more »

Clearstone Venture Partners has been quietly incubating a considerable number of consumer Internet startups recently. First we found some vague details on SPOCK, and earlier this week I bumped into ThisNext, an online shopping discovery company, that has raised $3.5 million, led by Clearstone, of course. […] Read more »

For Moto its all China all the time. Earlier this month the company opened a store in Shanghai, and now Motorola says it has a deal with Chinese online game company Shanda for mobile gaming. Motorola’s E680g handset will offer several of Shanda’s online game titles […] Read more »

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Google is about to open up its Mountain View WiFi network to more than 500 more trusted testers, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans. The expanded test indicates that the service is inching closer to its public debut. Google hopes to make the service […] Read more »

Cyworld, the South Korean-born social network, has opened its U.S. site into “public beta,” meaning anyone can now access the site and create those lovable “minihomes” and “minirooms” that have captured more than a third of the Korean population (see screen shots of the U.S. site […] Read more »

Live from Mountain View – This morning I got an email invitation welcoming me to try out Google’s Mountain View WiFi network as one of the trusted testers. I’m not sure if it was a random invite or not, after writing a bit about Google’s Mountain […] Read more »

We just chatted with Meebo co-founder Seth Sternberg and he told us that he just closed a deal with Netvibes to create a Meebo module for fully integrated IM access within the Netvibes site. The Netvibes blog has some screen shot here and more info on […] Read more »

Qualcomm’s (QCOM) cell phone tax has been clashing with carriers in developing markets recently. The San Diego giant has a patent portfolio that lets it take a percentage of every CDMA handset sold, including patents for 3G. Over the past few weeks, three carriers with large […] Read more »

MTC Group, the Middle Eastern telecom company, is an interesting operator to watch — the company recently launched several SMS-donation campaigns for the people of Lebanon. The PR strategy/philanthropy is a typical move of CEO Saad Al-Barrak, a passionate telecom wild-catter running networks in the Middle […] Read more »

Last week Digital Chocolate was reported to have raised a new round of funding. When I talked to CEO Trip Hawkins last week he said that the reports were slightly inaccurate and that the company would announce the news this week. So today the company said […] Read more »

Limelight, the CDN darling for hot content startups, announced a monster round of $130 million in funding from Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, which we heard was in the works earlier this month. Limelight said it will spend the money on building out it’s infrastructure. The Tempe, […] Read more »

Veeker, a San Francisco-based stealth mode company is working on a mobile video sharing offering that combines two of the hottest Silicon Valley start-up themes: user generated video and wireless. The company has just started showing off its alpha offering to potential investors. A dinner companion […] Read more »

Last week we unearthed a few details about the stealthy search startup SPOCK, backed by Clearstone Venture Partners. (The company says its officially all-caps for the name, given it was first an acronym. Well, OK!) This morning SPOCK CEO Jaideep Singh emailed us with some more […] Read more »

The expectations for mobile WiMAX are growing, and so are the investments and trials. Mobile WiMAX chip maker Sequans said it received another round of $24 million led by Kennet Venture Partners, while Intel anounced new details of its mobile WiMAX chip, “Rosedale II,” and Motorola […] Read more »

Even though trains and planes have already become mobile hotspots, very little attention has been given to mobile access to say users in their cars. That might change soon, thanks to Broadband Antenna Tracking Solutions (BATS), a start-up founded by few professors from Purdue University. The […] Read more »

Skype users have been able to send text messages from Skype for a while. First it was a beta service tested by London company Connectotel released last year, and as of May Skype launched a service available in the latest desktop software download–looks like there’s still […] Read more »

It’s no secret that Earthlink’s spending loads in an attempt to push new services like muni WiFi, VoIP, web 2.0 services, and an MVNO. The company released earnings for its second quarter and reported a net income of $16.6 million, down from $43.8 million from the […] Read more »

MySpace plans to launch a site in Germany this summer, looking to move into one of the biggest Internet markets in Europe. But the company will face local entrenched players when it arrives. German users say that Lokalisten holds the title of the “MySpace of Germany” […] Read more »

Spock describes themselves as a personal search company that’s in super stealth mode. The startup won’t talk about what it’s doing, but they’re not so stealthy that they don’t reveal on their web site that they are incubated and funded by Clearstone Venture Partners. This must […] Read more »

This was a big week for wireless earnings and market figures, with Motorola grabbing the spotlight from Nokia in the ongoing battle between the two dominating global cell phone makers. Motorola, still milking the success of the Razr, gained significant market share in its attempts to […] Read more »

The TV show American Idol is the example often used when showing the potential popularity of how text messaging can be used with television shows–mobile and interactive TV company Telescope Inc. says it managed 580 million combined phone and cell phone votes for American Idol’s last […] Read more »

GoogleFi all mapped out! Niall alerted us to this map of Google’s Mountain View access points. Click on the link for interactive map complete with coverage holes, bound to make those unlucky residents mighty unhappy. Read more »

Earthlink and Tropos might be looking to make millions off of muni wireless, but members of the open source community are hard at work trying to make wireless networking free. And they just got some funds to help their cause. Sascha Meinrath, of the Champaign-Urbana Community […] Read more »

Jobster CEO Jason Goldberg likes to call his job search web site “MySpace for the workforce.” Given the company had only three million job searches for the month of June, it might be a bit of a stretch. Goldberg, of course doesn’t care, and is pushing […] Read more »

Trip Hawkins, the CEO of mobile gaming company Digital Chocolate and founder of Electronic Arts, said to me awhile ago that he has worked on growing Digital Chocolate slowly, looking to avoid some of the pitfalls of his past investments–remember 3DO, his game hardware idea, that […] Read more »

Murdoch is reportedly planning to jump into the world of WiMAX through its DirecTV broadcast company, and could either partner with Clearwire or go after its own spectrum. The Hollywood Reporter says the most likely story is a link with McCaw’s Clearwire, and quotes sources that […] Read more »

Today is the deadline for updating applications for the upcoming wireless spectrum auction, but we thought we’d dig through some more spectrum documents. One bidding team caught our eye. Telecom investor William Berkman couldn’t let Paul Allen get all the wireless action without a fight. According […] Read more »

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Nortel’s Mike Zafirovski are an interesting pair. They’re both tasked with revitalizing companies and bringing innovation to their institutions and have faced significant hurdles in recent months. The companies are holding a joint press conference to announce a partnership and outline their […] Read more »

It’s no secret crazed eBay bidders generate a lot of sales in the last few minutes of an auction–maybe other Internet sites can add that same money-generating frenzy. The mobile commerce startup behind eBay’s last-minute cell phone bidding system, UnWired Buyer says it has received a […] Read more »

Netscape has gotten mixed reviews for its recent Digg-style remake. The New York Times adds a story this morning about a petition from Netscape users to bring back the old site. We did a quick check and got traffic data update from Hitwise. Hitwise says the […] Read more »

First they used to be inspired by Apple and iPod. Now they are taking a cue from Apple’s retailing strategy. Cell phone makers are getting hungry for real estate these days. Motorola launched its first store in Shanghai a few days ago, with plans to open […] Read more »

Earthlink’s foray into RSS/Social Bookmarking is hot news of the day, but Atlanta-based company is not done with what is turning out to be a total Web 2.0 makeover. Earthlink’s plans to offer more web-based services. Craig Forman, President of Earthlink’s Value-Added Services, who was formerly […] Read more »

Gabelli isn’t the only one looking for licenses in the upcoming FCC spectrum auction, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is also looking to bid. According to FCC records, a company called Bend Cable Communications, backed by Paul Allen and his firms, Vulcan Spectrum and Charter Communications, has […] Read more »

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