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The next generation of mobile will provide the enterprise with opportunities and challenges that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Executives from Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and AirWatch will join us at Mobilize to discuss how new mobile devices and services will change the business world. Read more »

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This webinar will examine the reasons why early adopters have found success with OpenStack deployments, explore ways in which OpenStack vendors can address the concerns of other industries, and provide a how-to guide for enterprises looking to adopt OpenStack. Join GigaOM Research live on Oct. 1. Read more »

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Mobile no longer refers only to smartphones and tablets: It includes an ever-increasing number of gadgets, services and apps. Join executives from Qualcomm, General Electric and Google Ventures at Mobilize as we explore how mobile will change the world over the next few years. Read more »

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In this Sept. 26 analyst webinar, our panel will discuss the drivers for BI and analytics today and how the market landscape is changing and evolving. It will look at the key players and examine the trends shaping this market over the next three to five years. Read more »


GigaOM will welcome over 500 technologists at Structure:Europe in London on Sept. 18 and 19. We’ll explore how the cloud will continue to roll out globally with industry leaders from Google, Dell, HP, Microsoft, VMware, CloudSigma, ElasticHosts and more. Read more »

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This webinar discusses the rise of smart services, or how to take cloud computing to the next level by rethinking how APIs or services are created and managed, as well as how they interact and interoperate. Join GigaOM Research analysts and EnterpriseWeb on Sept. 19. Read more »

The next generation of mobile is likely to transform the enterprise even more drastically than it transformed the consumer market. Join us in October along with executives from Hewlett-Packard, Twilio and AirWatch as we discuss how businesses can prepare for an increasingly connected world. Read more »

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