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How do you make big data work in the cloud — and protect it without going broke? In short, you need to have a transparent working relationship with your provider, the fewer restrictions, the better. Learn more when you join GigaOM Research and CloudSigma on Jan. 30. Read more »

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In this data-driven revolution, data is the new gold. At Structure:Data, you’ll learn how to channel the flood of data into actionable information and exploit it for competitive advantage. Read more »

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GigaOM Research and our sponsor Eucalyptus talk about the advantages of using the dev/test cloud as an initial use case in “2013: the year that dev/test goes hybrid,” a free analyst roundtable webinar on Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013, at 10 a.m. PT. Read more »

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Of the three high-performance network infrastructures currently available — fibre channel, ethernet and InfiniBand — InfiniBand is proving the most effective in satisfying the criteria of predictability and repeatability. Learn more about InfiniBand when you join GigaOM Research analysts and Mellanox for a roundtable discussion on Wednesday, Jan. 9. Read more »

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Another year has come and gone with more mobile advances than ever before. What’s in store for the year ahead? Our mobile staff looks a five trends that are likely to affect hardware, software and services in the fast growing mobile space. Read more »

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What are current data center challenges — both power and space — faced by high-growth companies? What’s the future for ARM-based server solutions? Find out when you join GigaOM Pro and Calxeda in an analyst roundtable on Dec. 19. Read more »

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How do you choose which applications to keep on-site and which should move to the cloud? How do you future-proof solutions and ensure that systems can scale as the business expands? GigaOM Pro analysts and Ping Identity answer these questions in a roundtable discussion on Dec. 14. Read more »

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In today’s business environment, companies don’t have 24 hours to solve IT problems; they barely have 24 minutes. Legacy solutions tailored to static infrastructure are failing within today’s dynamic data center. Learn how to unify monitoring and organizing the crumbling IT silos in this on-demand webinar. Read more »

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How can PaaS accelerate application development and improve administrative workflow? Why are organizations demanding flexibility in where and how they make use of PaaS? GigaOM Pro analysts answer these questions and more at the next analyst roundtable discussion, on Dec. 12. Read more »

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