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The Flash-creators behind Greenbox’s energy monitoring software have announced their first utility pilot project. The San Bruno, Calif.-based startup says it is partnering with smart-grid startup Silver Spring Networks on an energy management project for Oklahoma utility Oklahoma Gas and Electric. It’s the first progress we’ve […] Read more »

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The lobbying arm of coal-reliant companies that are calling for “cleaner coal” jumped up to a sizable $4.65 million for this year, according to recent data from the Center for Responsive Politics. The figures for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) lobbying group previously […] Read more »

It wasn’t all that long ago that Clark Foam and its founder, surf pioneer Grubby Clark, finally surrendered in a long-running battle with the EPA and shuttered its doors in a hail of bad words, pronouncements that the end of surfing was upon us, accusations of […] Read more »

PG&E’s massive 800 MW solar deal isn’t just good for Cali’s carbon emissions, the solar industry and the planet — its good for SunPower’s stock, too. SunPower is going to supply solar power to PG&E. Read more »

Ever since California Governor Schwarzenegger enticed Tesla to move its factory plans away from New Mexico and back to California, we’ve been waiting to hear which lucky Northern California city will get the pop of hundreds of green jobs and the claim to fame. Here’s the […] Read more »

We don’t doubt that T. Boone Pickens will eventually make substantial earnings off of his green kick — including the world’s largest wind farm, and the proliferation of natural gas to power our vehicles. But Clean Energy Fuels, Pickens’ natural gas distribution company, reported earnings yesterday […] Read more »

Northern California utility PG&E says it will buy a massive 800 MW of solar energy from farms to be built by OptiSolar and SunPower. The utility’s solar bet is 3.6 times the total amount of solar photovoltaics installed in the U.S. in 2007, and represents a significant step for the U.S solar industry. Read more »

Samsung isn’t just working on software to make mobile phones more energy efficient, it’s got a line of cell phones made of bioplastic, too — yup, cell phones with parts made of corn. Today at the Olympics in Beijing, Samsung announced its third bioplastic-encased cellphone, a […] Read more »

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Biowaste-to-Fuel Company Files $100M IPO: Changing World Technologies, a company that turns biowaste — like fats, bones, greases, and feathers — filed to raise up to $100 million in an IPO. The company is taking agriculture waste that has often gone back into the animal feed […] Read more »

POET, one of the larger producers of corn-based ethanol in the United States, says it will start churning out cellulosic ethanol by the end of the year. The company started construction on a $4 million pilot-scale cellulosic ethanol facility in Scotland, S.D., a few months ago, […] Read more »

What could have more green-geek cred than using computer modeling to demonstrate a molecule used to break down plants from which biofuels are made? Winning an award for making the visuals look so dope. National Renewable Energy Labs Senior Scientist Michael Crowley recently took home second […] Read more »

What do you get when you cross Zillow and Lending Tree? Online solar clearinghouse RoofRay. The site, created by entrepreneur Chris Bura, launched this morning; it offers users satellite imagery and drawing tools based on Google maps to help solar fans find and buy the best […] Read more »

A lot of the responses to our posts on startup Hyperion Power Generation and its nuclear-in-a-box solution have questioned whether this is a serious solution or not. Well, folks, the company says it has signed up its first customer, TES Group, which it says is an […] Read more »

The biggest complaint we hear from homeowners who are considering rooftop solar systems is the lack of information: How much will it cost; how long until it pays off; who’s the best local installer? A new site that launched this morning, is looking to help answer […] Read more »

The quiet workhorse of home energy management will be the wireless networks that will collect and deliver important energy usage data over the pipes. Eka Systems, a startup that builds wireless mesh technology for smart meter applications, has recently gotten some due recognition through a partnership […] Read more »

Solar stocks haven’t caught a break in recent weeks, depressed by fears of an uncertain investment tax credit, a cut in Spanish subsidies and an overall economic slump. But here’s an exception: Chinese solar wafer maker LDK reported earnings on Monday above expectations and saw its […] Read more »

The shift to more electric vehicles on the roads means we’ll need more lithium to make batteries. And companies with innovative ways to mine the metal could end up being hot commodities themselves. Monday morning, lithium extraction startup Simbol Mining is announcing that it’s raised $6.7 […] Read more »

The Clinton Foundation has done some impressive work promoting clean technologies, but if a report out of India is true, former President Bill Clinton’s philanthropic organization could be taking its climate change work to a whole new level. According to the Business Standard, the Clinton Foundation […] Read more »

As expected, lithium-ion battery maker A123 Systems has filed to go public. Given that the company is one of the most promising and prominent venture-backed electric car battery makers out there, the move, which will see it raise up to $175 million, is a big deal. […] Read more »

Ausra, the startup that’s building massive solar thermal plants in the desert and has already raised tens of millions of dollars from Kleiner Perkins and Khosla Ventures, is still adding to its war chest. According to a regulatory filing picked up by, the Palo Alto, […] Read more »

With so many electronics makers and independent firms out there ready to recycle or revamp your cell phone, there really are no more excuses for tossing it in the trashbin. One of the longest-standing is ReCellular, which claims to be “the world’s largest recycler and reseller […] Read more »

Rentech, a company that turns hydrocarbons like natural gas and coal into alternative fuels, says it has started producing an “ultra clean synthetic fuel” at a demonstration unit in Colorado. It’s a controversial process, particularly when coal is used, because it can be a significant carbon […] Read more »

So, we know it’s hip to be a cleantech investor, but so far new cool-cred seekers have come largely from politics, the dotcoms and, well, Google. But Swedish home furnishing designer Ikea? — Yeah, at least that’s according to the Cleantech Group. The site reports that […] Read more »

Solar installer Akeena Solar, the company behind a Lego-like modular solar rooftop system, is in need of some sunshine today. The company saw its loss for the second quarter widen to $5.1 million from $1.92 million a year earlier, while its revenues shrank slightly, to $7.06 […] Read more »

Power management tools are the low-hanging fruit when it comes to cutting carbon emissions out of the computing world — 90 percent of energy-saving tools on home PCs are disabled, and almost half of PC users don’t know what this stuff is or how to use […] Read more »

Ever since Verdiem, a startup that makes software to manage the power consumption of office PCs, told us it was working on a more consumer-oriented web product, we’ve been waiting to see what it has in the works. Here ’tis: This morning the Seattle, Wash.-based company […] Read more »

Verenium has managed to stay at the front of the pack of biofuel producers looking to build cellulosic ethanol plants in the U.S., and this morning has announced backing from a major oil player that could help it progress even more. UK oil giant BP will […] Read more »

Suniva, that Atlanta-based solar cell maker that makes highly efficient low cost cells, says this morning that it has scored a massive European customer — Solon AG, one of Europe’s largest solar module makers based in Berlin. The startup has signed a 4-year contract to deliver […] Read more »

Electric vehicle startup Tesla Motors has coaxed away another top tier exec from Detroit. The San Carlos, Calif.-based company has hired Ford exec Deepak Ahuja as its Chief Financial Officer, the company said late Monday. Ahuja, who moved from Michigan to Silicon Valley for the Tesla […] Read more »

What’s worse than getting getting ditched by a high profile customer the same week your company does an IPO? Having a series of class-action lawsuits continue to stamp on your newly public stock. That’s what’s happening to GT Solar. The silicon solar gear maker went public […] Read more »

As alternative energy becomes a hot button issue on the campaign trail, trade groups and individual companies in the sector are fighting to have their voices heard on the Hill — and money talks. Up until June 30, 2008, companies that make up the alternative energy […] Read more »

Energy Innovations, the solar gear maker that sprung out of Bill Gross’ Idealab, announced a few milestones this morning. The Pasadena, Calif.-based company says its solar concentrator photovoltaic product, the Sunflower, has been certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which the company claims is the first […] Read more »

There are a lot of commonly-discussed culprits for high U.S. gas prices — increasing world demand for oil, the peak oil theory, oil speculators — but cleaner-blended fuels used in certain regions isn’t a common one we’ve heard. The Houston Chronicle takes a look at the […] Read more »

Andy Karsner, the President Bush appointee that manages the DOE’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) program, is saying farewell. This week the Assistant Secretary of Energy said he will step down at the end of August after spending 2 and a half years trying to […] Read more »

Hyperion Power Generation, a startup building compact nuclear power reactor units that are “about the size of a typical backyard hot tub”, says commercial deployments could start as early as 2013. The release quotes the company’s CEO John “Grizz” Deal, who says the Santa Fe, New […] Read more »

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