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In this Sept. 26 analyst webinar, our panel will discuss the drivers for BI and analytics today and how the market landscape is changing and evolving. It will look at the key players and examine the trends shaping this market over the next three to five years. Read more »


GigaOM will welcome over 500 technologists at Structure:Europe in London on Sept. 18 and 19. We’ll explore how the cloud will continue to roll out globally with industry leaders from Google, Dell, HP, Microsoft, VMware, CloudSigma, ElasticHosts and more. Read more »

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This webinar discusses the rise of smart services, or how to take cloud computing to the next level by rethinking how APIs or services are created and managed, as well as how they interact and interoperate. Join GigaOM Research analysts and EnterpriseWeb on Sept. 19. Read more »

The next generation of mobile is likely to transform the enterprise even more drastically than it transformed the consumer market. Join us in October along with executives from Hewlett-Packard, Twilio and AirWatch as we discuss how businesses can prepare for an increasingly connected world. Read more »

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GigaOM’s Mobilize conference in October will examine how mobile will evolve beyond the smartphone to include an array of new devices, services and technologies. Executives from Google Ventures, Netbiscuits and Open Garden will join us to share their views on where mobile is headed. Read more »

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In this GigaOM Research webinar, the panelists will examine the policies and procedures necessary to provide comprehensive, holistic mobility management. They will review the costs and benefits of building a comprehensive enterprise-mobility platform and discuss the future of management tools. Join us on Aug. 27. Read more »

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This webinar will examine the challenges of remaining compliant in a highly distributed cloud environment by focusing on PCI compliance in hybrid clouds. It will provide a framework businesses can use to build compliance into their cloud infrastructure. Join us on Aug. 6. Read more »

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In this webinar, we’ll talk about the impact of SDN on continuous availability across data center WANs, the best practices for implementing it and some of the challenges to be aware of when embarking down this path. Join us on Aug. 1. Read more »

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In this webinar, we’ll talk about what constitutes software-defined security (SDS) and the different approaches to it, the best practices for implementing it and some of the challenges to be aware of when embarking down this path. Join GigaOM Research on July 31. Read more »

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We’re excited about the internet of things. You’re excited about the internet of things. And who can blame us? IoT promises to network devices, sensors and objects that have previously been unconnected. But in our eagerness to discuss the latest applications, we’re leaving some big questions unasked. Read more »

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In this GigaOM Research analyst webinar, the panelists will examine the technical, logistical and process roadblocks to successful mobile commerce and outline steps any business can take to address them. Join us on July 30 for an in-depth discussion on mobile commerce strategy. Read more »

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