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Investment in solar cell production will equal investment in semiconductor manufacturing by 2010, research firm iSuppli said this week. If that’s not a meaningful milestone to convince those that cut their teeth in infotech that the solar boom is upon us, well, then I don’t know […] Read more »

Many have bemoaned the lack of experienced talent in the cleantech sector as of late: the Los Angeles Times in an article this week, former GreenFuel interim CEO Bob Metcalfe when trying to find his replacement, and the New England Clean Energy Council when launching a […] Read more »

Even as numerous U.S. ethanol producers could shutter a substantial portion of their plants over the coming months, Danish enzyme producer Novozymes appears unphased. The company said this morning that it plans to build an enzyme production facility in Blair, Neb., that will cost between $80 […] Read more »

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Rubber recycling startup Lehigh Technologies today confirmed that it recently received funding from green VC bigwig Kleiner Perkins and London-based Index Ventures. The five-year-old Naples, Florida-based startup, which freezes and pulverizes scrapped tires and sells the rubber powder, added that the investment came in at a […] Read more »

We’ve got the “in-a-box” versions of nuclear power, data centers and biofuels. Why not wind power? Courtesy of Muskegon, Michigan-based company EarthTronics, sometime next year customers will be able to buy wind-in-a-box, in the form of a $2,000 wind turbine called WindTronics (via Muskegon Chronicle and […] Read more »

The Economist has an awesome primer this week on what the world’s clean energy landscape could look like, called “The Future of Energy: It’s Closer Than You Think.” But hey, it’s 14-pages long (Economist pages!) and we know in these digital times you just might not […] Read more »

Check out what happened this week: 100-feet-per-minute solar printing, 10 minute electric car charging, and 10 percent of the U.S. to one day be powered by solar. We’re making progress! (oh, except for this.) Nanosolar Prints Thin Film Solar At 100-Feet-per-Minute: Thin film solar eye candy! […] Read more »

The solar arm of Spanish engineering firm Abengoa is planning to break ground on one of the largest solar thermal plants in the world in Arizona next year…if the U.S. government extends its solar incentive program, Abengoa Solar CEO Santiago Seage tells MarketWatch in this video […] Read more »

SolFocus, which makes systems that concentrate sunlight onto solar cells, has been slowly adding to its war chest over the last year. And according to a report out today from VentureWire, the Mountain View, Calif.-based company isn’t done fundraising just yet, and is looking to add […] Read more »

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Israel is getting a pond scum-to-fuel plant. This week Seattle-based startup Inventure Chemical clarified its partnership with Israeli algae-producer Seambiotic. The two companies say together they willbuild a pilot algae-to-biofuel plant that will use algae fed with carbon emissions. (We previously profiled Inventure here) The joint […] Read more »

Silicon supply worries and the slowing macroeconomy may have left solar stocks in volatile territory lately, but big manufacturing deals can still give a solar maker a boost on Wall Street. Yesterday solar panel maker Evergreen Solar (ESLR) said it signed two sales deals — one […] Read more »

Building and selling an electric vehicle sports car requires more moving parts than a robot factory floor. Startup Tesla has had its hands full getting cars to market. We just got an update on the company from Tesla Marketing VP Darryl Siry with the latest: Former […] Read more »

If all this attention to cleantech was starting to make you feel all warm and fuzzy, there’s a report out this week that could kill that glow. The oceans are warming and the sea levels are rising faster than previously predicted. According to a group of […] Read more »

Dutch startup Epyon says it can charge the battery of an electric vehicle in 10 minutes — a mere fraction of the 8-10 hours it can take to charge an electric car in a standard outlet. The two-year-old company’s charging technology, which was developed at the […] Read more »

For all those that have been waiting to catch a glimpse of how Nanosolar has been printing its next-generation thin film solar cells, here’s some eye candy for you. The company, which started manufacturing in just December, put up this video clip of what the company […] Read more »

What can you do with 6 million scrapped tires? Five-year old Naples, Florida-based startup Lehigh Technologies says that’s the amount of recycled tires they freeze, pulverize and sell back into the market as recycled rubber powder every year. That sizable business is getting interest from new […] Read more »

Ethernet inventor turned cleantech venture capitalist Bob Metcalfe says a series of investment bubbles have swept up GreenFuel, the algae startup that he’s been leading as CEO for the past year. That would include not only the general global-warming bubble, which he says Al Gore has […] Read more »

M2E Power, a startup building technology that can harness everyday motion to power gadgets, is currently developing an external charger for powering cell phones and mobile devices that could be available as early as 2009. The company sent us these pictures of the prototype of the […] Read more »

GreenFuel Technologies, a startup that uses recycled CO2 to grow algae, which can be turned into biofuels, has hired a new CEO…finally. Since June 2007 the company has been led by “interim CEO” (and Ethernet inventor) Bob Metcalfe; it had initially been aiming to find a […] Read more »

Cleantech venture capitalist Vinod Khosla used his penchant for writing long editorials in the media this week to weigh in on the future of the U.S. biofuels mandate, the portion of the energy bill that calls for the production of 36 billion gallons of biofuels annually […] Read more »

The bleeding edge of data center design is bright green. Advanced Data Centers (ADC), a year and a half old startup founded by a group of telecom execs, is building what could be the greenest datacenter in North America when built. The setup is being designed […] Read more »

As the market for solar continues to grow, the tech giants are starting to wade in. After IBM said today that it will work on thin-film solar technology, Intel said that it has spun out and funded a solar startup called SpectraWatt. Both announcements come just […] Read more »

How does a company sell more cell phones in a cutthroat, competitive market? Launch new so-called “green” models. This morning Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung said at the World IT Show in Seoul that it will start selling two eco-friendly handsets this month. The first is […] Read more »

Designing sustainable products for the consumer that spends just $2 a day can be a dual challenge: The goods have to be cheap and eco-friendly. That’s the hurdle facing D.Light, a startup that is officially announcing its products this morning. The company, which is in the […] Read more »

We figured the hardcore backyard hobbyists would be the ones most impressed with the DIY ethanol technology coming out of startups like E-Fuel Corp., which plans to sell a washer-and-dryer-sized home ethanol system for around $10,000. But will we one day all be home ethanol brewers? […] Read more »

The brawl between Telsa and Fisker Automotive, the two electric-car startups backed by Silicon Valley’s most well-known cleantech VCs, is heading to arbitration, according to San Mateo court records (hat tip CNET). The court records say that Fisker’s request to take the issue to arbitration has […] Read more »

Wanna buy a hybrid vehicle? Join the club: Hybrid car models are “flying out of showrooms” due to the surge in gas prices. The Prius, Highlander hybrid and Camry hybrid models are all but impossible to get in many locales — The Globe and Mail. Monitor […] Read more »

If Tesla execs organized their sock drawers we’d write about it. Here’s the latest, according to a report on Fox Business news (via AutoblogGreen and Just-Auto), and it’s much juicier than OCD employees. Tesla’s rock star chairman, Elon Musk, says that the Silicon Valley electric vehicle […] Read more »

We’ve been known to chide Detroit for being slow at innovation, and laud all those Silicon Valley startups out there, but according to data on the number of granted patents in the first quarter of 2008, car companies are actually leading in terms of intellectual property. […] Read more »

How do you make those solar thermal power plants, which are being built in California’s desert, even greener? Add biofuels to the mix. At least that’s what San Joaquin Solar (a subsidiary of power gear company Martifer Renewables) is doing. The company is building solar plants, […] Read more »

We were a bit surprised when GE announced last September it was acquiring a minority interest in a thin-film solar company called PrimeStar Solar. Well, it looks like GE was more than pleased with that investing move because yesterday afternoon GE Energy (a division of GE) […] Read more »

The Airlines Are Hurting More Than You: “More than half of what they [airlines] charge for a ticket is devoted to jet fuel, up from as little as 10% to 20% just a few years ago.” — WSJ. Toyota “Moving Beyond Lithium Ion”: Toyota said today […] Read more »

As we reported this morning, after over 5 months of haggling, the San Francisco board of supervisors has finally passed what they say is the most aggressive municipal solar program in the nation: an annual budget of $3 million dollars each year for 10 years, doled […] Read more »

The power grid — our crucial yet oh-so-antiquated electricity system — is seeing several announcements today, as startups and big companies alike see room for innovation and investment. And, by the way, who’s going to pay for all this? Maybe you are: Trilliant On Its Way […] Read more »

Even if San Francisco’s high-profile, city-wide Wi-Fi network with EarthLink and Google was a fundamental flop, residents of the city that need it the most could still get some free wireless broadband. Meraki Networks, a San Francisco-based startup that makes mesh networking gear is building an […] Read more »

T. Boone Pickens, the oil-baron-turned-wind-power-wildcatter, keeps bumping up the estimated cost of the world’s largest wind farm, which he’s building in Texas. Pickens tells the Living On Earth radio show that the whole 4,000 megawatt wind project, including the cost of building his own transmission lines, […] Read more »

Aurora Biofuels, an algae-to-biodiesel startup we profiled in our 15 Algae Startups list, said this morning that it’s raised a second round of funding of $20 million; Oak Investment Partners, Gabriel Venture Partners and Noventi were included in the round. Developed at the University of California […] Read more »

Enphase Energy, a startup that has been developing solar management systems with a network of distributed inverters, says its solar inverter setup is now commercially available. That means the company, which announced it had raised $6.5 million at the end of January, has started selling its […] Read more »

Everyone was chattering about the record $4 price at the pump this weekend, from my SUV-driving relatives at a family barbeque, to GigaOM’s own Om Malik, who doesn’t even currently drive a car. On Sunday AAA officially said that the national average hit $4 for the […] Read more »

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