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As an adjective, “emo” is often misused, mostly by people like me who are trying to accurately describe a culture that they’ve aged out of. I mean, even Hope isn’t exactly “emo” — she’s more like neo-Goth. Basically, any shred of teen culture that has anything […] Read more »

“Animation is a fad,” says a human character in a recent episode of Unleashed, an animated series about struggling animal actors, which is now in its third season. “Before long people will tire of it, just as they did plate spinning, ventriloquism, and that Larry the […] Read more »

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As a part-time political junkie, I’ve generally been disappointed by the range and quality of DIY politically-themed news videos online. Yes, there’s some great stuff directly resulting from the war, such as Hometown Baghdad, but for all the hype about how citizen journalists are going to […] Read more »

If you’ve heard of Michael Cera, it’s probably because you (like me) were an obsessive fan of the canceled FOX series Arrested Development. Just 15 when the documentary-style comedy started airing in 2003, Cera showed incredible maturity as a comedian in the role of George-Michael Bluth, […] Read more »

Earlier this month, Jeff Jarvis announced plans to invest in Black20, an online video network which NewTeeVee’s Liz Gannes profiled earlier this year. “I have been blathering a lot about exploding TV,” Jarvis wrote on his blog, BuzzMachine. “But I am putting my money and time […] Read more »

Never underestimate the power of a half-naked girl to draw attention to something good — or, in this case, something GOOD. According to Technorati, the most linked-to video in the blogosphere today is this clip, in which slow camera pans reveal factoids on the omnipresence of […] Read more »

When I first heard about Hey Josh, a weekly show billed as “a three minute advice video podcast for teenagers,” I mentally classified it alongside what Ryan Fitzgerald (otherwise known as The Guy Who Gave Out His Phone Number On YouTube) has been doing: both seemed […] Read more »

Last week, I went looking for mashups produced by and/or for women, and came up short. As Chuck Tryon summed it up in the comments to last week’s post, the issue doesn’t seem to be that women are not making funny videos, but that there’s a […] Read more »

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If you think about most of the videos that qualify as “YouTube hits,” the majority of them have certain keywords in common: “gimmick”, “funny”, “DIY”. But none of those keywords apply to Afterworld, which is currently the number three Most Subscribed To director’s channel on YouTube. […] Read more »

Remember the heady days of Summer 2005, when Apple released iTunes 4.9 with podcast support, and everyone was all excited that a mainstream company was facilitating free distribution of user-generated content? I wanted to buy into the populist Pod dream as much as anyone, but almost […] Read more »

Attention, all foodie girls who harbor crushes on tattooed indie rock boys: you now have a new favorite web show. Dinner with the Band, a hybrid cooking show/indie rock showcase, is the brainchild of Darin Bresnitz, a food blogger and video producer working in partnership with […] Read more »

Anyone who tells you that the online video world is a wasteland of cringe-worthy pop culture clashes and overblown science fair demonstrations obviously hasn’t visited lately. The decade-old destination for smut-loving smarties recently launched a satellite site called Nerve Video. In addition to collating music […] Read more »

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