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Qualcomm and its rivals are quick to brush off how much money they spend on their ongoing legal battles, as they bicker over issues like patent infringement. Qualcomm’s army of attorneys are costing the company so much money, that it has started to hurt the profit […] Read more »

As we reported yesterday, Earthlink officially launched its New Orleans network today. The company is offering its standard for-fee service as well as a temporary free service. Read more »

While Verizon and Sprint are busy in an EVDO Rev A standoff, Cingular is occupied with expanding its 3G network. Cingular says it now offers 3G in “more than 160 markets, including most of the top 100 major cities in the country.” We’ve been following Cingular’s […] Read more »

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The New York Times adds another gee-whiz article to the volumes of ink dedicated to cell phone-based child tracking services. Just in time for the holiday shopping season! But this is one sci-fi gadget that’s no longer fi, thanks to advanced sci — satellite-based tracking based […] Read more »

Not much is better than watching Will Ferrell, waist-high in a hot tub cracking himself up during an Saturday Night Live skit. I just watched the 2-minute long clip on Cingular’s video service, which Cingular and SNL officially announced today. While the content and concept are […] Read more »

Milpitas, an affluent small south Bay town, is proving easier to unwire than its big-city neighbor to the north, San Francisco. We took a trip down the 880 yesterday to watch what all the hoopla was about as Milpitas became among the first of the Bay […] Read more »

Mobile payment startup Obopay has another MVNO deal to announce — Helio. Obopay already linked up with Amp’d. The company will probably have a better chance with those early-adopter type subscribers that might actually use a peer-to-peer mobile payment service. Read more »

Spock, the so-called people-based search startup that we’ve written about in the past, is announcing it’s raised $7 million in a Series A funding. Clearstone Venture Partners and Opus Capital Ventures are behind the round. The startup is in private beta mode right now, but we […] Read more »

Add another name to the growing list of companies planning on IPOs today, mobile game company Glu Mobile says it has filed to go public. It could raise up to $92 million. Man, that’s the third company today — check out our poll if you think […] Read more »

Earthlink officially launched its MuniFi network in Milpitas, California today. The 10-square mile network is the company’s second live network in California after Anaheim (maybe some day San Francisco will get there too.) For the occasion the company is offering free WiFi service for 30 days […] Read more »

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Craig McCaw’s Clearwire keeps looking to raise money, and it’s considering the public markets for the second time. According to regulatory filings the company could raise up to $400 million in an IPO with plans to have its shares of Class A common stock approved for […] Read more »

PixSense, a startup that sells a mobile photo and video sharing platform to carriers, says it has raised $5.4 million in a series A funding, led by ATA Ventures and Innovacom. We’ve mentioned the company and talked with the team in the past about the launch […] Read more »

New Jersey-based IDT Capital (a subsidiary of IDT) says it has created an IDT Internet Mobile Group and acquired the Norway-based mobile content sharing company We checked out Zedge when we were compiling better options than Verizon/YouTube Lite, and the startup says it has “3.5 […] Read more »

Verizon Wireless told us last week that its EVDO Rev A network is already live in a few markets — today the company announced it has started selling its first Rev A-ready card (yep, that one that Engadget had the details on). It’s the Sierra Wireless […] Read more »

Those of you waiting for MySpace mobile to move beyond just Helio, well, Cingular and MySpace say today that they are offering the MySpace Mobile service to Cingular customers. It makes sense — the largest U.S. carrier and the daddy of social networks. The deal will […] Read more »

Mywaves, a mobile video site we covered last month, has redesigned its site, and is adding users and more web to mobile video channels. The site is focusing more on bringing web video-content to cell phones, (as opposed to user-generated content,) so I am curious to […] Read more »

There’s word out that Cingular is changing its per text-message fee from 10 cents to 15 cents starting late January. This site says: Effective January 21, 2007, the pay-per-use pricing for SMS and IM will increase to $0.15/msg. This will affect all postpaid and Pick Your […] Read more »

We’ve had serious doubts about whether the mobile TV company Modeo would be able to meet its end-of-the-year launch. Folks are already making New Year’s plans and there’s been little news from the Houston-based Modeo, owned by cellular tower company Crown Castle. RCR Wireless talks to […] Read more »

Redwood City-based mobile email startup Seven says it’s raised $42 million from undisclosed investors and added a new CEO to its ranks, Ross Bott. Bott is a Seven board member and was previously CEO of of and an EVP at Adobe Systems. Now that Nokia […] Read more »

While everyone is talking about Skype’s new pricing plan this week, we got a note this morning from a company called Bertorello announcing a product called SkySpace, which the company says is “the first social network for Skype.” SkySpace is actually a renamed, retooled version of […] Read more »

The U.K. wireless auction was just announced, but interested companies are already chiming in with some of their plans. We mentioned that BT might use this as an excuse to get back into the mobile market. The British Independent paper has more details: BT is interested […] Read more »

The mobile search startup JumpTap has gotten a deal with Virgin Mobile to power the carrier’s mobile search plans. The service will start in February and JumpTap will power both search for mobile content within the carrier’s portal, as well as across the mobile web. Read more »

Mojungle, the mobile media sharing site that put itself up for sale on eBay last week, says it has taken the listing down this week and now plans to sell off five versions of its service to interested buyers. The company received zero bids during the […] Read more »

Scanbuy, a mobile marketing startup that turns a cameraphone into a barcode capture device, announced it has completed a $9 million series B financing round from investors Longworth Venture Partners, Masthead Venture Partners and Hudson Venture Partners. The latest funding brings the six-year-old New York-based company’s […] Read more »

Qualcomm said today that former Sprint COO Len Lauer will join QUALCOMM as a corporate executive vice president and as group president overseeing divisions like: wireless business solutions, MEMS technologies, government technologies and the mobile TV subsidiary, MediaFLO USA. Qualcomm also appointed Qualcomm exec Sanjay K. […] Read more »

Just when you thought that old skool EVDO was fast, Sprint and Verizon are both rushing to light up their EVDO Rev A networks across the U.S. So far Sprint leads by just a margin in time to market and we briefly wrote about Sprint’s 10-city […] Read more »

Now that everyone is talking about user-generated mobile video as a result of the YouTube/Verizon deal, Photobucket is jumping on that bandwagon too. The company sent out a release today that says Photobucket users can now upload videos taken with cell phones directly to their online […] Read more »

Samsung chose BlackJack for the name of its “blackberry killer” device, and now Research in Motion seems to think that’s too close for comfort. According to reports, RIM is suing Samsung over the name. RIM must have been enjoying all that court time — it needed […] Read more »

Sprint says it has upgraded to its EVDO Rev-A network in 10 more markets including: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco (yay), Philadelphia, Denver, Washington DC, Detroit, Baltimore, Providence, and New Jersey. But make sure you read the fine print, because they specify only certain […] Read more »

British carriers might have spent over 20 billion pounds on 3G wireless auctions several years ago, but they will soon get a chance to spend even more for “the UK’s largest single release of radio spectrum”, says British regulator Ofcom. This morning Ofcom outlined a plan […] Read more »

The International Trade Commission is upholding the recent decision that Qualcomm has infringed on a Broadcom patent. Check out the companies’ classic bickering press releases, here and here. Read more »

We previously pondered how dedicated GPS car navigation services would compete with the rising popularity of cell phone-based GPS navigation services. Mobile networks can offer connected features and the ability to easily navigate from wherever you are, while the stand alone GPS navigation market is vulnerable […] Read more »

UWB chip developer Artimi announced it has raised a series B investment of $26.5 million from Accel Partners, Amadeus Capital Partners, Index Ventures, Oak Investment Partners, and Bank of Scotland Growth Equity. The Santa Clara-based startup has raised $45 million to date and belongs to the […] Read more »

Portland residents and reporters are already testing live sections of the city’s muniFi network, after MetroFi turned on a few areas last week. The feedback isn’t the greatest. If anyone has any feedback on the Microsoft content and ad service, send it our way. Read more »

When we wrote about mobile search a few weeks ago, we weren’t surprised to see that the big online search brands like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL were leading the list. But go2? — M:Metrics says the Irvine, CA-based startup has more than 450,000 users per […] Read more »

Today a GPS chip can fit in a cell phone and can cost as little as a dollar. Thirty years ago a GPS device cost tens of thousands of dollars, was bigger than a bread box (see picture) and was used only by the military. Bob […] Read more »

Cingular plans on launching faster HSDPA service next year that will have a download speed at 7.2 Mbps, says Phone Scoop. Speedy! Too bad the company doesn’t really market the HSDPA it has in markets today. Read more »

There’s a rumor going around that Google is investing in a Chinese P2P startup called Xunlei (or Thunder). Xunlei is reported to have between 75 million to 100 million downloads of its software, and has raised previous funding from Morningside and IDG Ventures. The rumor is […] Read more »

Mobile Linux is the hip thing to talk about this year — Motorola is making a big push, Garnett & Helfrich Capital is buying into the market, and Greenphone is trying for world domination. Now another startup that sells into the mobile Linux market, MontaVista Software, […] Read more »

The Examiner quotes San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom saying that the muniFi deal between San Francisco and Earthlink and Google could be done as early as next week. That’s just the deal part, then comes the lengthy deployment. We’re not going to hold our breath, but […] Read more »

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