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Most of the year-in-review lists have the Snowden NSA disclosures capturing the top news story from last year. Accordingly, we will have several sessions at Structure Data in March looking at the changing trade-offs among privacy, profits and data protection. Read more »

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Gigaom’s Structure Data conference in March will examine ways we use data and ways that some of the world’s largest and most innovative companies are changing the world with big data. Executives from Google Ideas, Airbnb and others will join us to share their views and talk about several topics, including industrial uses and the need for data scientists. Read more »

Mobile app analytics

The panelists in this Gigaom Research webinar will outline the range of analytics options available to mobile application developers, outline strategies for incorporating data sources into a holistic management system, and discuss the potential opportunities to increase application adoption, performance and monetization as a result. Read more »

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