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The most recent quarterly cleantech investing numbers are out from the Cleantech Group, and they contain some upbeat news: Investing in saving the Earth doesn’t stop when the economy drops — at least it hasn’t so far. According to the Cleantech Group, the second quarter of […] Read more »

When we first learned about solar-cell maker Blue Square Energy at last year’s Dow Jones Alternative Energy conference, the Maryland-based startup was listed in the conference category as “Raising Money Now.” Looks like they may have jumped the gun a bit, according to a post on […] Read more »

Some of you might remember the beleaguered company Planktos, which was looking to fertilize the world’s oceans with iron in an attempt to stimulate phytoplankton blooms and reduce carbon emissions. Come on, you remember — its dreams went dead in the water back in February due […] Read more »

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Given the state of the antiquated power grid, there are dozens of options that will help the grid get smarter. One of those tech choices is wireless mesh networking, which can intelligently route information to and from distant meters in an efficient manner and is an […] Read more »

According to several reports, Toyota’s next-generation Prius, due out next year, will have the option for solar panels on its roof. Japanese newspaper Nikkei and Reuters are reporting that Kyocera will provide the solar panels, which would be able to power part of the 2- to […] Read more »

While we were all out watching fireworks and flipping burgers on the on our nation’s Independence Day, solar installer SolarCity quietly turned 2. The startup’s birthday also came in a week when San Francisco began offering residents rebates — $3,000 to $6,000 per solar power system […] Read more »

Investors are increasingly placing their funds in large waste recycling operations. Last month, it was Kleiner Perkins and Index Ventures investing $34.5 million in 5-year-old scrap tire recycling company Lehigh Technologies. This morning, Virgin Green Fund and Masdar Clean Tech Fund say they have completed the […] Read more »

The biofuel industry couldn’t catch a break, even over the three-day summer weekend. The BBQ-chatter fodder? An article in the Guardian citing a “leaked” World Bank report that says biofuels have driven up the price of food by 75 percent. That’s an absolutely massive number compared […] Read more »

Tesla to Build the “Model S” Electric Sedan Back in California: Tesla named its “WhiteStar” electric sedan “Model S” and is planning to manufacture the car back in Cali near its headquarters. Where’s the Solar Stock Rally?: Wading into the solar sector is like dating a […] Read more »

Miasole Raising $200M, $1.2B Valuation?: VentureWire reports that the thin film solar company is looking to raise between $200 and $220 million, at a valuation of $1.2 billion. That’s a little more than half of what Nanosolar was reported to be valued at. — VentureWire via […] Read more »

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While the opposition to building new coal plants continues to grow, perhaps we should also add a lesser-known villain to the climate change culprit list: flat-screen TVs. Research is being conducted by Professor Michael Prather on a greenhouse gas called nitrogen trifluoride that’s used to make […] Read more »

While solar projects are getting slated for the deserts of California and Arizona, New Mexico’s four largest utilities have done a public shout out to bring in a very large solar project to their state. El Paso Electric, Public Service Company of New Mexico, Xcel Energy […] Read more »

Eco-Fireworks for the Fourth: Fireworks can get a lot less toxic for the earth, but don’t expect that to be a good selling point for fireworks fans — ScienceDaily. ETN for Carbon Emissions: Barclay launched the “first exchange traded note that tracks the global carbon emission […] Read more »

Looks like the Bureau of Land Management didn’t like all the public outcry over their moratorium on new solar projects built on public land. (A prominent New York Times article can have that effect). The Bureau said today that it has reversed that previous decision, and […] Read more »

Another hydrogen-based fuel cell company has brought in cash, and unlike the physics-defying BlackLight, this one’s tech is already getting tested in some big deals. Intelligent Energy said this morning that it has raised $13.6 million to help it get its hydrogen fuel cells closer to […] Read more »

Who needs physics when there’s money to be made? The race to discover clean energy breakthroughs is seeing its fair share of cold fusion style ideas — oh-so-much promise, but a looming gap between enthusiasm and scientific reality. In the case of BlackLight Power, a 19-year […] Read more »

Is McCain the John Kerry of energy? News reports this week are essentially calling him a flip-flopper when it comes to his energy record and policy. The Los Angeles Times and Bloomberg say the presidential candidate has had varying stances on offshore oil drilling, clean energy […] Read more »

While last quarter, not a single venture-backed company hit the public markets, today’s IPO of energy-efficient water desalination company Energy Recovery could be a sign of better things to come. (Alarm Clock sure thinks so; it’s like Christmas morning over there.) This morning, 14 million shares […] Read more »

Are Brazilian Biofuels the Answer to High Gas Prices?: The U.S. slaps a $0.54 per gallon tariff on Brazilian ethanol. Brazilian biofuel makers and U.S. Senator Richard Lugar say if the tariff comes off, cheap Brazilian ethanol can help with U.S. drivers’ gas price sticker shock […] Read more »

Thin-film solar technology, or thin layers of photovoltaics that can be printed onto flexible surfaces, will make up 28 percent of the solar market by 2012, says a report out this morning from Lux Research. Thin-film solar technology, which is being developed with materials like amorphous […] Read more »

Stop the presses! It’s Tuesday morning and we love the Onion, so we feel obliged to point out this ridiculously awesome list of biofuel products in the Onion’s Obligatory Green Issue (the list is an oldie but a goodie). “Mentholanol” could get scarce if this legislation […] Read more »

Today‘s the first day that San Francisco residents can start applying for those thousands of dollars in rebates for their rooftop solar systems through one of the country’s most aggressive municipal solar programs. Residents can apply for the incentives of between $3,000 and $6,000 and businesses […] Read more »

Tesla wasn’t the only cleantech startup with big news about manufacturing on Monday; solar thermal startup Ausra said yesterday that it had turned on the reflector line at its Las Vegas solar equipment manufacturing facility. And like at Tesla’s media event, which was attended by California’s […] Read more »

Another Weak Point for Biofuels, Weather: “The nation’s increasing dependence on crops for motor fuel adds another level of vulnerability from the weather.” — New York Times. Wind Too Reliable for British Power?: A report funded by the Renewable Energy Foundation and printed in the journal […] Read more »

It’s official: Tesla Motors has named its electric sedan (codename WhiteStar) the “Model S” and the company says it has decided to bring the manufacturing of its vehicle back to California. We just got out of a press conference at Tesla Motors headquarters in San Carlos, […] Read more »

Former Intel Chairman Andy Grove says the grassroots plug-in hybrid vehicle movement is like the 1970s-era Northern California Homebrew Computer Clubs that paved the way for the personal computer. The way the early PC-hobbyists kick-started the personal computing movement, plug-in conversion shops will similarly be able […] Read more »

Novomer, a startup that uses recycled carbon dioxide to make polymers and plastics, said this morning it has started selling its first product: the unsexy-sounding “NB-180,” made from a little less than half carbon dioxide. NB-180 is a class of products called sacrificial binders, which are […] Read more »

Update: Tesla has decided to manufacture its electric sedan, newly named “Model S,” in California. We attended the press event and got the details from Governor Schwarzenegger, Treasure Bill Lockyer, and Tesla execs Ze’ev Drori and Elon Musk. Read all about it here. Tesla just sent […] Read more »

Looks like venture capitalists’ attempts to “go green” mean there are fewer venture-backed IPOs out there. Not a single venture-backed company went public in the second quarter of this year, says the New York Times this weekend, citing data from the National Venture Capital Association. And […] Read more »

3 Out Of 4 U.S. Ethanol Plants At Risk Of Shutting Down: Close to three quarters of U.S. ethanol plants, or 123 of America’s 160 operating ethanol plants, are at risk of being shuttered in the coming months, according to Citigroup analyst David Driscoll. 10 Questions […] Read more »

Now that the U.S. has frozen the building of new solar projects on public land, interest in smaller solar systems that can be more easily built on private lands could see a boost. One such system comes from a young startup incubated at MIT called RawSolar. […] Read more »

eSolar is one of a dozen startups that are looking to build solar thermal plants in the deserts of California. While the company says it’s using the lessons of infotech — computing and algorithms — to make low cost modular solar, we were wondering what really […] Read more »

Have venture capitalists been ignoring infrastructure investments? A panel moderated by Paul Kedrosky says no way, it’s just not sexy to talk about. The panel features: Rajeev Batra, Pricipal, Mayfield Tom Dyal, Managing Director, Redpoint Ventures Maha Ibrahim, General Partner, Canaan Partners Allan Leinwand, Partner, Panorama […] Read more »

Jonathan Koomey, a researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs and Stanford University, examines the world of bits meets atoms — or the power of computing. Here’s some notes: Data centers are not only the computing equipment, but power supplies and backup generators. How big an […] Read more »

Lawrence Roberts, the founder of Anagran and a chief architect of the foundations of the Internet, has a mission: help control P2P file-sharing traffic, which makes up a massive 80 percent of Internet traffic, he says. “There are a lot of inequities in the current Internet […] Read more »

Sun’s CTO Greg Papadopoulos paints a picture of The Invisible Hand of Web Architecture — sounds spooky. Here are some notes: You all “get” software-as-a-service so I don’t have to sell it to you. Here’s one conclusion — there is a danger of doing the proprietary […] Read more »

Salesforce Founder and and EVP Parker Harris gives us a peek into how his company built the architecture for its software-as-a-service model and what will make up the future of platforms. (Om and Fortune Senior Writer Michael Copeland are doing the interview): Copeland: When you guys […] Read more »

Drew Perkins, the CTO of Infinera, which sells Internet optical transport equipment, says that video is soaking up the Internet’s bandwidth — and lucky for him, driving the optical networking business. For those of you who don’t know what the optical transport layer is, it’s the […] Read more »

Zvi Marom, CEO of Israeli telecom gear company Telco Systems, was looking for a way to cut down on his company’s high electricity bills a few months back when he stumbled onto a green idea. He’d been talking to friends that had worked on solar systems […] Read more »

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