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Sprint’s WiMAX investment is one of the most exciting drivers behind the mobile Internet this year. But whether or not Sprint will embrace the open model of the Internet or the traditionally closed way of the phone companies when it comes to its first WiMAX devices […] Read more »

The negotiation between the city of San Francisco and Earthlink over MuniFi concluded recently, and now the deal’s ultimate fate hangs with getting approval from the Board of Supervisors. We actually had no idea how iffy getting that approval might be until Earthlink’s Don Berryman said […] Read more »

AT&T and Verizon are busy spending billions building fiber networks, but meanwhile the cable companies will need to invest significantly to add bandwidth to their networks, says ABI research. ABI’s report says cable operators worldwide will spend $80 billion from 2007 through 2012 to extend bandwidth, […] Read more »

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Now that wireless carriers and Internet search giants are all talking about the potentials of mobile advertising, we guess there’s room for another startup — Baltimore-based mobile ad company Millennial Media says that it has raised $6.3 million in a Series A round from Bessemer Venture […] Read more »

British mobile chip designers CSR says it has purchased both NordNav Technologies AB and the assets of Cambridge Positioning Systems to enable the company to sell a combined GPS/bluetooth chip product. Read more »

After we crawled out from under the CES/iPhone news pile last week, we took another look at Sprint Nextel’s update on WiMAX and its new guidance. We knew the news wasn’t too good, projecting that the company will cut 5,000 jobs, but we thought that the […] Read more »

Like Yahoo and Microsoft before it, Google is looking to open an office in San Francisco, according to the San Francisco Business Times. The report says Google has agreed to lease 210,000 sq. feet at San Francisco’s Hill Plaza, 345 Spear St, which could house more […] Read more »

CES is winding down — I’m looking forward to getting some sleep (kicking it at Bloghaus tended to go a bit late . . . OK way late) and getting out of Vegas. There’s only so many days of smoky casinos, bad carpeting and long taxi […] Read more »

CBS CEO Leslie Moonves’ keynote at CES managed to squeeze in more Web 2.0 buzz words, and viral videos references than I’ve heard all week — the Numa Numa kid, diet coke and mentos, Second Life, YouTube, wikis, avatars, mashups. Well, CBS has been proactive recently […] Read more »

LAS VEGAS, CES — CBS CEO Leslie Moonves’ keynote at CES managed to squeeze in more Web 2.0 buzz words, and viral videos references than I’ve heard all week — the Numa Numa kid, diet coke and mentos, Second Life, YouTube, wikis, avatars, mashups. Well, CBS […] Read more »

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The madhouse that is the opening day of CES is over and one thing is clear – CES has become more and more about mobile devices. Yeah, it’s always been a well tread topic at the show, but as faster and bigger wireless networks come online […] Read more »

Verizon herded a group of press into the Palms this afternoon to talk about its mobile and broadband-based TV strategy, which it has been spending billions on to compete with cable and the other phone companies on the video front. True to speculation, Verizon Wireless announced […] Read more »

CES 2007: A casino conference room full of pale gadget fan-boy bloggers, doe-eyed PR reps, and pre-market electronics, means one thing — I’m in Vegas for the next few days for, what else, CES. The desert is cold, and Barry Manilow’s face is everywhere. I just […] Read more »

CES 2007, Las Vegas: First Modeo gave us details of its mobile TV launch at CES, then Samsung said it is working on its own mobile TV technology, now reports are saying Verizon Wireless and Qualcomm will announce the launch of MediaFLO mobile TV for Verizon […] Read more »

It’s been a long time coming but Earthlink just emailed us to say it has reached an agreement with San Francisco over the terms of the contract for the city-wide WiFi deal. Now all those vocal local critics can renew their protesting. It’s not quite the […] Read more »

Google confirmed its investment in Chinese P2P startup Xunlei according to various reports. We wrote about the investment in early December. The New York Times reports that Google invested $5 million for a 4% stake, which means Xunlei is valued at $125 million — we were […] Read more »

The online and mobile video startup is trying to build its business under the radar. That’s hard when your company is backed by Draper Fisher Jurvetson Richards and according to our sources Niklas Zennstrom (also see Atomico investment group.) So its interesting to see an […] Read more »

Nokia managed to squeeze into the biggest WiMAX buildout around where Sprint could spend almost $3 billion dollars on a WiMAX network. The companies said this morning that Nokia will provide infrastructure and devices for Sprint’s network, including WiMAX base transceiver stations, and WiMAX-enabled mobile devices […] Read more »

Paramount Pictures and Crisp Wireless say they are launching a mobile portal for movie promotions and mobile content. Admit it, you want to get Nacho Libre ring tones on the go. Read more »

Virgin Mobile USA is saying it has 4.6 million customers, which makes it one of the most popular MVNO in the U.S. Last I heard Boost Mobile had 3.6 million customers, and readers point out Tracfone, which has 7 million. It took these companies years to […] Read more »

As if there weren’t enough mobile TV standards waiting in the wings, Samsung is planning to announce another mobile TV broadcast technology at CES called Advanced-Vestigial Side-Band, that will use digital signals from local TV broadcasters. The Wall Street Journal has some details, and Samsung PR […] Read more »

So what if most U.S. carriers won’t touch Google, the king-maker is doing a mobile search deal with the world’s largest wireless carrier, China Mobile. Google will provide its search engine technology for China Mobile’s WAP portal. The partnership has been rumored for weeks, but was […] Read more »

Modeo, the mobile TV company owned by Crown Castle, plans to announce on Monday that its service is live in New York city, in what the company is calling a ‘beta commercial launch.’ There’s a bit of hand waving involved, as the beta service is closed […] Read more »

Wired News has a roundup of beaches that have WiFi access for those that want sun and an Internet connection. Too bad sand and water can be laptop kryptonite. Read more »

Yesterday it was an auto-WiFi startup using pre-CES week to get some ink. Today it’s auto navigation startup Dash Navigation‘s turn to try to get some pre CES-juice by announcing a partnership with Yahoo for local search for its Internet-connected service. CES is starting to sound […] Read more »

Since Verizon Wireless and Sprint have both jumped on the mobile ad band wagon, agreeing to put ads on their decks, Cingular wants to join the party as well. Ed Whitacre, chief executive of AT&T, which also owns the largest wireless carrier told the WSJ that […] Read more »

Belkin’s cable-free UWB hub has been ‘almost to the market’ for the better part of a year now. Belkin even put out a release in December that said it would be available mid-December. Now Belkin says in an email that the product will be available mid-January, […] Read more »

If 2006 was a year of many major muniFi launches, 2007 will be a year when these large-scale networks are actually put to the test. Muniwireless’ updated list of municipal WiFi networks shows that at the end of 2006, there were 312 cities and counties in […] Read more »

The New York Times says the rental car company Avis has done a deal with auto WiFi startup AutoNet Mobile for an $11-per-day in-car WiFi service starting in March. The service uses 3G networks to create an in-car WiFi hotspot, which sounds similar to Junxion’s hardware, […] Read more »

Sprint has said it is already working with Motorola and Samsung to build its $3 billion WiMAX network. Now the WSJ says Sprint is close to choosing Nokia as a third provider, among competitors Alcatel/Lucent, Nortel, ZTE, and Huawei. The report also says that the deal […] Read more »

When I first interviewed Freescale about its plans for the wireless technology Ultra Wide Band (UWB) in early 2005, I believed it when the company said that the industry would likely ship its first UWB products by the end of that year. Most of us did. […] Read more »

We haven’t exactly been searching for a mapped-out musical bike tour of Seattle, or a map that plots the public bathrooms of the world (nicely named Crap, I gotta go!) But social maps, where users can “geotag” photos, text and video with location data and pin […] Read more »

Cingular is pushing its new MySpace deal pretty aggressively. I’m a Cingular subscriber and this weekend I received a “WAP-push” marketing message for the MySpace mobile application. The message included a link to a WAP site where I can download and purchase the MySpace java application. […] Read more »

Verizon Wireless plans to cash in on the current craze over ads on mobile web sites, reports the New York Times, which says Verizon will allow on-deck mobile web ads early next year. After Sprint started a similar campaign a couple months ago, there have been […] Read more »

The San Francisco Chronicle takes a quick glance at the city’s delayed MuniFi deal with Earthlink and Google and says the negotiations are going back and forth over free vs for fee: The elves in San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s workshop are racing to beat their […] Read more »

Tis the season of boring useless gifts — John Grisham novels, itchy wool sweaters, cat calenders. We’re thinking it’s about time to turn to the power of wireless broadband to help you get a gift your loved ones will actually like. Blazing fast cell phone networks, […] Read more »

Qualcomm and its rivals are quick to brush off how much money they spend on their ongoing legal battles, as they bicker over issues like patent infringement. Qualcomm’s army of attorneys are costing the company so much money, that it has started to hurt the profit […] Read more »

As we reported yesterday, Earthlink officially launched its New Orleans network today. The company is offering its standard for-fee service as well as a temporary free service. Read more »

While Verizon and Sprint are busy in an EVDO Rev A standoff, Cingular is occupied with expanding its 3G network. Cingular says it now offers 3G in “more than 160 markets, including most of the top 100 major cities in the country.” We’ve been following Cingular’s […] Read more »

The New York Times adds another gee-whiz article to the volumes of ink dedicated to cell phone-based child tracking services. Just in time for the holiday shopping season! But this is one sci-fi gadget that’s no longer fi, thanks to advanced sci — satellite-based tracking based […] Read more »

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