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The over-funded and over-litigated world of push mobile email is about to get an upstart free service from an entrepreneur with substantial roots in the industry. The New York Times writes about Nicholas Fodor, the founder of Coral Gables, Florida-based SetNet, which will launch a free […] Read more »

All right, so Dr. Dre, born André Romell Young, 42, might not have always been the quintessential role model for khaki-wearing entrepreneurs. He once threw TV host Dee Barnes down the stairs after she aired a feud within his rap group on air (the incident gained […] Read more »

So we’ve come to the final chapter of SavaJe, a startup that has been pushing a mobile operating system based on Java for several years with the backing of high profile investors, and not much to show for the effort. Sun announced today that it will […] Read more »

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Add a vocal Carl Icahn-style activist investor to the long list of issues Sprint needs to tackle in 2007: build WiMAX, fix the Nextel integration, cut workers, coax back those high-end customers . . . now also figure out how to manage press-friendly pissed off shareholders. […] Read more »

Qualcomm says hell no to Nokia’s $20 million attempted payment in a press release today. Qualcomm says that payment is a fraction of what Nokia agreed to and a fraction of what Qualcomm patent portfolio is worth. Check out our timeline of how the companies reached […] Read more »

Synaptics CEO Francis Lee chats easily enough about the company’s touch-screen technology, its pimped-out concept phone the Onyx, and even about his interest in picking up a voice-recognition technology company. But when it comes to those rumors that Synaptics’ ClearPad touch screen technology is being used […] Read more »

Mobio Networks, a startup with a mobile application for web-based lifestyle content, is officially opening up its service on Wednesday. I’ve checked out the free app at DEMO, which has widgets for movie times, event listings and other info about what to do when you’re out […] Read more »

MuniFi has now been live long enough in many cities to get some feedback. Like we predicted, this year many of these bigger networks will now be put to the test. And well, certain initial findings are a little troubling when it comes to consumer use […] Read more »

NextWave Wireless, the wireless rebirth of Allen Salmasi ‘s controversial spectrum-hungry company, said it will spend $100 million in stock and cash on IPWireless, with a total of $135 million based on certain revenue milestones. Read more »

South Korean SK Telecom has Helio. Now Japan’s KDDI is working on an MVNO for the U.S. market, running over Sprint’s network, and is targeting Japanese customers in the U.S. Hopefully they aren’t investing Helio-type dollars for that small of a target market. Read more »

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The upcoming land grab over analog TV spectrum is getting more high profile investors. The New York Times says that John Doerr, James Barksdale and Vanu Bose have joined the investment group behind Frontline Wireless, a wireless venture focusing on public safety and open access led […] Read more »

Dash Navigation, the startup with a broadband and GPS car device, is looking for 2,000 testers for its product. They want gadget-loving consumers that spend a lot of time in their cars. Sounds like everyone we know. See if you qualify. Read more »

Twitter is just the beginning. SMS is finally going mainstream in the U.S. and start-ups are getting creative with this messaging technology that is part of daily life across the planet. Venture capitalists have been funding a lot of these startups that use the SMS platform […] Read more »

With parts of Nokia and Qualcomm’s patent licensing agreement set to expire on April 9th, both companies have ratched up their rhetoric and public moves. The harsh words thrown around in the feud are getting as catty as Perez Hilton. While Nokia said this week it […] Read more »

The Wall Street Journal has a PR-friendly story about dot mobi addresses. Other than when I’ve researched dot mobi I’ve rarely met a company that is focusing efforts on these — more just buying them in a defensive move. M:Metrics says that there are no dot […] Read more »

VoIP-based callback startup Jajah has been promoting its growing list of compatible mobile devices lately — the LG Prada, and promises of the iPhone, as soon as its available. Many devices with an Internet connection and a browser shouldn’t have too much trouble connecting to the […] Read more »

NewTeeVee: Barry Diller takes Vimeo under the IAC wing NewTeeVee: NBC tops TV network peers for online visits WebWorkerDaily: 5 steps to a good working mood WebWorkerDaily: Email’s not dead, just evolved Read more »

Nokia says it has paid Qualcomm $20 million for UMTS patent licenses that cover the second quarter of 2007. This new license deal is not part of the broader agreements that are set to expire on April 9, 2007. We marked out a handy timeline of […] Read more »

Mobile content company Cellfish Media announced it has added another $10 million to its first round of funding from the Solidarity Fund QFL. The startup has now raised $60 million and is looking to launch a new mobile and web based product this summer. Read more »

Free cell phone service in exchange for ads — that’s the pitch of a new London-based MVNO Blyk that plans to launch service in the Summer. We’ve heard variations of this idea before, including the bizarre Xero Mobile, but Blyk seems like it is getting off […] Read more »

Arlington County, Virginia will go with EarthLink for its 26 square mile Wi-Fi network, though, the deal still has to be approved by the Arlington County Board. Strike up another muni win for EarthLink. Read more »

Qualcomm and Nokia used to be pals — or at least civil — and struck licensing deals years ago. Computer Business Review Online even reported that Nokia could pay as much as $500 million a year in royalties to Qualcomm — a substantial revenue driver for […] Read more »

You might check news headlines on your cell phone, via Google News or Yahoo Go. Maybe you’ve even gone as far as used a mobile RSS reader. But reading for fun on a phone is a slightly bigger leap — that little screen doesn’t really induce […] Read more »

The Mayor of Mexico City says the entire city will be a free Wi-Fi hotspot by 2008, courtesy of a deal signed with Chinese network gear maker ZTE. Read more »

Hot or Not, the online dating and rating site, is about to end its main revenue stream — subscriptions — and focus instead on online ads and transactions, like selling virtual flowers. Hot or Not founder James Hong, who has gotten rich off of the subscriptions […] Read more »

Venture Beat points out Venture Hacks, a how-to on hacking your way across venture land from entrepreneurs Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi. Read more »

It’s no secret Helio has been burning through money, trying to boost its subscriber base and spark interest in its youth-oriented tech-savvy phone service and devices. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes that Helio could go out of business if it doesn’t bring in more funding this year […] Read more »

April Fool’s day passed with some attempted jokes from the tech industry (oh you, Google), while Nokia and Siemens decided that was a good day to officially open its new network joint venture, ‘Nokia Siemens Networks’, for business. Only the launch wasn’t so fun-filled for the […] Read more »

Cnet says the iPhone will be available on June 11 according to a customer service manager at Cingular. I’ve tried to follow news stories by calling my carrier’s customer service line and asking questions — often I’ve found the results to be unreliable. But who knows. Read more »

Earthlink and Nokia are working on a promotion, looking to increase interest in Earthlink’s muniFi and boost the sales of Nokia’s new Internet tablet in the U.S. Earthlink plans to offer free muniFi to users of Nokia’s N800 Internet tablet until the end of 2007. Earthlink […] Read more »

CTIA 2007 — Eric Nicoli, CEO of the EMI Group told the attendees of the mobile convention this morning that the industry should take a cue from Apple and make mobile products and services more attractive to customers. Apple listens to what consumers want — this […] Read more »

CTIA 2007 — LG says it will pre-install Google’s mobile apps, including Maps and Gmail, on millions of LG phones that will be sold in North America, Europe and Asia starting in the second quarter of 2007. In February, LG announced a similar deal with Yahoo’s […] Read more »

CTIA 2007 — YouTube will launch its mobile website in June 2007 for U.S. users, according to a spokesperson. The mobile YouTube site will go live once the exclusivity clause on the company’s mobile video deal with Verizon Wireless expires. The service will be live for […] Read more »

CTIA 2007, Orlando: It seems like the iPhone and the hits-driven handset business has prodded cell phone makers to move a bit further out of their comfort zones. And it is all on display at the CTIA wireless trade show that started Monday. As we walked […] Read more »

CTIA 2007: From Alltel’s Celltop to Nokia’s WidSets, mobile widgets are becoming increasingly popular, and becoming a preferred way to consume web services on handheld devices. ZenZui is the latest to jump onto the bandwagon. The startup is being officially spun out of Microsoft as a […] Read more »

CTIA 2007: If Sprint’s mobile WiMAX network weren’t the first of its size and kind in the U.S., we wouldn’t be following its future rollout details like paparazzi mob Britney Spears. But it is, so we will. Sprint named a dozen or so more markets for […] Read more »

We already knew that AT&T had a deal in place with Napster for the company’s mobile music service. Now the companies are adding some promotional details of the plan. AT&T’s broadband and wireless customers can access Napster for free for a year when they agree to […] Read more »

CTIA 2007, Orlando: Helio announced the Ocean, a seriously slick looking messaging phone. It’s a dual slider with separate QWERTY and numeric key pads, and a comprehensive messaging interface — we’ll have to check this one out on the floor. It’s manufactured by Pantech, designed by […] Read more »

CTIA 2007 PREVIEW: While you’re checking out this 5 points user guide to the CTIA convention – the Super Bowl of mobile conferences – I’m likely trying to find a comfortable position on a redeye headed for hot Orlando. Hopefully it’s not too bumpy. Like Helio’s […] Read more »

We gave San Francsico-based Tiny Picture’s mobile photo sharing service Radar an almost sickly sweet review when we first checked it out last September. It’s not that uploading camera phone photos to the web is a new idea — not by any means — but Radar […] Read more »

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