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Drew Clark, IBM’s Director of Strategy for its Venture Capital Group, knows his team isn’t dominating the venture world – and that’s the point. They don’t actually have a fund, but are a group of two dozen IBM execs that work with startups and venture capitalists […] Read more »

Solar cell and panel maker SunPower released its second quarter earnings this morning, reporting a net loss of $5.3 million, regardless of a boost in revenues to $173.8 million. The previous year’s revenues were $54.7 million — that’s pretty good growth. The company has been spending […] Read more »

Update: GreenDimes founder Pankaj Shah just emailed us to confirm that the company did raise its funding. Most people hate junk mail — how many are willing to pay to stop it? Palo Alto-based startup GreenDimes is betting a lot will, and according to PEHub has […] Read more »

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Ethanol will not come close to solving climate concerns, energy security issues or dependency on oil, says a new report just released by a group of non profits including The Network for New Energy Choices, Food and Water Watch, and the Vermont Law School. The report, […] Read more »

About a year ago the environmental news site TreeHugger launched, its green answer to social news sites like Digg. We’re big fans of Hugg. A lot of people have tried to create Digg-type sites focused on niche content. There’s a bunch of them out there […] Read more »

Non profit Green Electronics Council (GEC) put out a report today that suggests its eco-computing initiatives are starting to work. Yeah, it’s a their way to justify their program and budget ($800,000 for 2007), but we appreciate them getting us some numbers to check out. (EPA […] Read more »

Thermostats are nowhere near as energy efficient as they could be. They could do a lot better, given residential heating and cooling make up roughly half of residential energy consumption according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Maybe Nathan Ota can help. He’s a 28-old recent […] Read more »

Solar power, loved but neglected: Solar is hot in popular culture but not so much when it comes to research funding — New York Times. Waste to electricity startup Ze-gen confirmed its $4.5 million venture round: The news was out that the Boston-based company was in […] Read more »

So we’re all aware that green-focused web sites are getting about as trendy as celebutante DUIs. There’s been more than enough great new reads launched in the last few months, most of them focused on helping consumers live more ecofriendly lives – something we could all […] Read more »

We’re not sure why a bid for energy efficiency is going to make consumers want to accept the unappreciated subscription PC model — but startup Zonbu thinks they will. The New York Times profiles the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company that will start selling a $99 low […] Read more »

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How many gas station owners can say that presidential hopeful Barack Obama has given a speech amidst their pumps? OK, so that was a leading question — I know of one: Kristopher Moller. The founder of alternative fueling station Conserv Fuel received the senator from Illinois […] Read more »

Sunil Paul was among the first of a now sizable group of Valley investors who segued from successful careers in the Internet to the clean tech world. He makes VCs who are just getting into clean tech investing today look like noobs. Now 5 years after […] Read more »

Unless you’re a hardcore biofuel fan, chances are you’ve probably never actually pumped the alternative stuff. But in case you do and you’re out searching for a public E85 station on your cell phone or computer, Nevada City-based mobile app and web company WHDC just launched […] Read more »

Toronto-based solar silicon purification startup 6N Silicon said on Tuesday that it’s raised $6 million CDN ($5.7 million) in its first round of venture funding. Ventures West and Yaletown Venture Partners led the financing and founder Scott Nichol tells us that the company is looking to […] Read more »

Israeli fabless chip company Metalink has been wedging its way into China’s wireless digital home market for awhile now — looking to get its wireless chip into gear like wireless TVs, set-top boxes, DVRs and residential gateways. The company has another announcement on that front this […] Read more »

Helio, the newbie ‘don’t call us a phone company’ MVNO, needs another round of allowance from its more traditional telecom parents. Reuters says that SK Telecom and EarthLink will each invest $100 million more into their joint venture sometime during the second half of this year. […] Read more »

If you actually stepped into one of the hectic Apple or AT&T stores this weekend for the iPhone launch, it was pretty clear the debut was an Apple event first and foremost. Down at the Emeryville Bay Street Mall in the east bay, where there is […] Read more »

As we’ve been counting down to this iPhone morn, our inboxes have been stuffed with applications and accessories geared for the year’s biggest phone phenom. Most are just addons that could likely fit on any phone, and are using the launch to goose sales, but some […] Read more »

So T-Mobile is finally giving the converged WiFi/cellular technology called UMA, it’s long awaited day in the sun in the U.S. If you’re a T-Mobile customer that’s going to sign up for the Hotspot@Home service, you likely don’t give a damn what is powering the handoff […] Read more »

The capital of California (by politics, not culture – sorry guys) is a step closer to getting its 90-square mile WiFi network. Last night the Sacramento city council approved an agreement for a WiFi network that will be built and operated by an organization called Sacramento […] Read more »

Check it out folks, the mobile, non-carrier-guarded version of YouTube is here — and right on schedule for the June date that a YouTube spokesperson told us about a few months ago. You need a phone that supports streaming video and should probably have a good […] Read more »

While Google’s recent eco kick has largely focused on issues like installing solar panels for its offices and offering biodiesel commuter shuttles to its employees, the search company just joined a broader green push with members of the computing industry. At Google HQ Tuesday morning, Google, […] Read more »

MuniFi’s been getting shelled in the press, mostly because of some under-utilized deployments. That hasn’t deterred cities from taking the plunge, particularly small communities where the investment in the network is modest compared to mega-million dollar projects underway in Philadelphia. Yesterday, we took a little day […] Read more »

What kind of Americans are starting to watch video shows on cell phone screens? According to data from Nielsen, middle-aged men with high incomes. That proves the price point is just too high right now — oh yeah, and rich old men always have all the […] Read more »

We hadn’t talked to the Cyworld US team in awhile, so we stopped by their San Francisco offices this week to play catch up. The South Korean social network that launched in the U.S. last August, told us they are planning on launching a mobile application […] Read more »

More geoweb tools for Google. Geo-tagging photo site Panoramio announced on its blog this morning that it will be acquired by Google for an undisclosed sum. Google posted the news on its blog last night. The company is a one and a half year old startup […] Read more »

Some city-wide Wi-Fi networks are being launched and few residents are using them. And then there are the planned muniFi networks that are stuck in the purgatory of logistics and bureacracy — perpetually ‘in the works’ but with missed deadlines and unsure futures. The Palo Alto […] Read more »

We almost skipped the NetSquared convention this week, given the 21 web-based projects presenting are all not-for profit organizations. But hey, GigaTeam needs to feel all warm and fuzzy sometimes too. So we spent a few hours watching pitches from social organizations that used the conference […] Read more »

There might be a lot of money flowing in Silicon Valley right now — four startups announced that they’ve been acquired just today. But for some of the big tech companies, and their employees, times aren’t so good. Motorola said today its going to cut another […] Read more »

It’s a good morning to be a social media web startup. First Fox Interactive Media sends out a release officially announcing it’s buying both photo sharing site Photobucket and slide show widget creator Flektor. Then CBS announces that it’s bought music social network for $280 […] Read more »

Update: Google launched a street view mapping feature for several cities this morning at the Where 2.0 conference, and GigaTeam is pretty excited about checking out the views around our own San Francisco digs. We just chatted with John Hanke, Google’s Director of Google Earth and […] Read more »

Apparently Peter Adderton, Amp’d CEO hasn’t left the building… for now. Valleywag reported that the mobile maverick was out, a rumor we had heard a few weeks ago, but it was denied by the company. Adderton tells PE Hub that he is still the big cheese. […] Read more »

Is Amp’d Mobile gearing up for a change of the guard? Valleywag prints a rumor that the CEO and founder of the high-spending youth-oriented MVNO, Peter Adderton, has left the company. We heard this rumor a few weeks ago and asked Amp’d’s PR team directly if […] Read more »

Who owns the loyalty of the wireless customer, the carrier or the handset maker? As Vodafone launches branded handsets, handset makers open stores, and the iPhone changes the game, increasingly the two sides that together control the mobile industry, are starting to push at the edges […] Read more »

Another ‘white space’ mobile prototype device has landed at the FCC for testing, this time from Philips which submitted a “spectrum sensing device” to the FCC last Friday. Ars Technica points out the details, and we checked out the FCC filing for the device that is […] Read more »

Mobile video is one of those things that will be a massive market, when the right service finally finds the right population — mobile-savvy users, with decent phones and data plans, and a reliable way to monetize the service. Startup Zannel is working on the recipe, […] Read more »

We’ve been complaining to Skyhook Wireless CEO Ted Morgan about the company’s lack of Mac and mobile compatibility for its Loki location-based browser download for awhile. Well, we’ll stop bitching now. The Boston-based Wi-Fi location startup plans to offer a Mac version, as well as a […] Read more »

Updated: There’s 3 WiMAX options, Sprint, Clearwire and the rest of us, says Craig Niemeyer, CEO of Nth Air, a San Jose-based service provider he started in May 2005 with no VC funding. He says his company has just launched a trial mobile WiMAX service in […] Read more »

Online ads created the dotcom bubble and bust in the late-nineties, and much later started to match those original revenue predictions. Will mobile ads follow the same path? Companies that dominate the ad, media and Internet worlds are placing their chips like Microsoft’s acquisition of ScreenTonic […] Read more »

We’d be hard pressed to ever admit that we would actually miss any telecom moniker, but still. . . . AT&T’s announcement this morning that it’s starting the final phase of its rebranding efforts from Cingular to AT&T, does make us pause. The Cingular brand, which […] Read more »

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