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We’ve followed the layoffs, rumored Facebook deal, and venture funding of Seattle’s well-funded (some would say over-funded) online job search startup Jobster. Now Jobster CEO Jason Goldberg says the 3-year-old company is launching a new site on Thursday, which will start offering free, unlimited job postings. […] Read more »

MySpace’s mobile ambitions are moving across the pond and landing on Vodafone cell phones. The deal makes sense to the companies — Vodafone has been trying to boost its mobile data revenues, and MySpace needs a strong partner to get traction in Europe. The MySpace application […] Read more »

Now that mobile WiMAX is starting to get some significant backing from interested carriers like Sprint Nextel, investment in mobile WiMAX hardware and chips is following suit. Last week it was Aperto Networks, this week it’s mobile WiMAX chip provider Beceem Communications, which says it’s raised […] Read more »

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Metacafe, the online video startup that was rumored to be close to an acquisition deal for $200 million or so last December, is getting a new CEO. Co-founder Arik Czerniak tells us that he is stepping down as CEO and will remain at the company focusing […] Read more »

Helio, the MVNO backed by $440 million from Earthlink and South Korean mobile company SK Telecom, is finally ready to give some subscriber numbers. Because the company is backed by public companies, the announcement is partly as a result of the fact that Earthlink is reporting […] Read more »

Location-based social mapping startup Plazes says it has raised €2.7 million ($3.5 million) from Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures in its first institutional equity round of financing. Last year the company, which says it is based in Zurich and Berlin, had raised seed investment from some well […] Read more »

Digital Railroad, an online photo site for professional photographers, says it has raised $10 million in a Series B round led by DN Capital, and including Morgenthaler Ventures and Venrock Associates. The company says the round will help it develop new products, and expand globally, including […] Read more »

Meraki Networks, the wireless mesh hardware and software startup that raised seed capital from Google and a handful of angels late last year, says it has raised $5 million in Series A funding, with Sequoia Capital leading this round of investment. We’ve been following the Mountain […] Read more »

Anyone that’s attended any modestly crowded tech convention knows that the first thing to fail is the convention’s Wi-Fi. Attendees all rush onto the network as soon as the presentations start, researching presenters, checking emails, reading online news. And it is not long before the network […] Read more »

The last DEMO morning session was made up by presentations from 15 mobile-centric companies — some trying to help devices connect wirelessly, others offering mobile clients for wireless data services. Thankfully none of them pony-showed any celebrities like mobile company Bling Software did yesterday afternoon with […] Read more »

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Does the world need yet another online video site? That’s exactly what I thought when I came across at DEMO. But the New York-based start-up has raised some angel funding and is offering something interesting: “a self-serve platform for helping people set up relevant video […] Read more »

Verizon Wireless must have been getting tired of being overshadowed by Sprint’s EVDO Rev A announcements, like this one yesterday, cause this morning Verizon Wireless officially announced the first Rev A markets it is launching in, and the availability of the Rev A USB720 wireless modem […] Read more »

WiMAX hardware company Aperto Networks says it has raised a ‘follow-on Series E financing round’ of $19 million, to bring the company’s total capitalization to $139 million — GunnAllen Venture Partners led the round, with participation from existing investors. Mo WiMAX, mo money. Read more »

Zink Imaging, the inkless mobile printing company, is the unofficial DEMO favorite so far. Everyone I’ve talked to on the floor says Zink stole the morning show. The Massachusetts-based startup, is creating an ecosystem for new types of devices — mobile printers — with an idea […] Read more »

update#6: Hey folks, we live-blogged the first day DEMO sessions to give you guys a taste of the events, and then followed up that coverage with some more focused stories. Live-blogging on the first day was a little experiment, and we’re trying to gage how interesting […] Read more »

PALM DESERT, Calif. — The American Idol-style demos haven’t even started yet at the DEMO convention, where I arrived this afternoon, and already the clamoring PR machine is in full effect. Most of the 68 companies here have put their ‘message’ onto the wire already, and […] Read more »

The first DEMO convention of the year starts Tuesday night down in the So Cali desert, where 68 startups will try to get noticed by the 700 or so expected press, VCs, and industry execs. For every Skype or Ironport that have launched products at the […] Read more »

What kind of a deal with the devil has Cingular done to get at the hottest mobile phone in the business? Verizon Wireless now says they walked away from the iPhone deal nearly two years ago largely because of Apple’s high financial demands and control of […] Read more »

A group of companies that have been pushing mobile linux — Motorola, NEC, Samsung, among others — say they’ve named their organization the LiMo Foundation. Hardware companies take a cue from web 2.0 — or JLo. Read more »

The Google Metaverse meme has popped up again. Michael Eisenberg, a general partner with Benchmark Capital in Jerusalem kicked off a fresh discussion about Google building its own metaverse, a.k.a a virtual world akin to Second Life. This isn’t the first time there has been talk […] Read more »

EarthLink says that its home city of Atlanta has chosen it to build, own and operate a city-wide Wi-Fi network. I should hope so. Earthlink says the contract is not finalized, and that ‘every city is different’ in how the process gets completed. Read more »

For a company that is having a tough time sticking to its new name, the mobile division of AT&T, aka Cingular Wireless, knows one thing for sure: 2007 is all about milking 3G wireless. Not that the company has an option. All you have to do […] Read more »

This isn’t Moto’s month — handset margin pains, job cuts, profits down — and now a dig at its Connected Home division. A report from Lazard Capital markets says that according to their sources Cox has chosen Cisco for a network upgrade over Motorola in a […] Read more »

Cingular reported that its fourth quarter profit jumped to $782 million from $204 million a year earlier, as the company added 2.4 million subscribers. Wonder how many more iPhone fans will be coming in? Read more »

Ringtone company Moderati needs to sell more than ringtones to keep it running, so its launching a service called Mobile Faker, available on Sprint. Get fake phone calls to get you out of meetings and give out fake phone numbers to avoid bad dates. Read more »

More bad news for Sprint Nextel. A report from IDC says that Verizon Wireless now leads the category of customer spending on data services — a title snatched from Sprint. Read more »

The modern mobile phone business gives the phrase, between a rock and a hard place, a brand new meaning. The demand for cell phones has never been higher, thanks to the demand for voice and text message services in emerging economies around the world. India, China, […] Read more »

Craig Settles, a consultant who studies all things MuniFi, sent out a report last night that says public access of city-wide Wi-Fi networks “will be widely viewed as financially the weakest pillar in the business case for municipal wireless,” by the end of 2007. Instead, mobile […] Read more »

Vancouver-based mobile services management startup Mobidia says it’s added $3.2 million (3.75M Canadian) to its series A round (bringing the total to about $6 million,) led by existing investor BDC Venture Capital and including British Columbia Discovery Fund and B.C. Advantage Funds. As carriers launch more […] Read more »

I’ve been pining over the new Apple Airport Extreme base station, which is based on the next-gen high speed Wi-Fi “n” standard, even though it’s still in the draft stage. The new standard is supposed to offer speeds around 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps (theoretically 600 […] Read more »

As Ed Zander outlined his vision of a mobile world at CES recently, he of course avoided to talk about some of the harder trends the industry will face this year — the rapid decline in the average cell phone prices due to both global competition […] Read more »

European Wi-Fi hotspot companies Trustive and the Cloud say they’re teaming up on a roaming agreement whereby Trustive customers can use Cloud hot spots in Europe. Trustive is a virtual WISP so needs any deals it can get with a network operator is a good thing […] Read more »

Sprint’s WiMAX investment is one of the most exciting drivers behind the mobile Internet this year. But whether or not Sprint will embrace the open model of the Internet or the traditionally closed way of the phone companies when it comes to its first WiMAX devices […] Read more »

The negotiation between the city of San Francisco and Earthlink over MuniFi concluded recently, and now the deal’s ultimate fate hangs with getting approval from the Board of Supervisors. We actually had no idea how iffy getting that approval might be until Earthlink’s Don Berryman said […] Read more »

AT&T and Verizon are busy spending billions building fiber networks, but meanwhile the cable companies will need to invest significantly to add bandwidth to their networks, says ABI research. ABI’s report says cable operators worldwide will spend $80 billion from 2007 through 2012 to extend bandwidth, […] Read more »

Now that wireless carriers and Internet search giants are all talking about the potentials of mobile advertising, we guess there’s room for another startup — Baltimore-based mobile ad company Millennial Media says that it has raised $6.3 million in a Series A round from Bessemer Venture […] Read more »

British mobile chip designers CSR says it has purchased both NordNav Technologies AB and the assets of Cambridge Positioning Systems to enable the company to sell a combined GPS/bluetooth chip product. Read more »

After we crawled out from under the CES/iPhone news pile last week, we took another look at Sprint Nextel’s update on WiMAX and its new guidance. We knew the news wasn’t too good, projecting that the company will cut 5,000 jobs, but we thought that the […] Read more »

Like Yahoo and Microsoft before it, Google is looking to open an office in San Francisco, according to the San Francisco Business Times. The report says Google has agreed to lease 210,000 sq. feet at San Francisco’s Hill Plaza, 345 Spear St, which could house more […] Read more »

CES is winding down — I’m looking forward to getting some sleep (kicking it at Bloghaus tended to go a bit late . . . OK way late) and getting out of Vegas. There’s only so many days of smoky casinos, bad carpeting and long taxi […] Read more »

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