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The Clinton Foundation has done some impressive work promoting clean technologies, but if a report out of India is true, former President Bill Clinton’s philanthropic organization could be taking its climate change work to a whole new level. According to the Business Standard, the Clinton Foundation […] Read more »

As expected, lithium-ion battery maker A123 Systems has filed to go public. Given that the company is one of the most promising and prominent venture-backed electric car battery makers out there, the move, which will see it raise up to $175 million, is a big deal. […] Read more »

Ausra, the startup that’s building massive solar thermal plants in the desert and has already raised tens of millions of dollars from Kleiner Perkins and Khosla Ventures, is still adding to its war chest. According to a regulatory filing picked up by, the Palo Alto, […] Read more »

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With so many electronics makers and independent firms out there ready to recycle or revamp your cell phone, there really are no more excuses for tossing it in the trashbin. One of the longest-standing is ReCellular, which claims to be “the world’s largest recycler and reseller […] Read more »

Rentech, a company that turns hydrocarbons like natural gas and coal into alternative fuels, says it has started producing an “ultra clean synthetic fuel” at a demonstration unit in Colorado. It’s a controversial process, particularly when coal is used, because it can be a significant carbon […] Read more »

So, we know it’s hip to be a cleantech investor, but so far new cool-cred seekers have come largely from politics, the dotcoms and, well, Google. But Swedish home furnishing designer Ikea? — Yeah, at least that’s according to the Cleantech Group. The site reports that […] Read more »

Solar installer Akeena Solar, the company behind a Lego-like modular solar rooftop system, is in need of some sunshine today. The company saw its loss for the second quarter widen to $5.1 million from $1.92 million a year earlier, while its revenues shrank slightly, to $7.06 […] Read more »

Power management tools are the low-hanging fruit when it comes to cutting carbon emissions out of the computing world — 90 percent of energy-saving tools on home PCs are disabled, and almost half of PC users don’t know what this stuff is or how to use […] Read more »

Ever since Verdiem, a startup that makes software to manage the power consumption of office PCs, told us it was working on a more consumer-oriented web product, we’ve been waiting to see what it has in the works. Here ’tis: This morning the Seattle, Wash.-based company […] Read more »

Verenium has managed to stay at the front of the pack of biofuel producers looking to build cellulosic ethanol plants in the U.S., and this morning has announced backing from a major oil player that could help it progress even more. UK oil giant BP will […] Read more »

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Suniva, that Atlanta-based solar cell maker that makes highly efficient low cost cells, says this morning that it has scored a massive European customer — Solon AG, one of Europe’s largest solar module makers based in Berlin. The startup has signed a 4-year contract to deliver […] Read more »

Electric vehicle startup Tesla Motors has coaxed away another top tier exec from Detroit. The San Carlos, Calif.-based company has hired Ford exec Deepak Ahuja as its Chief Financial Officer, the company said late Monday. Ahuja, who moved from Michigan to Silicon Valley for the Tesla […] Read more »

What’s worse than getting getting ditched by a high profile customer the same week your company does an IPO? Having a series of class-action lawsuits continue to stamp on your newly public stock. That’s what’s happening to GT Solar. The silicon solar gear maker went public […] Read more »

As alternative energy becomes a hot button issue on the campaign trail, trade groups and individual companies in the sector are fighting to have their voices heard on the Hill — and money talks. Up until June 30, 2008, companies that make up the alternative energy […] Read more »

Energy Innovations, the solar gear maker that sprung out of Bill Gross’ Idealab, announced a few milestones this morning. The Pasadena, Calif.-based company says its solar concentrator photovoltaic product, the Sunflower, has been certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which the company claims is the first […] Read more »

There are a lot of commonly-discussed culprits for high U.S. gas prices — increasing world demand for oil, the peak oil theory, oil speculators — but cleaner-blended fuels used in certain regions isn’t a common one we’ve heard. The Houston Chronicle takes a look at the […] Read more »

Andy Karsner, the President Bush appointee that manages the DOE’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) program, is saying farewell. This week the Assistant Secretary of Energy said he will step down at the end of August after spending 2 and a half years trying to […] Read more »

Hyperion Power Generation, a startup building compact nuclear power reactor units that are “about the size of a typical backyard hot tub”, says commercial deployments could start as early as 2013. The release quotes the company’s CEO John “Grizz” Deal, who says the Santa Fe, New […] Read more »

Researchers at MIT say they have delivered a major breakthrough in storing solar energy, inspired by photosynthesis and using a catalyst made up of cobalt metal. In a paper published today in Science, MIT professor of energy, Daniel Nocera, says he’s developed a process that uses […] Read more »

GE Energy Financial Services and Spanish holding company Landon Corporate Group say they will invest a combined $350 million into Spanish solar developer Fotowatio. GE will invest $235 million to acquire 32 percent of Fotowatio and the Landon Corporate Group will invest $118 million to obtain […] Read more »

We’re all familiar with standard photovoltaic solar panels, and many of us are starting to become acquainted with solar thermal tech that uses the sun’s heat to generate power, but there’s also a third option. Over a dozen startups are working on ways to use mirrors […] Read more »

On a sunny afternoon back in June of 2007, members of the media, academia and the tech industry gathered to watch Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin drive a white Prius around the parking lot of the search giant’s Mountain View, Calif., headquarters. It wasn’t […] Read more »

SolFocus, a startup that designs and builds solar concentrating photovoltaic systems, says this morning that it has completed the first 200-kilowatt phase of a sizable 3 MW system in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. The solar plant, which SolFocus claims is the world’s first commercial-scale concentrating photovoltaic system, […] Read more »

The Los Angeles Times does an eloquent body slam on the green halo floating over T. Boone Pickens’ head today. Pickens’ plan to use natural gas-powered vehicles for a third of U.S. transportation turns out to have a very self-serving interest, which could also be funded […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s green energy platform has gained him fans among that industry’s most powerful players — its investors. According to a presidential campaign donation database, the investors backing cleantech companies are backing Obama as well, putting six times the amount of money into […] Read more »

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s green energy platform has gained him fans among that industry’s most powerful players — its investors (see chart below). According to the presidential campaign donation database of the Center for Responsive Politics, the investors backing cleantech companies are backing Obama as well, […] Read more »

Vulcan Power, a company with one of the larger geothermal project portfolios, says it has received an investment of $145 million from Boston-based private equity firm Denham Capital. The sizable funding has been planned for awhile, as last year Vulcan raised $45 million from Merrill Lynch […] Read more »

Tom Friedman’s column in this Sunday’s New York Times advocates a meeting of the minds between two of the green energy revolution’s most well-known entrepreneurial leaders: Shai Agassi and T. Boone Pickens. As Earth2Tech readers likely know through our endless coverage of these two innovators, Agassi […] Read more »

Man, silicon solar gear maker GT Solar has been having a rough couple of days. Shares of the company, which priced at $16.50 for their stock market debut yesterday, closed down almost 12 percent. But the stock lost even more ground today, slumping as much as […] Read more »

Utilities are about to become the gas stations of the future, the Electric Power Research Institute’s Mark Duvall, said at a GM-sponsored dinner event Monday night that kicked off this week’s first annual plug-in vehicle conference in San Jose, Calif. The image stuck in my head […] Read more »

U.S. biofuel policy will determine the fate of a very diverse group of companies in that space, from the first generation, which produces fuel from corn and soy beans, to the next generation, which is working on fuel made from feedstocks like waste and algae. Both […] Read more »

In one of the biggest solar IPOs since First Solar, the public offering from polysilicon solar gear maker GT Solar priced at the middle of its expected range on Thursday, raising $500 million. Merrimack, N.H.-based GT Solar priced 30.3 million shares of its common stock at […] Read more »

Thin-film darling First Solar said it will build a 10 megawatt solar photovoltaic power plant for power company Sempra Generation, a subsidiary of California utility Sempra Energy [SRE]. Sempra Generation said the solar plant will be built on 80 acres next to a 480 megawatt combined […] Read more »

Even at 80 years of age, the former oil magnate that’s building the world’s largest wind farm, T.Boone Pickens, still seems like a party guy. Between launching a plan to kick the U.S.’s addiction to oil, buying up wind farmland in Texas, and testifying before Congress, […] Read more »

Battery startup ActaCell wasn’t the only recipient of funding from’s RechargeIT program. Last night at the Plug-In 2008 conference,’s Director of Climate Change & Energy Initiatives, Dan Reicher, announced a $2.75 million investment in green vehicle startup Aptera Motors and ActaCell. (That’s $2.75 million […] Read more »

Last month,’s director for climate change and energy initiatives, Dan Reicher, told us that Google would be making investments in green cars this summer through it’s plug-in hybrid program, RechargeIT. Well, here it is: Austin-based lithium ion battery start ActaCell said on Tuesday that it […] Read more »

Google’s got a handful of plug-in electric hybrids that it’s been testing on the roads for over a year now through its employee car-share program. But since many Googlers just take the cars out for a local spin, the search engine giant recently decided to complete […] Read more »

Andy Grove, the former chairman of Intel turned plug-in vehicle advocate, set a goal at a conference on Tuesday that the U.S. should have 10 million plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on the roads in four years. Those plug-ins should be converted from vehicles with poor mileage […] Read more »

OptiSolar is a thin film solar maker with massive claims, like a 550 MW photovoltaic farm in San Luis Obispo County that it says is in the works. And the Hayward, California-based startup appears to be raising loads of cash to try to implement its aggressive […] Read more »

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