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Montreal-based mobile messaging company OZ Communications says it launched a product today that will enable carriers and social networks to offer mobile social networks to cell phone subscribers. OZ customers include Cingular and T-Mobile. The company is also looking to add features which would allow mobile […] Read more »

With all the talk and debates about MuniFi, few have questioned the WiFi technology itself and how well WiFi will perform for large city-wide deployments. But interestingly enough, Grand Rapids, Michigan, a place not commonly thought about as a tech leader, has announced that it has […] Read more »

Mobile Complete, a 3-year old San Mateo-based startup that provides mobile application testing services, says it has raised a Series B investment led by Motorola Ventures. While the round size is officially undisclosed, it is rumored to be around $10 million. Previous investor Innovacom VC also […] Read more »

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Mojungle, a mobile media-sharing startup, is the latest company to put itself up for sale on eBay, with the bid starting at $60,000. The Los Angeles-based startup is less than a year old and has bootstrapped itself with just three full time employees. Mojungle CEO Ophir […] Read more »

We guess Monday morning is as good a time as any to announce massive chip deals. Not one, not two, but three of them. Qualcomm says it is buying two chip companies, Airgo and the majority of RF Micro Devices, and meanwhile LSI Logic says it […] Read more »

When the carrier 3 announced its X-Series efforts in the U.K. earlier this month, wireless enthusiasts saw it as a sign that the walled garden was finally coming down — though, the decision likely had as much to do with the company’s financial issues as any […] Read more »

Motricity, a 5-year old wireless startup in Durham, NC, is laying off around 50 employees according to reports in an effort to become profitable next year. Everytime I talk to the company they talk about their rapid growth and hiring boom, and they’ve raised over $150 […] Read more »

It’s hard to escape hearing about the launch of Microsoft’s Vista operating system for business customers today — especially with Steve Ballmer calling it “the biggest launch in our company’s history.” The consumer version won’t be widely available until January. With all the delays in the […] Read more »

Yahoo emailed us and said they are testing a mobile messaging and social networking site aimed at the youth market called Mixd. One aspect of the site is the ability to start a group from a cell phone and use “reply to all” for SMS. Uh-oh […] Read more »

We’ve written a few times about the startup Meraki Networks, which is building a business off of wireless mesh hardware and software based on the MIT’s Roofnet project. Google has been very interested in the Mountain View-based startup as a way to extend its WiFi network […] Read more »

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There’s yet another report on location-based services from the offices of ABI research this week, stating that 20 million cell phone subscribers in North America will be using “personal locator services” in 2011 — that’s up from 500,000 this year, they say. Whoah, that’s a pretty […] Read more »

The joint venture between the cable industry and Sprint Nextel launched Comcast’s Mobile Access today. The service is available in Portland and Boston. The turf wars continue. Though the service is available to those with a Comcast cable connection, the broadband provider says the full value […] Read more »

Nokia has partnered with Yahoo to offer Yahoo Mail and Messenger on cell phones that operate on Nokia’s Series 40 platform. Some of the mobile messaging startups we’ve written about recently might be in for trouble if the handset makers and carriers start to do more […] Read more »

Yesterday it was YouTube, today Revver says it will offer its video content on Verizon Wireless’ VCast service. Revver’s model of sharing revenues with its video makers will still apply over VCast, and the deal is exclusive for a year. How many more deals will Verizon […] Read more »

So Verizon Wireless confirmed the speculation this morning of its deal to offer the equivalent of YouTube lite — select, approved content — through its VCast service. The deal is big news because the size of the companies involved, but this particular agreement is really just […] Read more »

The much-discussed YouTube, Verizon deal has been confirmed, according to several reports, and Verizon will offer select YouTube content over VCast. The deal is supposedly exclusive for a limited period of time and will be available next month. People watch YouTube online because you can easily […] Read more »

MyWaves recently launched its mobile video service into a sea of competitors — sharing video camera phone content is everyone’s favorite topic. MyWaves is different in that the company is building a service for streaming videos to cell phones. Unlike many companies that are focusing on […] Read more »

We wrote about mobile messaging company OZ Communication’s second round of funding in September, but didn’t have a size for the round. Now OZ says the second round is $34 million, led by Canadian institutional fund manager, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, which brings […] Read more »

Both Ericsson and Nokia will supply network equipment for the deployment of T-Mobile’s planned 3G network in the U.S, the companies said this morning. Ericsson said it will “serve as the prime radio provider for WCDMA 3G services in certain markets, including New York City which […] Read more »

STARTUP: MyWaves, based in Sunnyvale, CA. ELEVATOR PITCH: Watch, and share web videos on your cell phone. WHAT THEY DO: MyWaves delivers web-based video clips to cell phones. The site is designed so users can create and subscribe to other’s “video channels,” which are a series […] Read more »

Vodafone’s CEO Arun Sarin tells Businessweek that he expects the combination of social networks, mobile advertising, and mobile video (along with other “advanced mobile applications) will generate 10% of the company’s revenue within three or four years. We’re thinking that’s rather optimistic. Read more »

The CEO of Israeli WiFi software equipment company InspiAir, Tamir Galili, says the inherent limitations of WiFi mesh technology are behind some of the slow MuniFi rollouts in U.S. cities — a lot of the test pilots that these cities are doing are failing, and mesh […] Read more »

Now that the average cell phone user is coming to terms with text messaging (last I checked around 36% have texted in the U.S.) startups and carriers are hoping that more people will start using mobile email and mobile IM. We’re not talking about you, Silicon […] Read more »

More funding for mobile TV — mobile TV chip company Newport Media Inc says it has raised $30 million in a series C round led by DAG Ventures. The company says the round brings its funding to $66 million and also included previous investors Benchmark Capital, […] Read more »

A story in the San Francisco Examiner this weekend says that the rift is growing between those that think San Francisco’s planned city WiFi network should be owned and run by the Earthlink/Google team, versus those that think a network should be owned by the city: […] Read more »

As more and more cell phone users access the mobile web, it’s not a surprise that mobile search is becoming one of the first widely-used mobile web services — fifteen percent of Koreans that access the Internet with a cell phone use mobile search, according to […] Read more »

First Yahoo says it acquired Bix, then news of a deal to acquire MyBlogLog for $10 million, and now Yahoo confims it has acquired Swedish mobile company Kenet Works. A Yahoo spokesperson in London confirmed the purchase of Kenet Works and wrote in an email: The […] Read more »

Avaya says it has bought Fremont-based mobile software company Traverse Networks. No word on the price. Read more »

At the Web 2.0 conference last week Sling Media’s CEO Blake Krikorian said the company had sealed a deal with its first carrier partner. Today Sling says that carrier is the 3 Group. Nice. We’re wondering if the U.S. carriers will ever follow suit? Read more »

Mobile search company Medio Systems has raised $30 million, according to various reports. It must get pretty expensive trying to battle the biggest brand in search, Google. Read more »

Mobile software company IceBreaker plans to launch a mobile application called Crush or Flush next Monday, which the guys at Next.Net wrote about this week. It’s a mobile dating application that lets you choose between photos of users that are either “crush” worthy or “flushable”. If […] Read more »

Google emailed us to say they have recently expanded the pilot test of Google Mobile Ads that began in August in the US, UK and Germany to eight more countries: France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, China, Ireland, India and Australia. No word on when this is moving […] Read more »

Cingular said it is testing mobile banking in a partnership with Atlanta-based startup Firethorn, and plans to launch a service early next year. The carrier is talking to banks — though hasn’t signed any up yet — for a service that would let customers view their […] Read more »

In the fight to unwire cities, Google might be one of the bigger names in the business, especially when it comes to the potential for location-based advertising. But Mountain View-based startup MetroFi, which champions the free ad-supported WiFi model, just announced a high profile ad-pushing partner […] Read more »

We said yesterday it would likely take several years for mobile advertising to grow big enough to cause a major shift in the mobile industry — or in Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s terms, lead to free cell phones. Today Yahoo and Vodafone announced a mobile advertising […] Read more »

After buying Good Technology last week, Motorola said today it is buying the Emeryville, CA-based broadband hardware provider Netopia in a deal valued around $208 million. Motorola said the purchase will help the company in the DSL and IPTV markets, and will enable it to now […] Read more »

The latest data on Internet usage in Europe comes from Eurostat, which says that 52% of households in the EU25 had access to the Internet during the first quarter of 2006, compared to 48% during the first quarter of 2005. Though, the range between countries is […] Read more »

TextMarks, a startup that has an SMS service targeted at small communities, emailed us this weekend to say they have added widgets for web sites (yes, like MySpace). The widgets enable users to send a text message to update their web page, as well as enourage […] Read more »

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt tells Reuters one day your phone could be free, subsidized by the growth of mobile advertising. That’s a pretty convenient suggestion for the ad giant to make. Similar models have been suggested many times before; remember Xero Mobile, the MVNO that was […] Read more »

The Novato-based mobile enterprise messaging startup ClairMail says its raised $12 million in a series B round from JAFCO Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners and Outlook Ventures. The mobile workforce is a good place to build a business, as the market is predicted to grow from more […] Read more »

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