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To ensure maximum exposure to a distributed, global audience, all viewing experiences — whether text, video or other rich media — must be optimized for distribution across a variety of channels. Join GigaOM Pro and our sponsor Limelight for this analyst roundtable discussion on Oct. 31. Read more »

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What are the top considerations when modernizing your infrastructure for the cloud? And how does a move to the cloud impact IT staffing? Find out when you join GigaOM Pro and our sponsors Intel and Tier 3 for this analyst roundtable discussion on Oct. 25. Read more »

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With consumers increasingly turning to ecommerce and web-to-store shopping, brick-and-mortar stores utilizing cloud technology to ensure their associates have the right information at the right moment will in turn have an edge on their competition. Join GigaOM Pro and Box on Oct. 24 to learn more. Read more »

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Delivering high-quality software that keeps up with business and consumer needs can be a painful and time-consuming ordeal. Now there are tools and processes available and ways of delivering software to radically improve this process. GigaOM Pro and Opscode discuss continuous delivery on Oct. 18. Read more »

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Are government agencies reporting any measurable improvements from using big data? On Oct. 10, 2012, hear from our panel of experts as they discuss what successful government big data programs have in common, brought to you by GigaOM Pro and Cloudera. Read more »

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Pioneers shows 5 ways how a conference diverts into an technology festival. Exceptional speakers, designated startups, product showcases, a founders hackathon and a heavyweight Halloween party contribute to a unique experience in the Imperial Palace, home to monarchies for centuries — now transfigured for young visionaries. Read more »


What makes a cloud truly “open,” and why is open beneficial? And how are organizations achieving a hybrid environment? Are there hybrid cloud offerings that create more of a turnkey experience? If so, how is this achieved? Learn more during this roundtable discussion on Sept. 26. Read more »

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