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Google’s got a handful of plug-in electric hybrids that it’s been testing on the roads for over a year now through its employee car-share program. But since many Googlers just take the cars out for a local spin, the search engine giant recently decided to complete […] Read more »

Andy Grove, the former chairman of Intel turned plug-in vehicle advocate, set a goal at a conference on Tuesday that the U.S. should have 10 million plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on the roads in four years. Those plug-ins should be converted from vehicles with poor mileage […] Read more »

OptiSolar is a thin film solar maker with massive claims, like a 550 MW photovoltaic farm in San Luis Obispo County that it says is in the works. And the Hayward, California-based startup appears to be raising loads of cash to try to implement its aggressive […] Read more »

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General Motors VP of Global Program Management, Jon Lauckner, gave a quick update on the Volt, GM’s plug-in vehicle, at the Plug-In 2008 conference Tuesday morning. Lauckner showed off several video clips of the Volt technology — including the lithium ion battery — being tested in […] Read more »

Mayors these days never seem to miss a chance to promote their cities’ green jobs. This morning the mayor of San Jose, Chuck Reed, gave a brief opening address at the Plug-In 2008 conference in which he promoted the California city’s cleantech business incentives. He also […] Read more »

At a time of record high gas prices and presidential candidates who are fighting over energy platforms, what could be more prescient than a conference highlighting plug-in vehicles? The first annual Plug-In 2008 conference kicks off this morning in downtown San Jose, and it looks to […] Read more »

That California business competition that continues to launch some of the cleantech industry’s most innovative startups has just announced their finalists for this year. The California Clean Tech Open (CCTO) has announced 44 finalists (must not have had enough good ones to have the estimated 50) […] Read more »

General Motors says in an effort to prepare the market for its electric vehicle the Volt and the plug-in version of the Saturn Vue, the automaker has partnered with a consortium of over 30 utilities and the Electric Power Research Institute. The consortium, which GM’s Vice […] Read more »

This weekend saw two Tesla milestones: the grand opening of Tesla’s Silicon Valley store (which we attended, snapping these photos), and the delivery of former Tesla CEO Martin Eberhard’s founder series Roadster. Eberhard finally getting his car has important significance — the car had been accidentally […] Read more »

Toyota might be considering solar for the rooftop of its next Prius, but that add-on is reported to only power part of the air conditioning system. What about powering the basic driving of the vehicle via the sun? Well, you’ll need something more like the 6-square-meter […] Read more »

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So the first North American Intersolar, the San Francisco-based version of the massive European solar conference, is over. And the Earth2Tech crew sent these 9 stories from the show your way. Send us over your thoughts on our conference coverage — more stories/less stories, more photos? […] Read more »

Solar stocks have been down across the board this week, thanks to reports that Spain is considering cutting solar subsidies. Even a bright earnings report from SunPower couldn’t clear those clouds. So when Evergreen Solar said its second-quarter loss widened over the same period last year, […] Read more »

CarbonFlow, a startup that makes software for carbon markets, has apparently raised its first round of funding, a source close to the company tells us. We’re not sure how much it’s raised, but Clean Pacific Ventures led the round, and OVP Venture Partners participated. Both Clean […] Read more »

You’d think with a second quarter that saw a significant jump in revenue, a swing to profitability, and raised guidance, solar cell and module maker SunPower (SPWR) would catch a break from Wall Street. Not so much: SunPower’s shares traded down 7 percent to $74.54 (one […] Read more »

Last Friday California approved a contract between utility Southern California Edison and thin-film solar maker First Solar to build a thin-film photovoltaic project in Blythe, Calif. (on the border of Arizona). But just this morning the thin-film-plus-utility duo has more news to share: So Cal Edison […] Read more »

The first annual North American solar conference kicked off on Tuesday with a lot of insight and discussion from some of the solar industry’s bigger and more well-established players (Applied Materials. SunPower). But leave it to the wily fast-moving startups to upstage the big guys when […] Read more »

Nuventix, a startup that sells a cooling technology for consumer electronics and LED lighting systems, says it has raised $14 million led by Advanced Technology Ventures and including Braemar Energy Ventures. The Austin-based company says its technology, which uses quick pulses of air, is more efficient […] Read more »

The solar guru at semiconductor equipment company Applied Materials, Charlie Gay, says the chip companies that drove the electronics revolution will be important in bringing down the production costs of the solar industry. Gay gave a speech to launch Intersolar, the first U.S. version of a […] Read more »

Intersolar, the first U.S. version of a grandaddy European solar convention, officially kicked off this week in downtown San Francisco. We’ll be covering the event closely, including the bit of news that came out of yesterday from the conference pre-events (GreenVolts raising sizable funding). In a […] Read more »

The San Mateo, California county court database is seeing its fair share of lawsuits dealing with electric car startup Tesla Motors. First the suit Tesla filed against competitor Fisker, then Magna’s suit against Tesla for an alleged breach of contract — now CNET reports that the […] Read more »

On Monday the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) made its draft Strategic Plan for Energy Efficiency available for comment, which details a sweeping plan to implement energy efficiency technology for residential, industrial and commercial buildings. CPUC Commissioner Dian Grueneich said last Friday at the Silicon Valley […] Read more »

Here’s a way to use solar power that’s not so great for the planet — enhanced oil recovery. The executive vice president of solar thermal startup Ausra, Robert Morgan, said on Monday at the Intersolar conference that the company is looking at selling its solar-powered steam […] Read more »

GreenVolts, a three-year-old San Francisco-based solar startup is looking to raise a significant round of Series B funding of “less than $100 million” in late 2008, CEO Bob Cart told us at the Intersolar conference in downtown San Francisco on Monday. But that hoped-for round would […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Electric car startup Tesla Motors has raised more than $100 million in funding from Silicon Valley venture firms and has its roots in the Valley’s entrepreneurial culture. So it should come as no surprise that next week, on July 22, the company will open its […] Read more »

Electric car startup Tesla Motors will open its second store, this one in Silicon Valley, to the public on Tuesday, July 22, the company tells us this morning. Tesla CEO Ze’ev Drori wrote an announcement on the company’s web site this weekend that details the company’s […] Read more »

PG&E CEO Peter Darbee, at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s Energy Summit at Stanford on Friday, told us that he was “concerned” about the plan unveiled last week by oil baron T. Boone Pickens to get the U.S. off oil. While reducing foreign oil consumption is […] Read more »

With so many venture-backed startups looking to build solar thermal power plants in the U.S. desert, we thought it would be interesting to hear from one of the more well-established — and well-capitalized — players. Abengoa Solar is the solar arm of the decades-old Spanish renewable […] Read more »

The California Public Utilities Commission has approved what it says is the first utility-scale thin-film solar project to be built in California, in a contract between utility Southern California Edison and thin-film solar maker First Solar. The contract is for a 7.5 megawatt solar facility, with […] Read more »

The small-scale solar thermal startup Sopogy, which we reported just raised $9 million from investors including the investment vehicle of eBay founder Pierre Omidyar, Ohana Holdings, says that it started construction on one of its solar power farms on Hawaii’s Big Island at the Natural Energy […] Read more »

The 10 next-generation biofuel startups that got funded last quarter were 10 of the reasons that cleantech venture investments hit a recent record. But how well are all these biofuel startups going to do in the market? We’re not sure, but Martin Tobias, angel investor and […] Read more »

For any entrepreneur that’s lived through a vicious feud between a startup’s original team members, here’s a must-read for you. Our buddy Michael Copeland over at Fortune just wrote a sweeping piece on the dispute that went down between the founder and former CEO of electric […] Read more »

SunPower said this morning that it’s scored a sunny deal in the Sunshine state. The solar cell maker will build those two massive solar photovoltaic power plants that Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL) has in the works (and we wrote about here). SunPower (SPWR) will […] Read more »

We’ve been waiting awhile for the coming revolution of both fuel cell-powered devices and those tiny computers called “ultra-mobile PCs.” Well, now we can wait a bit more for a gadget with both of those future-forward designs in one. This morning, fuel cell maker MTI Micro […] Read more »

I’m officially a friend of the famed oil baron-turned wind developer T. Boone Pickens…on Facebook and MySpace. I’ve also hopped onto his Twitter feed, joined his Ning-powered social network, and asked for a connection on LinkedIn. Now I’m just waiting to hear his play list […] Read more »

On the heels of Intel’s announcement that it had spun out and funded a solar startup doing “advanced solar cell technology” called SpectraWatt, Intel says it has invested €24 million (or $37.5 million) into German thin-film solar module maker Sulfurcell. Sulfurcell makes thin-film solar modules out […] Read more »

T. Boone Pickens laid out his grand ‘Pickens Plan’ on Tuesday (accompanied by a Web 2.0 media blitz) with the suggestion that natural gas could provide over a third of U.S. transportation fuels. While natural gas vehicles (NGVs) have been used for awhile in city-owned car […] Read more »

The most recent quarterly cleantech investing numbers are out from the Cleantech Group, and they contain some upbeat news: Investing in saving the Earth doesn’t stop when the economy drops — at least it hasn’t so far. According to the Cleantech Group, the second quarter of […] Read more »

When we first learned about solar-cell maker Blue Square Energy at last year’s Dow Jones Alternative Energy conference, the Maryland-based startup was listed in the conference category as “Raising Money Now.” Looks like they may have jumped the gun a bit, according to a post on […] Read more »

Some of you might remember the beleaguered company Planktos, which was looking to fertilize the world’s oceans with iron in an attempt to stimulate phytoplankton blooms and reduce carbon emissions. Come on, you remember — its dreams went dead in the water back in February due […] Read more »

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