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Friendster might have taken some hits over the years, but the social network recently raised a new round of funding and has become surprisingly popular in the Philippines. Given that Filipino mobile users are some of the most avid text messagers in the world, it’s a […] Read more »

DivX, the video company well known for its coding and compression technology, quietly launched a YouTube-style online video sharing community, Stage6, a few weeks ago. While there seems to be no end to the video-sharing sites out there, DivX’s site already has a pretty impressive set […] Read more »

We wrote a bit about using text messages to find information over cell phones this week. 4INFO, a company we mentioned in passing, announced a deal with TV Guide to provide local TV listings via SMS and WAP today. The company’s CEO Zaw Thet said in […] Read more »

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As the average cell phone user in the U.S. becomes more comfortable with text messaging, startups are busy creating services to unlock information with SMS. Only 36% of U.S. cell phone subscribers send text messages according to M:Metrics, though that usage grew almost 6% over the […] Read more »

Soon after the AWS spectrum auction exited stage one, more than $12 billion had been bid, and two high profile groups — the satellite consortion, Wireless DBS, and the cable group Dolan Family Holdings — had already left the building. In the second stage of the […] Read more »

Startups like Vancouver-based EQO, which have been working on getting more support from Skype as a mobile partner, got some bad news recently — competitor iSkoot scooped up a coveted deal to help Skype mobilize. While three-old EQO didn’t seem too pleased with Skype’s moves in […] Read more »

Qualcomm, says its buying a wireless startup called Qualphone for $18 million. Um, talk about a company that seems built to flip to the Qualcomm buyout machine. Not just the obvious name, but the two companies are both based in San Diego, California. We didn’t get […] Read more »

AirG, a Vancouver-based mobile social network provider, says it has hit the milestone of 10 million unique users, growing from 7 million users just a few months ago. Unlike social networks like MySpace and Facebook that have mobile services, AirG has no PC-based network, and works […] Read more »

At the Linux World conference in downtown San Francisco this week, the world’s leading cell phone manufacturers, Nokia and Motorola, took a decidedly different approach to embracing the Penguin. Motorola took the stage – Nokia chose a back seat. Motorola played up an aggressive strategy proclaiming […] Read more »

The AWS spectrum auction bids are still climbing. The auction, so far has brought in over $10 billion in total bids. At Round 22, and day seven, the bidding has reached a total of $10.75 billion, with the traditional wireless carriers dominating the board — T-Mobile, […] Read more »

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Tropos, the WiFi mesh hardware company behind GoogleFi, and Earthlink’s city-deployments, might have been smart in cornering the market on MuniFi networks, but it also realized that it needed to upgrade in order to meet the demands of heavily-used networks. It has faced competition from other […] Read more »

Pando, the startup that has created a drag-n-drop file-sharing application, says it’s hit the one millionth install mark, in just the three months since it launched into public beta. Pando has released a plug-in for Outlook and Yahoo Messenger, and founder Yaron Samid says several other […] Read more »

GigaTeam stopped by Cyworld’s launch fiesta at San Francisco’s Fluid Ultra Lounge last night and mingled with the Cyworld crew, relaxing after their debut. A lot of high-level execs from Korea were wandering the floor, from both SK Telecom and Cyworld division, along with Cyworld U.S. […] Read more »

Google Talk is offering an update today, according to reports, that will enable users to easily transfer files, set presence with music, and send and receive voice mails. According to the article its also Google Talk’s first birthday. We haven’t checked out the upgrade because it […] Read more »

T-Mobile plans to launch a Wi-Fi-cellular converged phone service in Seattle and potentially one other market next month on September 12th, sources say. More markets will follow soon after. The city of Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area are the likely candidates for a possible […] Read more »

The AWS spectrum auction has now hit over $7 billion in total bids, which is just the minimum bidding total that analysts had predicted the entire auction would deliver. The more traditional carriers are starting to move past the much-talked-about media consortiums, and Verizon Wireless led […] Read more »

The super-speedy next generation WiFi standard (802.11n) could be delayed, according to some reports. Another draft of the standard was due out later this year, but now isn’t expected until the beginning of 2007. That means final ratification probably won’t be until 2008. Standards fights, especially […] Read more »

Philadelphia’s former WiFi and technology guru, Dianah Neff, will land at the private consulting firm Civitium, points out Muni Wireless and a release from Civitium. Looks like the public face of Philly’s metro WiFi got smart and will use her high profile to follow the dollars […] Read more »

The AWS spectrum auction really heated up in the ninth round of bidding, bringing the total amount of bids to $3.58 billion and net bids at $3.49 billion. That’s a jump of over a billion dollars from the eighth round, which brought in a total $2.43 […] Read more »

Last week the mobile content management company Motricity rung up at least $32 million in a series G funding that could include an additional amount of financing. They’re sure moving through the alphabet pretty quickly! There has been some speculation about how much more money their […] Read more »

Motricity, a Durham, NC-based wireless start up has raised another $32 million in funding, led by Advanced Equities, which is the companies 7th round to date. The 5-year-old company, which has so far raised $152 million, also says it will add more funding to the current […] Read more »

How many web travel startups make a bubble? We’re not sure, but it’s starting to look like one. Yesterday Groople said it has raised $6 million led by ArrowPath Venture Partners and FA Technology Ventures for its group-targeted travel. Every week we get news of online […] Read more »

Fotolog, one of the many photosharing sites out there, says it already has four million members. And with no attempts at creating a non-English site, users are mostly in Latin America. (Unintended consequence of a Flat world?) (Update: Fotolog’s site went down for awhile, but is […] Read more »

Updated for Round 5: After Round 5, the total bid amounts came to $1.47 billion in total bids, and $1.45 billion in net bids. Wireless DBS moved to the top with $352.5 million, followed by T-Mobile with $324.7 million, SpectrumCo with $212.3 million. Further down in […] Read more »

The University of California is joining Google’s book scanning project, and Google will scan several million of UC’s titles. The project is somewhat controversial, but we’re thinking if author’s and publisher’s groups were half as powerful as the RIAA or MPAA, there would be a bigger […] Read more »

Yahoo was right to get flustered when MySpace was declared the Net’s new #1. But if MySpace keeps growing at its current rate, Yahoo might have to face the music soon enough. ComScore’s July numbers are out and UBS takes a look: Yahoo is still the […] Read more »

We just sat in on the Sprint’s conference call, which brought together Sprint Nextel CEO Gary Forsee, Motorola’s Ed Zander, Intel’s Sean Maloney and Samsung’s KiTae Lee. Here are the details. Sprint confirmed it has chosen mobile WiMAX as the technology for its 4G network and […] Read more »

Nokia says its buying the Seattle-based digital music company Loudeye for $60 million, which aggregates content and rights from music labels for distribution across mobile, Internet and other platforms. Nokia said it is paying $4.50 per share. Loudeye’s stock had sat under $1 for weeks, mostly […] Read more »

Sprint plans to announce the details of its much-anticipated 4G network in a conference later today, and the company has been trialling various technologies including WiMAX, Qualcomm-backed technologies, and IP Wireless’ technology, among others. Some are saying that Sprint has chosen WiMAX, partly to avoid the […] Read more »

TripHub, a Seattle-based online travel service is incorporating community and social networking features to cash in on the ongoing online travel boom. The year-old startup has also raised an undisclosed amount of funding from its current backer, Seattle-based Madrona Venture Group. MVG is well known for […] Read more »

EverNote, a startup founded by Stepan Pachikov, is about to announce that it has raised $6 million in a series A funding and has added Esther Dyson and Max Levchin, founder of PayPal and Slide, to its board. The money came from equity investment firm J.F. […] Read more »

The stock option mess is bruising two of the biggest tech brands to date — Apple and Steve Jobs. Apple just released a statement that says due to “irregularities related to the issuance of certain stock option grants made between 1997 and 2001″ the company will […] Read more »

Everyone knows Google is the King of search, and Hitwise released some data to confirm the fact: Google has increased its share of volume of U.S. searches from 59.3% to 60.2% for the month of July. When Om visited the Googleplex last month, he discussed this […] Read more »

Sprint Nextel lowered its earnings guidance for the year from $13B to between $12.6 billion to $12.9 billion (EBITDA) in its second quarter earnings report today, and reported lowered earnings for the quarter of $370 million, down from $599 million. The news led the company’s stock […] Read more »

The wireless spectrum auction is next Wednesday, and analysts from UBS have a taken a look at the data and given us some of their thoughts. A key point is that the analysts predict that the overall prices paid for spectrum are likely to be lower […] Read more »

GoogleFi, Google’s Mountain View network, may be good for data connections, but is it good enough for making voice calls? In order to find out answers, I headed down to Mountain View to conduct some first hand tests, and well, make some VoIP calls. Voice over […] Read more »

Qualcomm was able to convince another carrier to start testing its MediaFLO technology for broadcasting content to cell phones — SoftBank of Japan. SoftBank entered the wireless business when it acquired Vodafone’s Japanese operations (Vodafone KK) in March 2006. While there are several competing standards for […] Read more »

Open Source software might not be as visible in the telecom world, but its impact is slowly but surely being felt. A series of projects are tackling complicated products such as high-end switches, while others are cooking up DNS, Firewall and VPN gear. In fact start-ups […] Read more »

There is a lot of debate over whether city-wide WiFi, or WiMAX, will replace or cannibalize high speed cellular networks. Telecoms and mobile handset makers talk about an era of seamless connectivity and painless switching between cellular and WiFi networks. Never mind the inherent conflicts with […] Read more »

Fresh from Verizon’s Chocolate-phone sugar high yesterday, the company reported its second quarter earnings today of $1.6 billion on revenues of $22.7 billion. Earnings were down from the second quarter of last year, but the company said revenues were up 25.6% from the year earlier. Verizon […] Read more »

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