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Like it or not, PDF has become the ubiquitous format for cross-platform file distribution. Who thinks about whether or not the person on the other end has the right software to view the file when you send a colleague a PDF file? Web services like Google […] Read more »

Today on GigaOm, Om Malik reports on the speculation around Google’s entry into the phone device market. My head is spinning. At the heart of it, we’re still using the word “phone.” Same word going back to when Alexander Graham Bell said, “Mr. Watson, come here” […] Read more »

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The brain can only hold so much throw-away data at one time. In this age of digital overload, there’s little room left over for temporary phone numbers, phone messages, notes from a conference call meeting, reminders that aren’t big enough to be full-blown tasks, etc. When […] Read more »

It takes sitting through only one blackout in a dark house to get you to make sure you have candles, fresh batteries, portable radio, analog phone, etc. handy at all times thereafter. This morning, Chris posted about the downfall of online applications, focusing on what you […] Read more »

There are those, and you know who you are, who think of Getting Things Done as a religious experience. They spend the $48 per month on GTD|Connect, dutifully categorizing its teaching into its proper context. They will be caught saying the words, “What’s the next action?” […] Read more »

The Brazen Careerist blog points out “10 tips for Time Management in a Multitasking World.” It’s a great list. My professional career began over 17 years ago. I have only worked in a traditional office setting for the first 6 of those years. Since then, I’ve […] Read more »

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