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Debates about data privacy in Germany, France and other national markets add another layer of complexity to a diverse cast of characters at play in the European market. Meet the evangelists, hear the cautionary tales and get introduced to the upstarts in London on September 18 and 19. Read more »

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Join GigaOM Research and Jaspersoft on July 16 for a live webinar discussion about the different approaches to self-service reporting and analytics. We will provide some best practices for developers integrating analytics into their applications. Read more »

Europe flags and clouds

Can Europe build a vibrant cloud computing ecosystem? That’s a tough question today as U.S. cloud providers still dominate the industry. Join GigaOM Research analysts as they delve into what’s driving cloud opportunities and adoption in Europe in our next live webinar. Read more »

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Join GigaOM and experts from Europe’s leading technology companies, government agencies and academic institutions as they take the stage in London. Innovators from Google, Netflix, CERN and the U.K. Government Open Data Initiative will all speak at Structure:Europe, September 18 and 19. Read more »

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When considering a cloud application development and deployment platform such as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, one of the key considerations is the flexibility that the PaaS platform offers. Join GigaOM Research and our sponsor Red Hat for an in-depth discussion on June 25 at 10 a.m. PT. Read more »

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Join us at Structure:Europe, where GigaOM will take the stage live, with leading minds, companies and influencers who will discuss their approaches for implementing the global cloud. Also included is a GigaOM Research report on the Helix Nebula project and the future of Europe’s cloud. Read more »

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What are the differences between self-service, managed service and full-service IaaS providers? Learn the answer when you join GigaOM Research and our sponsor HOSTING for an in-depth webinar discussion on June 18, 2013, at 10 a.m. PT. Read more »

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