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We’re fans of uLocate’s mobile widget, and it looks like investors are too. The company says this morning that it has closed a round of $11 million led by Venrock, with other investors GrandBanks Capital and Kodiak Venture Partners. Founded in 2003 the Massachusetts-based company […] Read more »

We never need an excuse to hang out in New York city, but learning about earth-friendly business practices is a pretty good one. So we’ve been watching some of the speeches out of the C40 Climate Summit in Manhattan, with some interesting opinions from CEOs of […] Read more »

Update: Moto’s superbrilliant answer to the RAZR? Uh, another RAZR . . . RAZR 2. Jesus. Wonder how long were they working on that followup — a lot longer than the 5 seconds we spent when we jokingly referred to a RAZR 2.0 in the morning […] Read more »

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So, yeah, I’m getting sick of Twitter. Maybe these five add-ons will help convince my Internet-ruined ADD attention span to stick to the service for a bit longer. A lot of people are trying to think up the next Twitter trick — here’s some that are […] Read more »

Whoever thinks the web is sliding ever-so gently onto mobile phones hasn’t spent much time mucking around in the cellular browser. The mobile Internet is kicking its way there, with a lot of confusing choices for consumers — dot mobi, WAP, But I’ve noticed a […] Read more »

While Steve Jobs finally joined the ranks of the eco-evangelizers green tech reform shouldn’t stick to consumer electronics. And it isn’t. Internet infrastructure and data centers, with their massive energy consumption habits, are getting some attention too. IBM said today that it plans to spend a […] Read more »

When Microsoft said it will buy mobile ad startup ScreenTonic last week, the first thing a lot of us wondered was who’s next? Mobile ad startups like Third Screen Media and AdMob have been building successful businesses while Internet companies are looking for an easy way […] Read more »

Google’s got yet-another blog for us to drop in our RSS readers. But it’s not so snoresville, since it’s on a topic that is actually pretty interesting and has been making them some headlines recently: the “geoweb,” as John Hanke, Director, Google Earth & Maps, calls […] Read more »

The web-based social network boom and the rising use of cell phones for non-voice functions, makes the trendy ‘mobile social network’ phenomenon an obvious area for investment. But the reality is that it’s difficult to base a business off of just turning an unknown brand into […] Read more »

NewTeeVee: Where web 2.0 meets consumer electronics. NewTeeVee: Veodia — live streaming for dummies. WebWorkerDaily: There’s an optimal level of multitasking? Guess so. WebWorkerDaily: Don’t crossover to the shady side of web law. Found+Read: The Valley’s Talent Crunch. Read more »

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When it comes to your cell phone — do you download? Despite the fact that a lot of mainstream consumers are reluctant to take the leap, an increasing number of mobile companies are betting the farm on downloadable mobile applications. M:Metrics says 9.9 million U.S. subscribers […] Read more »

So you’re not calling Cingular the new AT&T Mobility yet? Yeah, we aren’t either. But the company thinks that the iPhone can help with some of its re-branding problems. The folks at UBS Investment Research sat in on AT&T’s latest investor meeting and say that AT&T […] Read more »

T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi cellular converged phone service is supposedly breaking out of its Seattle trial and going nationwide this summer, according to the Wall Street Journal. The article says that some time in mid-June T-Mobile is going to do a national launch of its ‘Hotspot at Home’ […] Read more »

Steve Jobs has a new product plan on his mind – iGreen. In a pretty obvious response to Greenpeace’s brutally low “green rating” of Apple’s use of chemicals and its recycling methods, Steve Jobs blogged about the steps Apple has taken, and will take, to be […] Read more »

Alternative cellular brands are storming the public markets. In April it was flat-rate carrier MetroPCS, which raised over a billion dollars in an IPO, while rival Leap Wireless is trading high at $77.27 per share. Now Virgin Mobile, jointly owned by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and […] Read more »

As a kid my after-school sitter was the outlandish and catty plotlines of daytime soaps — Days of Our Lives, As the World Turns, and the like (latchkey kids unite). Now after reading the latest on Motorola’s fall from grace and recent anti-Zander comments from Carl […] Read more »

eBuddy, the Amsterdam-based IM aggregator, is turning 3 years old this week — a respectable middle age in the web startup world. And while I wouldn’t go as far as saying there’s a mid-life crisis coming, since the company became profitable and brought in 10.3 million […] Read more »

China’s online video startups might have been the hot venture trend over the past year — see Jackson’s wistful note about making a career change — but are they making any money yet? Not so much, and it won’t likely happen for a while for distribution […] Read more »

Digg fans are getting their own Wayback Machine type mashup for locating lost Digg stories. DuggBack is a site that helps you find removed stories using a mix of mirrors and caches. The service uses the Digg API, and mirror services from DuggMirror, Coral CDN, Wayback […] Read more »

Time Warner Cable is making some noise today about its formerly named ‘Mobile Access’ cellular service, now called Pivot. The company announced the service and posted a phone number on its web site where you can order it in certain markets. I’m not sure the service […] Read more »

Hundred dollar laptop backer Nicholas Negroponte says the laptops will actually cost $175 and will have an options for running Windows. The realities of manufacturing and designing mass market products has set in, but the result is still pretty good, don’t you think? I saw a […] Read more »

It’s funny, usually the press materials at conferences are full of easily ignored sponsor pages and a real waste of trees. But the handouts at the DowJones VentureWire “Wireless Innovations Conference” had some juicy listings, parsing out the 60 participating startups by “financing plans,” “amount raised,” […] Read more »

We thought Qualcomm might be finally embracing WiMAX, given its recent purchase of TeleCIS’ mobile WiMAX assets. Not so much. Len Lauer, Qualcomm’s Executive Vice President and Group president, gave WiMAX the smackdown at the Wireless Innovations conference on Wednesday. Lauer said WiMAX is more expensive […] Read more »

Mobile might be the next frontier according to corporate leaders like Google CEO Eric Schmidt, but the market needs innovation to push the mobile web, and mobile services to the next level. At the Wireless Innovations conference in Redwood City on Wednesday, it was clear that […] Read more »

Damn, the Chicago area is getting to be the hot zone for new wireless broadband plans. Last week the Chicago Tribune wrote that EarthLink and AT&T are bidding to build city-wide Wi-Fi networks. Sprint has already picked the city for one of its WiMAX launch cities. […] Read more »

For those of us in the U.S. who have been harboring broadband envy of leading connected countries like Denmark and South Korea, things just got a bit worse. The latest stats from the Organization for Economic Co-Operation & Development (OECD) for December 2006 show that the […] Read more »

London is officially jumping on the mesh Wi-Fi bandwagon today with operator The Cloud switching on the 127-node network built with BelAir Networks gear. With some of the large-scale Wi-Fi networks like Taipei’s slow to bring in a significant amount of users, it’s becoming clear that […] Read more »

The decibel level around Google phone has gone up considerably in recent weeks. Google CEO Eric Schmidt called mobile the biggest growth area for the company at the Web 2.0 expo. True to his word, Google has been looking to hire to fill out its mobile […] Read more »

The Valley likes to stuff money into the next telecommunication technology that will tear down the traditional phone company monopolies. And ya’ll know we love to write about them. But the public markets haven’t been too keen on some of the more high-risk, high-spending telcom services. […] Read more »

A little South by Southwest love, a lot of mainstream press ink, and some overloaded servers have convinced Obvious to turn Twitter, its little hotshot web and SMS service, into its own company. Evan Williams’ Obvious Corp. said this week that it’s spinning off the tool […] Read more »

Motorola CEO Ed Zander has been calling the company’s handset results “unacceptable,” with a pledge to improve performance. But it looks like it’s going to take several quarters to try to fix the problem. The company posted first quarter sales of $9.43 billion – close to […] Read more »

A report from Digitimes (via Engadget) says the Google phone is coming from HTC, as early as the end of 2007. If that’s really true, I’m not sure which I want more, iPhone or Google phone. Read more »

Qualcomm has bought the mobile WiMAX assets of TeleCIS Wireless for an undisclosed sum. Qualcomm tells Unstrung that it bought the company’s engineering resources for its “mobile broadband system knowledge and System On a Chip design experience.” Though, perhaps Qualcomm is also hedging its bet in […] Read more »

Operation WiMAX is underway, and carriers are spending some serious moolah on building out the networks. South Korea launched a WiBro network last year and in the U.S. Sprint and Clearwire are working on mobile WiMAX services, too. It’s about time for some attention on the […] Read more »

Who knows when San Francisco will get its city-wide Wi-Fi network, courtesy of Google and EarthLink. But I did get a chance to hop onto startup Meraki’s San Francisco network last weekend, that the company has dubbed Free the Net. The ad-hoc Wi-Fi network is already […] Read more »

While the startup-sphere was all knee-deep in DEMO coverage last January, TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington and Sequoia Capital EIA and Weblogs Inc cofounder Jason Calacanis talked up their plans to launch their conference TechCrunch20. Their idea is to bring together 20 new startups, which are chosen on […] Read more »

The over-funded and over-litigated world of push mobile email is about to get an upstart free service from an entrepreneur with substantial roots in the industry. The New York Times writes about Nicholas Fodor, the founder of Coral Gables, Florida-based SetNet, which will launch a free […] Read more »

All right, so Dr. Dre, born André Romell Young, 42, might not have always been the quintessential role model for khaki-wearing entrepreneurs. He once threw TV host Dee Barnes down the stairs after she aired a feud within his rap group on air (the incident gained […] Read more »

So we’ve come to the final chapter of SavaJe, a startup that has been pushing a mobile operating system based on Java for several years with the backing of high profile investors, and not much to show for the effort. Sun announced today that it will […] Read more »

Add a vocal Carl Icahn-style activist investor to the long list of issues Sprint needs to tackle in 2007: build WiMAX, fix the Nextel integration, cut workers, coax back those high-end customers . . . now also figure out how to manage press-friendly pissed off shareholders. […] Read more »

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