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Now that the tech media is slowly recovering from Goobe (and Om is on his fitness kick) some are trying to figure out the mobile implications of the move. YouTube enables users to upload video clips captured with cell phones, and we’ve heard the company has […] Read more »

Benoit Schillings, chief technology officer of Oslo-based mobile software company Trolltech, is frustrated with the mobile phone industry. Unlike software development for the PC industry, which has reached some level of openness and innovation, the ecosystem and tools for mobile development is severely stunted, he says. […] Read more »

In theory the cell phone makes the perfect research tool — a text-message or WAP-based survey on a cell phone is immediate, location-aware, and targeted. Implementing these services, especially in the U.S. where carriers are controlling and mobile data usage is low, is much more difficult. […] Read more »

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Given the mobile content company InfoSpace said it lost a major wireless carrier account last month, it’s not a big suprise that the Bellevue, Washington-based company has now announced major cuts. InfoSpace said it will cut around 250 positions starting in the third quarter of 2006 […] Read more »

The Broadcom offices are flowing with bubbly today, while Qualcomm woke up with a bad hangover. A judge with the International Trade Commission ruled that Qualcomm infringed on a Broadcom patent for cellular baseband processor chips. Broadcom says the judge’s decision could lead to those infringing […] Read more »

Sprint Nextel lost another top level exec today. The company said Executive Chairman Tim Donahue, former Nextel CEO, will retire at the end of the year. He is the second high-ranking exec to plan a departure in recent months, and follows the exit of COO Len […] Read more »

Nortel-watching can be a pretty boring task. The Canadian network equipment company, which was once sold over $80 a share but now trades at $2.13, has made a big deal out of its plans to turn around the company with new markets and a new CEO. […] Read more »

Wimax World — the conference touting all thing WiMAX — starts later this week in Boston and already companies are sending out their announcements. Milpitas-based WiMAX equipment startup Aperto Networks said this morning that it has adapted its hardware to include mobile WiMAX. Up to this […] Read more »

T-Mobile US, the fourth largest wireless carrier in the U.S., spoke for the first time today about its plans for the spectrum it accrued in the AWS auction and detailed the rollout of its 3G network. Deutsche Telekom, T Mobile US’s German parent, said it would […] Read more »

At the first community meeting for San Francisco WiFi earlier this week, Google fielded questions from vocal community advocates, but also showed off what kind of hardware users would likely need to access the planned free network. One of those devices was a WiFi router based […] Read more »

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Earthlink has been signing up a stream of cities in its plans to build and sell metro-sized WiFi networks — Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Anaheim. But not all cities are proving easy markets to crack. That’s partly why Earthlink has been talking to the owners […] Read more »

Google and Earthlink held their first community meeting to talk about their plans to unwire San Francisco last night, and we stopped by the powwow held in an outer Mission area church basement. Unlike Google’s WiFi meetings in Mountain View, which attracted hundreds of interested local […] Read more »

Over the past month the Giga team has been debating over what smart phones to use. Last month I abandoned my Treo 650 for a BlackBerry 8700 after deciding mobile email is my chief concern. A few weeks ago Liz went the same route, and last […] Read more »

As if there weren’t enough short range wireless standards to consider, Nokia announced a new one today called Wibree (not to be confused with South Korea’s Wibro), which the company says is more energy efficient than Bluetooth. The technology can be used in conjunction with Bluetooth, […] Read more »

STARTUP: Mixxer, based in Seattle, WA ELEVATOR PITCH: Mixxer is trying to convince its four million users that it is more than just a ringtones site and is remaking itself as a mobile content sharing community. WHAT THEY DO: In a former life the company was […] Read more »

Cities like San Francisco are continuing to push city-wide WiFi and startups selling to that market are still getting funding. Today Ontario-based wireless mesh startup BelAir Networks said it has raised a fourth round of funding of $21.4 million, bringing the company’s total funding to $65.4 […] Read more »

While GPS-based cell phone applications have been hyped as “the next big thing” for years, Nokia and Trimble announced a licensing deal today that could actually give the location-based industry a much-needed boost. The companies say that they have struck a deal that gives Nokia exclusive […] Read more »

Google and Earthlink’s plans to unwire San Francisco have run into some heavy political fog, not a surprise to our readers. The two companies are hoping that by talking to the citizens of the city, they might get a much-needed boost and ward off the opponents […] Read more »

Decentralized working has its upsides, as we’ve all been writing about on WWD, but one thing definitely suffers: my shoulders. It seems like everywhere I go – cafes, hotspot-enabled parks, office space – I’m lugging my laptop around, ready to work at a glimmer of a […] Read more »

We must have touched a nerve yesterday when we said Helio might be the next MVNO to fall, now that Mobile ESPN is closing shop. The Helio folks wrote us a long note explaining why they’re not going to follow Mobile ESPN into the darkness, and […] Read more »

The San Francisco WiFi project might be dragging its feet, but more major cities are considering city-wide WiFi. Some ask why build these large WiFi networks when there’s mobile WiMAX coming? Two answers: WiFi equipment is cheap and available now. Colorado has plans for a 220-square-mile […] Read more »

Mobile ESPN will officially shut its doors later this year the company said in a release, and Rafat & Staci mentioned last night. The company says December 31 is the end of the road for existing customers and sales of ESPN handsets and services are discontinued […] Read more »

So the public can officially start buying “dot mobi” domain names for wireless Internet sites today. . . Not excited? You mean you haven’t been anxiously waiting for this day for weeks? We haven’t either. There’s a lot of skepticism and division over the dot mobi […] Read more »

New York — At the Nokia Open Studio conference in New York this morning, Om got the first news of Nokia’s much talked about N95 phone, which the company says will revolutionize mobile computing. The company has been building its portfolio of N-series “multi-media computers” and […] Read more »

As various wireless broadband options become available, a few cellular carriers have been trying to figure out the best way to offer a combined WiFi-cellular phone service to their customers. Recently more and more carriers are turning to UMA — unlicenced mobile access — to solve […] Read more »

Recently we’ve been noticing more friends using video messaging via cell phones — a three-second video message sent to party-goers trying to find a beach bonfire, or a midmorning clip snapped in a cubicle to say “I’m bored.” Of course mobile video messages aren’t half as […] Read more »

While Mountain View residents have been living under Google’s city-wide wireless for more than a month now, San Francisco is the next (if it happens) city that will go wireless via Google. In partnership with Earthlink, the duo plan to unwire SF with a free slow […] Read more »

China, which is likely to become the largest broadband nation sometime in 2007, is attracting the attention of overseas Internet giants recently. Last week it was Rupert Murdoch’s MySpace plans, and their talks with China Mobile. This week it is The New York Times, and its […] Read more »

STARTUP: mFoundry, based in Sausalito ELEVATOR PITCH: mFoundry helps businesses mobilize, and targets a variety of verticals, including mobile advertising, mobile banking, and mobile services for the enterprise. WHAT THEY DO: mFoundry provides companies with software that they use to create, deploy and manage mobile applications. […] Read more »

If the popularity of cell phone text messaging is an indicator, then mobile IM and email will one day be just as popular. In just the U.S. 70 million people, or 36.9% of the cell phone users, sent at least one text message in June, while […] Read more »

I try not to get too giddy about startup reviews, but I’m addicted to a camera phone photo sharing service called Radar, by a San Francisco-based company called Tiny Pictures. I’m more addicted than when I first joined MySpace a few years ago, and kept checking […] Read more »

A big debate over the idea of video on cell phones, is whether or not the consumer will want to watch TV-style broadcast channels. We can envision checking in on the Yankees (or at least Om would) or some other live sports match, but not so […] Read more »

It’s not too big of a surprise that various wireless providers would focus on building out high speed wireless broadband options throughout Northern California. Whether its 3G, muni WiFi or even one day WiMAX, early adopter dominated regions like Silicon Valley and the Bay Area (that […] Read more »

While online music sites like Napster are still trying to figure out how to make money, San Francisco-based digital music startup IODA has been creating a pretty good businesses by finding a focus: Indie bands. IODA (stands for Independent Online Distribution Alliance) helps small independent music […] Read more »

MySpace has plans to expand to China, hopefully in partnership with a local wireless operator. China is one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world, and could have has plans to work with a local wireless operator. According to a source in China, MySpace […] Read more »

Updated, 09/19/06: After more than a month of bidding on the AWS wireless spectrum, the hotly contested auction was becoming a bit of a snooze. Even we were getting tired of following the slow-moving process in its closing days. But today the FCC said the auction […] Read more »

Advertising might be the salvation of content creators on the web, but will it translate to the small screen? That was the big question on everyone’s mind at CTIA last week. The optimists (read start ups) hoped that ads could catalyze the mobile content market, by […] Read more »

CTIA, Los Angeles: Well CTIA, you really couldn’t resist that last day Paris Hilton cameo – she was on stage for about 3 seconds to support her latest music video on cell phones before a mobile social networking panel, and now wireless geeks at the show […] Read more »

It’s the last day of the CTIA mobile convention and while the gadget announcements haven’t been exactly flowing out of the show, there’s been a few notable newly launched phones around the floor and more than enough gadget-related press releases shoved into reporters hands. What do […] Read more »

CTIA, Los Angeles: News Corp’s COO Peter Chernin is certainly getting a lot of attention this week after emphasizing MySpace’s weight in the web 2.0 world. This morning, however, he was concentrating on Mobile as part of his keynote at the CTIA wireless convention in Los […] Read more »

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