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Israeli wireless HD video chip developer AMIMON says Motorola has invested an undisclosed round in the company. AMIMON is hoping its technology becomes the standard for wireless HD transmission and has been working with Sanyo to produce an HD projector. Read more »

Casabi, a Campbell, California-based startup that creates digital home communications software and services, says its raised $10 million in a series B led by Canaan Partners. The company has raised a total of $15.5 million for its technology which it sells to carriers. Read more »

A lot of us are still avid text messagers, not because we enjoy paying our carrier those tiring toll (or package) fees, but because it’s still one of the most reliable ways to get a text-based message to a cell phone user — not everyone has […] Read more »

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Tired of waiting for the San Francisco Wi-Fi network proposed by Earthlink and Google? San Francisco residents in some select neighborhoods will have another option, courtesy of Meraki, the Mountain View, Calif.-based start-up that recently raised money from Sequoia Capital and Google. Meraki will build a […] Read more »

The home of the Governator, the SF Giants and over 35 million people is also witnessing an aggressive push by its cities and counties to go Wi-Fi. There’s a pretty good reason for that. We’ve got some big urban areas, Silicon Valley’s early adopters in our […] Read more »

San Mateo-based Wi-Fi tracking startup AeroScout says its raised $21 million in a series C investment led by Menlo Ventures. Participating investors include Cisco, Intel Capital, Star Ventures, Pitango and Greylock Partners. Businesses that already have Wi-Fi networks and want tracking systems can save on money […] Read more »

Its like a scene from Groundhog Day for Nortel. The Canadian telecom gear company says it will once again restate certain financial results. That’s the fourth time in four years that the company has had to restate corrected financial errors. Sheesh. The restatement is also the […] Read more »

Mobile video startup MobiTV says it’s passed 2 million paying subscribers, which is double what the company had a year ago. I’m not much of a fan of the mobile video over 3G viewing experience right now, but it looks like more people are signing up. Read more »

Verizon Wireless is getting all set to launch a new mobile television service based on Qualcomm’s MediaFLO network. The service is going to launch in select markets on March 1. RCR Wireless first reported the news of the planned launch date, and we have some exclusive […] Read more »

Motricity, the Durham, North Carolina-based mobile content delivery company has a habit of raising more and more capital. The company, that competes with the likes of Qualcomm and VeriSign says it has raised another $50 million in a series H round (yeah, I said H) from […] Read more »

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iSkoot, the Skype-to-mobile extender service, says it has raised $7 million in a series B round, bringing the company’s total funds raised to $13.2 million. The latest round was led by Charles River Ventures and includes previous investors Khosla Ventures, ZG Ventures, and Jesselson Capital Corp. […] Read more »

Fixed mobile convergence, the merger of wired and wireless networks, is a topic that always seems to top the list of telecom trends every year. T-Mobile made the topic interesting last year when it started a service for consumers in the Seattle area, and the WSJ […] Read more »

Wi-Fi hardware startup Ruckus Wireless says it has started selling a $200 Wi-Fi access point geared for Wi-Fi hotspots with more active (ie. bandwidth-needy) users, called the MediaFlex HS. The company says the gear doubles the signal range, and offers better access to voice and video […] Read more »

Walk a few blocks in parts of San Francisco and you’ll pass half-a-dozen offices that house online video companies. That’s why we like it here. So, in honor of the Bay Area’s booming online video industry, there’s this monthly online video meetup event, that I’ve been […] Read more »

At least for this week, the mobile industry’s largest and most litigious companies laid down some of their arms and gave us oh-so brief warm and snuggly feelings. OK, with the exception of that whole Alcatel-Lucent/Microsoft thing. Cisco’s battle over the iPhone ended with a shared […] Read more »

There is a lot of talk about cities looking to offer MuniFi networks to residents in partnership with private companies, non profits or on their own. Not that much is heard from the state level. But according to this local report (via Broadbandreports) South Carolina is […] Read more »

A service called Bandwagon, that describes itself as a “mind numbingly simple online iTunes backup for Mac users” says it’s launching today — though the service doesn’t seem to be live yet on its site. Check out a more detailed description, and these screenshots on flickr […] Read more »

We’ve been waiting for word on the iPhone battle all day, but here it is, a tiny statement delivered after hours. Cisco and Apple just put out a release that basically says the companies have reached an agreement over the iPhone trademark. The statement is scant […] Read more »

Looks like a case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing — or maybe some old hockey puck head injuries are haunting the NHL folks. Now the latest word from the NHL is that the problem with the blocking of some […] Read more »

Latest update to our story on NewTeeVee, NHL says it didn’t tell YouTube to disable any embedding of its videos, and says any blocked embedding was a glitch on their end that “has since been corrected.” We’ve noticed several have now been fixed. Earlier this morning […] Read more »

Cell phone text message promotion startup Mozes says it’s raised $5 million in a first round of venture funding from Norwest Venture Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners. I ended up signing up for Mozes because it has a mobile service for the music festival NoisePop, […] Read more »

Update 2: NHL now says the problem was a glitch/miscommunication on their end. The conclusion to the story (hopefully this is it?) got so long, we wrote it up in a separate post. Update: NHL tells us: “We’re trying to determine why this happened…it wasn’t at […] Read more »

Openwave says its buying U.K.-based mobile web access company WiderWeb $5 million in cash and another $4 million based on contingent earn-out. Buying startups probably won’t help Openwave with their financials though. Read more »

Craig McCaw knows two things about wireless – building a network is a long, tedious and expensive process, and you can never have enough spectrum. That is why he has raised around a billion dollars from investors for his latest wireless broadband network operator, Clearwire. Now […] Read more »

To celebrate a week full of mobile video news coming out of the 3GSM show — like word of a mobile YouTube site, Adobe’s mobile video software, Nokia’s N77 mobile TV phone, and AT&T’s MediaFLO choice — I spent several days watching videos on cell phones. […] Read more »

Ron Garriques, a former Motorola exec in charge of the company’s mobile phone division, has left the handset maker for Dell, where he’ll run the consumer goods division. Job cuts, profits down — will more execs leave Moto? Read more »

Will Apple and Cisco hash out the iPhone fisticuffs by next Wednesday? Cisco says it’s giving Apple even more time to negotiate. Perhaps there is an amicable ending somewhere on the horizon of trademark law and the buzziest name in the mobile industry, though there’s only […] Read more »

It should be a good time for the telecom world right now. Carriers are spending billions on new and upgraded wireless networks, cell phone shipments are reaching record numbers, and Internet infrastructure is getting an upgrade too to make way for bandwidth-heavy activities like online video. […] Read more »

Verizon Wireless’ recent VCAST video content additions sounded interesting enough — Justin Timberlake TV, YouTube, Revver — so I signed up for a day pass. Some entertaining stuff on there, but I thought the carrier’s warning message was funnier. This is part of the message you […] Read more », an online skill-gaming site, launched an official game version of American Idol this morning. The game is a result of a deal between and Fremantle Media, who produce American Idol. Toby Rowland, co-founder of, says the company spent “a quarter of a million […] Read more »

MINO Wireless, a mobile VoIP company based in Sunnyvale, CA, says it’s raised $7 million from Canaan Partners. There’s mega dollars for mobile VoIP right now. Read more »

I’m surrounded by them. Om got the GeekSugar treatment, and now these two are the next in the Geeks We Love Series. One is related to me, and someday the other will be too. Read more »

Cell phone companies jump at any chance to sell you more stuff. Holidays are the worst — ‘it’s Valentines Day, don’t you want to buy your date a pink phone!!?’ (Right, and why not add a fat contract to that too). Maybe skip electronics and stick […] Read more »

Houston has chosen EarthLink to build its 600-square-mile area Wi-Fi network, pending final negotiations over the contract. EarthLink says in its release that this will be the largest Wi-Fi deployment in North America (for a single company?). Given its SF MuniFi issues and its net loss […] Read more »

Time Warner’s cable arm, which has 14.6 million customers for its video, broadband and voice services, is on the cusp of some dramatic changes. Tuesday morning the company says it has become a public company, with class A common stock to be listed on the New […] Read more »

StumbleUpon released a customized version of its StumbleVideo for the Wii. The Stumble crew tells NewTeeVee they might develop a StumbleVideo version for any set-top box with an internet connection. Cool! Read more »

It’s that time of year again in Barcelona, where the mobile industry fills up the city’s hotels for the oversized 3GSM show, and thousands of companies compete with each other for who’s got the biggest mobile news. (Hint, Microsoft, Motorola and Nokia often win that prize.) […] Read more »

The battle over mobile TV standards in the U.S. tips to Qualcomm — AT&T (Cingular) says it will offer Qualcomm’s MediaFLO mobile TV services in late 2007. The launch will likely come after Verizon Wireless starts offering MediaFLO to its customers sometime between now and March. […] Read more »

Israel icon messaging startup Zlango says its raised $12 million from Benchmark Capital and Accel Partners. We’re not sure why a company that is offering free mobile and web based icons is going to need $12 million. Anyway, here’s the anouncement in Zlango speak. Read more »

Digital content company Bellrock Media has acquired mobile content company Moderati, according to a release from the companies’ on Monday. Moconews puts the deal at “mid double-digit millions” for the company that is responsible for a lot of ringtones and the Mobile Faker service on Sprint. Read more »

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