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April Fool’s day passed with some attempted jokes from the tech industry (oh you, Google), while Nokia and Siemens decided that was a good day to officially open its new network joint venture, ‘Nokia Siemens Networks’, for business. Only the launch wasn’t so fun-filled for the […] Read more »

Cnet says the iPhone will be available on June 11 according to a customer service manager at Cingular. I’ve tried to follow news stories by calling my carrier’s customer service line and asking questions — often I’ve found the results to be unreliable. But who knows. Read more »

Earthlink and Nokia are working on a promotion, looking to increase interest in Earthlink’s muniFi and boost the sales of Nokia’s new Internet tablet in the U.S. Earthlink plans to offer free muniFi to users of Nokia’s N800 Internet tablet until the end of 2007. Earthlink […] Read more »

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CTIA 2007 — Eric Nicoli, CEO of the EMI Group told the attendees of the mobile convention this morning that the industry should take a cue from Apple and make mobile products and services more attractive to customers. Apple listens to what consumers want — this […] Read more »

CTIA 2007 — LG says it will pre-install Google’s mobile apps, including Maps and Gmail, on millions of LG phones that will be sold in North America, Europe and Asia starting in the second quarter of 2007. In February, LG announced a similar deal with Yahoo’s […] Read more »

CTIA 2007 — YouTube will launch its mobile website in June 2007 for U.S. users, according to a spokesperson. The mobile YouTube site will go live once the exclusivity clause on the company’s mobile video deal with Verizon Wireless expires. The service will be live for […] Read more »

CTIA 2007, Orlando: It seems like the iPhone and the hits-driven handset business has prodded cell phone makers to move a bit further out of their comfort zones. And it is all on display at the CTIA wireless trade show that started Monday. As we walked […] Read more »

CTIA 2007: From Alltel’s Celltop to Nokia’s WidSets, mobile widgets are becoming increasingly popular, and becoming a preferred way to consume web services on handheld devices. ZenZui is the latest to jump onto the bandwagon. The startup is being officially spun out of Microsoft as a […] Read more »

CTIA 2007: If Sprint’s mobile WiMAX network weren’t the first of its size and kind in the U.S., we wouldn’t be following its future rollout details like paparazzi mob Britney Spears. But it is, so we will. Sprint named a dozen or so more markets for […] Read more »

We already knew that AT&T had a deal in place with Napster for the company’s mobile music service. Now the companies are adding some promotional details of the plan. AT&T’s broadband and wireless customers can access Napster for free for a year when they agree to […] Read more »

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CTIA 2007, Orlando: Helio announced the Ocean, a seriously slick looking messaging phone. It’s a dual slider with separate QWERTY and numeric key pads, and a comprehensive messaging interface — we’ll have to check this one out on the floor. It’s manufactured by Pantech, designed by […] Read more »

CTIA 2007 PREVIEW: While you’re checking out this 5 points user guide to the CTIA convention – the Super Bowl of mobile conferences – I’m likely trying to find a comfortable position on a redeye headed for hot Orlando. Hopefully it’s not too bumpy. Like Helio’s […] Read more »

We gave San Francsico-based Tiny Picture’s mobile photo sharing service Radar an almost sickly sweet review when we first checked it out last September. It’s not that uploading camera phone photos to the web is a new idea — not by any means — but Radar […] Read more »

It was around this time last year that PayPal launched its text-based mobile payment service. Eh, cool, but text-to-buy or ‘send money by phone’ is pretty far from a mobile web shopping experience. Now, word is out that PayPal is working hard on its mobile web […] Read more »

Wi-Fi mesh makers are turning to Google Earth for an added birds-eye view of networks. Why? Mesh creators can use hardware and software from companies like Strix and SkyPilot to obtain location and operational data of network nodes, and create useful maps using Google Earth. DIY […] Read more »

Despite years of market hype cycles pumping up the short range wireless technology UWB, investors are still interested. UWB chip company Artimi says Khosla Ventures just added $5 million to its series B, bringing its total to $50 million. Read more »

Trying to create an upstart hipster cell phone company is utterly expensive. Peter Adderton and Sky Dayton, the CEOs of MVNOs Amp’d Mobile and Helio, know this all too well by now. Amp’d is adding another $107 million in funding, according to PEHub and VentureWire, which […] Read more »

It wasn’t until the end of Jonathan Grubb’s “how to mobilize your web product” presentation this morning at Rubyred Labs, that I realized where I recognized the co-founder of Rubyred and former Yahoo mobile developer — he went head to head with GigaTeam’s fearless leader for […] Read more »

NewTeeVee: Bram puts the smackdown on Joost. NewTeeVee: The table (uh, lens) is turned on our online video crew WebWorkerDaily: Four web-based RSS options for the mobile WebWorkerDaily: 37Signals’s latest app, HighRise GigaGamez: FlowPlay gets funded — $$$ in web-based MMOs for kids Read more »

Trolltech (those Greenphone guys) says Skype has chosen its Linux development technology Qtopia as the “prefered platform” for Skype’s certified Wi-Fi phones. That includes the Netgear and Belkin Wi-Fi phones and other Skype certified WiFi devices in the future. The companies already have a partnership for […] Read more »

MocoNews confirms that Disney is buying Beijing-based mobile content company Enorbus and says the price is around $20 million. The deal had been rumored by local media back in September 2006. Enorbus is backed by the Carlyle Group and Qualcomm. Read more »

Getting Skype to work on mobile phones has been the ambition of an excess of startups, and has gotten some recent attention from a few carriers too. The latest startup to tackle mobile Skype is Mobivox, which has recently changed its company and service name from […] Read more »

The day is approaching where average consumers will want a true web-browsing Internet-style experience on mobile devices. It might not be anytime soon, but it’s coming nonetheless. For wireless carriers who are now trying to get subscribers to access mobile data over 3G it is both […] Read more »

Mobile social gaming startup Frengo, which is backed by $2.3 million from Index Ventures and Khosla Ventures, is officially announcing its service today. The company creates games based on SMS and the web, with themes like March Madness-style polls, make-your-own text quizes (which are actually pretty […] Read more »

The location based AIM plugin powered by Skyhook Wireless that we wrote about last October is now available. LBS via AIM and Wi-Fi access points — check it out. Read more »

Most likely you’ve seen cell phone “short codes” when advertisers slap them on candy wrappers or big media brands like American Idol create text message-based voting campaigns. You know, text a message to this 5 or so digit mobile code and get some free stuff you […] Read more »

As soon as I get some free time I’m going to try to tackle this Wi-Fi detector project from MAKE — it pulses to the strength of a Wi-Fi signal. Read more »

It was about a month and a half ago that Verizon Wireless made its EVDO Rev A network official, announcing the first markets and a Rev A USB card. Now the company says it will offer a Rev A ExpressCard, the V740 by Novatel Wireless for […] Read more »

Are we ready for full length TV shows on cell phones? — If you watch a lot of mobile video over 3G, you’ll probably say heck no. Well, it’s coming anyway — NBC Universal and MobiTV say they’ll be offering full-length prime time shows on-demand over […] Read more »

Wondering where the world’s largest artichoke is? Not really (it’s 78.5 miles from me). What about the closest brewery? Well, that’s a little closer to the mark and only 3 miles away. You can find a dozen purely novel and occasionally useful mobile location based services […] Read more »

Nokia will build Sprint Nextel’s WiMAX network in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio, Texas. Sprint is aiming to start WiMAX service in these markets in the first half of 2008. Yee-haw. Read more »

A half-dozen tech companies are hoping a prototype of a device will help solve the serious lack of competition in the wireless access space. Microsoft, Google, Dell, HP, Philips and Intel are planning on delivering a device to the FCC today, according to the Washington Post, […] Read more »

Israeli wireless HD video chip developer AMIMON says Motorola has invested an undisclosed round in the company. AMIMON is hoping its technology becomes the standard for wireless HD transmission and has been working with Sanyo to produce an HD projector. Read more »

Casabi, a Campbell, California-based startup that creates digital home communications software and services, says its raised $10 million in a series B led by Canaan Partners. The company has raised a total of $15.5 million for its technology which it sells to carriers. Read more »

A lot of us are still avid text messagers, not because we enjoy paying our carrier those tiring toll (or package) fees, but because it’s still one of the most reliable ways to get a text-based message to a cell phone user — not everyone has […] Read more »

Tired of waiting for the San Francisco Wi-Fi network proposed by Earthlink and Google? San Francisco residents in some select neighborhoods will have another option, courtesy of Meraki, the Mountain View, Calif.-based start-up that recently raised money from Sequoia Capital and Google. Meraki will build a […] Read more »

The home of the Governator, the SF Giants and over 35 million people is also witnessing an aggressive push by its cities and counties to go Wi-Fi. There’s a pretty good reason for that. We’ve got some big urban areas, Silicon Valley’s early adopters in our […] Read more »

San Mateo-based Wi-Fi tracking startup AeroScout says its raised $21 million in a series C investment led by Menlo Ventures. Participating investors include Cisco, Intel Capital, Star Ventures, Pitango and Greylock Partners. Businesses that already have Wi-Fi networks and want tracking systems can save on money […] Read more »

Its like a scene from Groundhog Day for Nortel. The Canadian telecom gear company says it will once again restate certain financial results. That’s the fourth time in four years that the company has had to restate corrected financial errors. Sheesh. The restatement is also the […] Read more »

Mobile video startup MobiTV says it’s passed 2 million paying subscribers, which is double what the company had a year ago. I’m not much of a fan of the mobile video over 3G viewing experience right now, but it looks like more people are signing up. Read more »

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