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We almost skipped the NetSquared convention this week, given the 21 web-based projects presenting are all not-for profit organizations. But hey, GigaTeam needs to feel all warm and fuzzy sometimes too. So we spent a few hours watching pitches from social organizations that used the conference […] Read more »

There might be a lot of money flowing in Silicon Valley right now — four startups announced that they’ve been acquired just today. But for some of the big tech companies, and their employees, times aren’t so good. Motorola said today its going to cut another […] Read more »

It’s a good morning to be a social media web startup. First Fox Interactive Media sends out a release officially announcing it’s buying both photo sharing site Photobucket and slide show widget creator Flektor. Then CBS announces that it’s bought music social network for $280 […] Read more »

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Update: Google launched a street view mapping feature for several cities this morning at the Where 2.0 conference, and GigaTeam is pretty excited about checking out the views around our own San Francisco digs. We just chatted with John Hanke, Google’s Director of Google Earth and […] Read more »

Apparently Peter Adderton, Amp’d CEO hasn’t left the building… for now. Valleywag reported that the mobile maverick was out, a rumor we had heard a few weeks ago, but it was denied by the company. Adderton tells PE Hub that he is still the big cheese. […] Read more »

Is Amp’d Mobile gearing up for a change of the guard? Valleywag prints a rumor that the CEO and founder of the high-spending youth-oriented MVNO, Peter Adderton, has left the company. We heard this rumor a few weeks ago and asked Amp’d’s PR team directly if […] Read more »

Who owns the loyalty of the wireless customer, the carrier or the handset maker? As Vodafone launches branded handsets, handset makers open stores, and the iPhone changes the game, increasingly the two sides that together control the mobile industry, are starting to push at the edges […] Read more »

Another ‘white space’ mobile prototype device has landed at the FCC for testing, this time from Philips which submitted a “spectrum sensing device” to the FCC last Friday. Ars Technica points out the details, and we checked out the FCC filing for the device that is […] Read more »

Mobile video is one of those things that will be a massive market, when the right service finally finds the right population — mobile-savvy users, with decent phones and data plans, and a reliable way to monetize the service. Startup Zannel is working on the recipe, […] Read more »

We’ve been complaining to Skyhook Wireless CEO Ted Morgan about the company’s lack of Mac and mobile compatibility for its Loki location-based browser download for awhile. Well, we’ll stop bitching now. The Boston-based Wi-Fi location startup plans to offer a Mac version, as well as a […] Read more »

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Updated: There’s 3 WiMAX options, Sprint, Clearwire and the rest of us, says Craig Niemeyer, CEO of Nth Air, a San Jose-based service provider he started in May 2005 with no VC funding. He says his company has just launched a trial mobile WiMAX service in […] Read more »

Online ads created the dotcom bubble and bust in the late-nineties, and much later started to match those original revenue predictions. Will mobile ads follow the same path? Companies that dominate the ad, media and Internet worlds are placing their chips like Microsoft’s acquisition of ScreenTonic […] Read more »

We’d be hard pressed to ever admit that we would actually miss any telecom moniker, but still. . . . AT&T’s announcement this morning that it’s starting the final phase of its rebranding efforts from Cingular to AT&T, does make us pause. The Cingular brand, which […] Read more »

Who thinks John Edward’s hair flip-n-comb video is the equivalent of the Howard Dean yelp? It’s no macaca, and pretty dated, but still. Well, if anyone could predict, it’d be the folks hanging out at the Personal Democracy Forum, which opened in New York this morning […] Read more »

The single most important issue of our time – global warming – is being empowered by the greatest communication revolution of our day. In other words, the fight against climate change will be waged by the new tools of the web — social networks, collaboration software […] Read more »

Does Qualcomm have a sick business idea on its hands? We’re not sure yet, but check this out. Wireless Week has a story about Qualcomm and ‘unnamed partners’ building a health-based MVNO called LifeComm that is expected to launch in the second half of 2008. The […] Read more »

We’re pretty sick of typing long URLs on our cell phones. Looks like the Mozilla folks are too, and are working on an experimental mobile web project called Joey, which is covered by InfoWorld this morning. Basically you use the Joey Mozilla plug in to save […] Read more »

We’re fans of uLocate’s mobile widget, and it looks like investors are too. The company says this morning that it has closed a round of $11 million led by Venrock, with other investors GrandBanks Capital and Kodiak Venture Partners. Founded in 2003 the Massachusetts-based company […] Read more »

We never need an excuse to hang out in New York city, but learning about earth-friendly business practices is a pretty good one. So we’ve been watching some of the speeches out of the C40 Climate Summit in Manhattan, with some interesting opinions from CEOs of […] Read more »

Update: Moto’s superbrilliant answer to the RAZR? Uh, another RAZR . . . RAZR 2. Jesus. Wonder how long were they working on that followup — a lot longer than the 5 seconds we spent when we jokingly referred to a RAZR 2.0 in the morning […] Read more »

So, yeah, I’m getting sick of Twitter. Maybe these five add-ons will help convince my Internet-ruined ADD attention span to stick to the service for a bit longer. A lot of people are trying to think up the next Twitter trick — here’s some that are […] Read more »

Whoever thinks the web is sliding ever-so gently onto mobile phones hasn’t spent much time mucking around in the cellular browser. The mobile Internet is kicking its way there, with a lot of confusing choices for consumers — dot mobi, WAP, But I’ve noticed a […] Read more »

While Steve Jobs finally joined the ranks of the eco-evangelizers green tech reform shouldn’t stick to consumer electronics. And it isn’t. Internet infrastructure and data centers, with their massive energy consumption habits, are getting some attention too. IBM said today that it plans to spend a […] Read more »

When Microsoft said it will buy mobile ad startup ScreenTonic last week, the first thing a lot of us wondered was who’s next? Mobile ad startups like Third Screen Media and AdMob have been building successful businesses while Internet companies are looking for an easy way […] Read more »

Google’s got yet-another blog for us to drop in our RSS readers. But it’s not so snoresville, since it’s on a topic that is actually pretty interesting and has been making them some headlines recently: the “geoweb,” as John Hanke, Director, Google Earth & Maps, calls […] Read more »

The web-based social network boom and the rising use of cell phones for non-voice functions, makes the trendy ‘mobile social network’ phenomenon an obvious area for investment. But the reality is that it’s difficult to base a business off of just turning an unknown brand into […] Read more »

NewTeeVee: Where web 2.0 meets consumer electronics. NewTeeVee: Veodia — live streaming for dummies. WebWorkerDaily: There’s an optimal level of multitasking? Guess so. WebWorkerDaily: Don’t crossover to the shady side of web law. Found+Read: The Valley’s Talent Crunch. Read more »

When it comes to your cell phone — do you download? Despite the fact that a lot of mainstream consumers are reluctant to take the leap, an increasing number of mobile companies are betting the farm on downloadable mobile applications. M:Metrics says 9.9 million U.S. subscribers […] Read more »

So you’re not calling Cingular the new AT&T Mobility yet? Yeah, we aren’t either. But the company thinks that the iPhone can help with some of its re-branding problems. The folks at UBS Investment Research sat in on AT&T’s latest investor meeting and say that AT&T […] Read more »

T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi cellular converged phone service is supposedly breaking out of its Seattle trial and going nationwide this summer, according to the Wall Street Journal. The article says that some time in mid-June T-Mobile is going to do a national launch of its ‘Hotspot at Home’ […] Read more »

Steve Jobs has a new product plan on his mind – iGreen. In a pretty obvious response to Greenpeace’s brutally low “green rating” of Apple’s use of chemicals and its recycling methods, Steve Jobs blogged about the steps Apple has taken, and will take, to be […] Read more »

Alternative cellular brands are storming the public markets. In April it was flat-rate carrier MetroPCS, which raised over a billion dollars in an IPO, while rival Leap Wireless is trading high at $77.27 per share. Now Virgin Mobile, jointly owned by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and […] Read more »

As a kid my after-school sitter was the outlandish and catty plotlines of daytime soaps — Days of Our Lives, As the World Turns, and the like (latchkey kids unite). Now after reading the latest on Motorola’s fall from grace and recent anti-Zander comments from Carl […] Read more »

eBuddy, the Amsterdam-based IM aggregator, is turning 3 years old this week — a respectable middle age in the web startup world. And while I wouldn’t go as far as saying there’s a mid-life crisis coming, since the company became profitable and brought in 10.3 million […] Read more »

China’s online video startups might have been the hot venture trend over the past year — see Jackson’s wistful note about making a career change — but are they making any money yet? Not so much, and it won’t likely happen for a while for distribution […] Read more »

Digg fans are getting their own Wayback Machine type mashup for locating lost Digg stories. DuggBack is a site that helps you find removed stories using a mix of mirrors and caches. The service uses the Digg API, and mirror services from DuggMirror, Coral CDN, Wayback […] Read more »

Time Warner Cable is making some noise today about its formerly named ‘Mobile Access’ cellular service, now called Pivot. The company announced the service and posted a phone number on its web site where you can order it in certain markets. I’m not sure the service […] Read more »

Hundred dollar laptop backer Nicholas Negroponte says the laptops will actually cost $175 and will have an options for running Windows. The realities of manufacturing and designing mass market products has set in, but the result is still pretty good, don’t you think? I saw a […] Read more »

It’s funny, usually the press materials at conferences are full of easily ignored sponsor pages and a real waste of trees. But the handouts at the DowJones VentureWire “Wireless Innovations Conference” had some juicy listings, parsing out the 60 participating startups by “financing plans,” “amount raised,” […] Read more »

We thought Qualcomm might be finally embracing WiMAX, given its recent purchase of TeleCIS’ mobile WiMAX assets. Not so much. Len Lauer, Qualcomm’s Executive Vice President and Group president, gave WiMAX the smackdown at the Wireless Innovations conference on Wednesday. Lauer said WiMAX is more expensive […] Read more »

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