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We Live in Public — Dig! director Ondi Timoner’s frantically paced feature-length doc on Silicon Alley web TV pioneer Josh Harris — won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film festival last week, making Timoner the first filmmaker to take the festival’s top documentary prize […] Read more »

Yeah, alright…that William Shatner “Common/People” Star Trek mashup spoof thing has a few things in it to make it worth recommending. It is, for the most part, edited with enough proficiency that the voice of William Shatner speak/singing the 1995 Pulp anthem occasionally seems to be […] Read more »

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Daniel Robin’s short film my olympic summer, about how the 1972 Munich Olympics kidnappings had the unlikely side effect of saving his parents’ marriage, won the Jury Prize earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival. Robin has been producing Quicktime-based web series since 2000, and […] Read more »

Last Wednesday, the team behind CBS Interactive’s MobLogic went out on the streets of New York to cover the Sean Bell protests. During the protest, MobLogic host Lindsay Campbell (formerly of Wallstrip) was arrested…voluntarily. As the show’s executive producer, Adam Elend, puts it in a blog […] Read more »

The Mena Show is a period piece, set in 1994, starring 30-year-old Six Apart co-founder/president Mena Trott as the 17-year-old version of herself. It’s “what my vlog would have looked like if I had the web tools available now … in 1994,” Trott says via the […] Read more »

Show me a circa-2008 satiric political web video, and I’ll show you well-meaning liberal media makers who, more likely than not, haven’t had much contact with real people (as in, not TV talking heads or vitriolic blog commenters) who represent the opposite side of the political […] Read more »

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She’s the insanely successful, Kids Choice Award winning singing/acting daughter of famed mullet-rocking one-hit wonder Billy Ray Cyrus. Her Hannah Montana 3D concert film is almost solely responsible for a 3 percent increase at the overall box office for 2008 thus far. And, of course, she […] Read more »

Over the past couple of months, Ryan Adams –– yes, THAT Ryan Adams –– has taken the Internet by storm. Adams’ early efforts at producing internet video earned him the predictable scorn from the predictable sources, and in February the sensitive auteur closed his YouTube account. […] Read more »

On Friday night, YouTube user FFABT (it stands for Foundation for a Better Tomorrow, which doesn’t appear to be any kind of organized body on record) uploaded a clip to the site called Jack and Hill. It strings together scenes from films starring on-the-record Hillary Clinton […] Read more »

Since mid-December, Matt Johnson and Jay McCarrol have produced and starred in three full ten-minute episodes of Nirvana The Band The Show. Something like Clark and Michael for cabaret nerds, the verite-style sitcom follows Johnson and McCarrol as they try to book a show for their […] Read more »

In his post on last week’s launch of new video startup Independent Comedy Network, Chris Albrecht expressed doubts as to whether there’s room for another site built around funny video, especially in a market where even star-studded offerings on sites like FunnyOrDie and SuperDeluxe regularly go […] Read more »

Last weekend, filmmaker and digital DIY evangelist Arin Crumley went to a party in Brooklyn, where his coat, wallet, passport, bike and video recorder were stolen. Arin has built a brand around finding innovative ways to broadcast his personal issues and private frustrations directly to his […] Read more »

Spread out across four episodes on YouTube, Indie vs. Studio is a film-industry spoof of the Mac vs. PC Apple campaign that ultimately acts a rallying cry to encourage independent media producers to take advantage of the WGA strike to figure out new ways to work […] Read more »

The Obama Girl videos are not actually funny. They’re not actually sexy. They don’t actually have any kind of message and they don’t perform any kind of practical analysis. And in their very evasion of any kind of substance, they’re totally genius. The latest Obama Girl […] Read more »

Although they not be the “best” videos of the year, or even the most culturally significant, below are the videos [in no particular order] that I had the most fun watching and thinking/writing about for NewTeeVee in 2007. Next to Heaven Then: “I’ve watched about ten […] Read more »

In 2007, a significant shift took place in the world of professional comedians as many of them started creating original content for the Internet. 2008 now stands poised to be the year in which the masses start to take notice — thanks in part to the […] Read more »

Juntoons: the latest entry into the new frontier of semi-surreptitious online movie marketing, or legit fan fiction? Thrillingly weird mashup of sex ed and Adult Swim, or questionable propaganda designed to cover Fox Searchlight’s butt for releasing a film that implicitly condones unsafe teen sex? I […] Read more »

FunnyOrDie’s spoof of The Hills, starring James Franco and Mila Kunis as Justin Bobby and Audrina, respectively, is OK, but so much of the vacuous MTV reality show is ripe for parody that it’s almost surprising it isn’t better. Maybe I’m just bothered by the fact […] Read more »

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke exclusively hosted Speechless, a series of short videos starring A-list talent that was produced and conceived by B-list talent and designed to promote United Hollywood‘s position by dramatizing the impact of the writers’ strike on the art form. “For […] Read more »

I’m not sure when the original 2 Girls 1 Cup video, which depicts two women enthusiastically eating what appears to be excrement, appeared online, but videos shot by viewers depicting their own reaction started flooding YouTube in mid-October and are still coming. This phenomenon is amazing, […] Read more »

I’m probably just being reactionary, but the first thing that struck me as being a little off the mark about the first episode of quarterlife is the guiding assumption that videoblogging and writing are interchangeable, that speaking into a webcam is a natural extension of stringing […] Read more »

I love Midwest Teen Sex Show, the sassy and sharp-witted bimonthly sex education show produced by Britney Barber, Guy Clark and Nikol Hasler. In an era in which actual conversation about sex has been sanitized from both schools and Hollywood films, you’ve gotta love a video […] Read more »

Random House has shown surprising savvy in using online video to promote their recent book releases. First, they sponsored a seven-minute short video collaboration between filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron and Naomi Klein to promote the latter’s latest Random House release, The Shock Doctrine. The clip was played […] Read more »

The 45th New York Film Festival wrapped up last week, and its month-long marathon of press conferences and screenings was memorialized in a series of short, experimental web videos, created by Jamie Stuart in partnership with FILMMAKER Magazine. This is the third NYFF that Stuart has […] Read more »

For her day job, sex columnist/Gawker punching bag/celebrity commentator Julia Allison goes on cable news shows and assesses the behavior of people like Britney Spears by offering pithy diagnoses along the lines of, “Who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got the paps?” She — or someone […] Read more »

TitleThis, which used to be called Name That Painting, is a weekly series starring painter Mark Kostabi that appears on both NYC cable access and Blip.TV. Described on Kostabi’s Web site as a game show in which “art critics and other celebrities compete to title [Kostabi's] […] Read more »

Brenda Dickson used to be legitimately semi-famous. A former beauty queen, she played the role of Jill Abbott on the daytime soap The Young and the Restless for over a decade. In 1987, after she was, according to IMDb, “fired” from Y&R, Dickson self-produced a video […] Read more »

A few months ago, Jackson West brought you a profile of a video producer who had recently been hired by Gawker Media to “produce, shoot and edit original clips” for the company’s snarky lifestyle blogs. I don’t know how that’s going; I haven’t seen an in-house […] Read more »

BensonLover99 is a YouTube user dedicated to the prolific production of videos in tribute to Olivia Benson, the sex crimes detective played on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit by Mariska Hargitay. In just the past week, BensonLover (who, according to her YouTube profile, is a […] Read more »

Indie filmmakers, videographers and photographers are uniting to protest a series of new regulations proposed by the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater, and Broadcasting here in New York City. As currently worded, the new regulations would force any group of two or more people using a […] Read more »

The West Side, a new series produced by Zachary Lieberman and Ryan Bilsborrow-Koo, is a western set in an alternate-universe version of contemporary New York, impressively shot on a shoe string in real NYC locations. The city (known colloquially within the first episode as The Side) […] Read more »

If you made it to Pixelodeon a couple of weeks back, you might have seen Rob Parrish’s Tapes of My Father. Composed entirely of found, public domain footage set to voice over, Tapes purports to be a son’s presentation of recently unearthed videos made by his […] Read more »

Last night, I overheard my boyfriend and a friend bitching about how physical copies of VICE Magazine have become increasingly hard to find. Whereas pretty much every other cultural niche magazine is on deathwatch, record and skate shops here in New York can’t keep VICE in […] Read more »

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