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So you’ve got precious few seconds in between tasks and you want to check out some online video to clear your head, get entertained or maybe even learn something? Don’t waste your time mindlessly clicking around YouTube. Instead, head over to our sister site’s new baby […] Read more »

Are you thinking of getting a new iPhone 3G next month? Do you like to send/receive text messages? If you’re thinking of lining up on July 11, you’ve already budgeted the $30/month for the data plan. But did you know that you should also select a […] Read more »

Last weekend, my mother-in-law, a recent Mac convert, sent an email out to family with 111 photos embedded in the message. Yes, one hundred and eleven. My synagogue has been trying to save postage fees by emailing out the monthly bulletin…a PDF file that has averaged […] Read more »

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Sarah sent us an email: Can you make a suggestion for a program to store contacts? Currently, my clients and I use Gmail Calendar for appts, Gmail for email, but there’s no good Google product for contacts. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! Sarah is right. […] Read more »

Boingo, already one of the world’s largest providers of wifi hotspot services is hitting AT&T where it lives…or at least where it gets its coffee. Boingo announced in an e-newsletter to customers that it will be expanding its service into Starbucks restaurants across the United States: […] Read more »

The rumor mill has been churning for months, with both RIM and Apple gearing up for Round 2 in the smartphone wars. Apple fans hope the next iPhone stomps the BlackBerry into the ground for business users, while the CrackBerry addicts hope the next BlackBerry will […] Read more »

Last year around this time we introduced you to Egnyte. With some new features revealed today, Egnyte is trying to pull away from the pack by offering a broader one-stop-shopping product for small businesses, incorporating data storage, collaboration and desktop backup. On first glance, Egnyte appears […] Read more »

While many users of Mozilla’s Firefox open source browser and Thunderbird open source e-mail engine are hip to useful Firefox extensions and efficiency tips, there are a lot of really useful add-ons for Thunderbird too. These can help you search through your e-mail more effectively, allow […] Read more »

Last week, I raved about Remember the Milk’s Gmail extension for keeping my inbox clean and action-oriented. Shortly thereafter, the good folks at RTM gave me something else to cheer about: MilkSync for Blackberry. With MilkSync, you can sync your RTM tasks over-the-air with the built-in […] Read more »

If you’re keeping a scorecard of all the online backup solutions now popping up, you must be running out of room on your paper by now. GigaOm reports on the launch of Syncplicity, a new player joining a crowded field that includes Carbonite, Mozy, HP Upline, […] Read more »

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I’m proud to say that I successfully live inbox zero, never letting email pile up in my inboxes. If I have more than 30 unread messages at any one time, I break into a cold sweat. So as a result, until recently I couldn’t imagine maintaining […] Read more »

When I saw the headline on TechCrunch, “Google Launching ToDo List Product?” my heart skipped a happy beat. Finally! But no. It’s likely that TechCrunch only exposed a Google employee who hit the wrong button and accidentally posted a private blog entry or email containing his […] Read more »

As of March 29, 2008 we are no longer looking for additional regular contributors. However, feel free to continue sharing articles with us through Google Docs with us and we will consider you for future opportunities and/or guest posts. Thanks! Have you been reading our little […] Read more »

Whenever Web Worker Daily focuses too intently on commercial software offerings, a commenter or two will remind us of all the great open source alternatives there are out there. This morning, the GigaOM network introduces OStatic, a site (not just a blog) entirely focused on the […] Read more »

It used to be simple. You did your “play” networking on Facebook, and you built your “work” networking lists on LinkedIn. Facebook was everything LinkedIn was not…chatty and time-killing. On LinkedIn, you didn’t learn what your connections (not friends, mind you) did at a party last […] Read more »

We know that wikis can be incredibly useful. But for some reason we’re still trying to figure out, collaborating groups haven’t jumped on the bandwagon. It’s no surprise that Google wanted to be a player in this space with their acquisition of Jotspot in 2006. We’ve been patiently waiting to see how Google would finally make wikis relevant and approachable to the every day user. The guessing is over with today’s long-awaited launch of Google Sites. The application is the first Google service deployed exclusively for Google Apps, free in Team, Standard, Education and Premier editions. Read more »

While much has been said about Google Apps for domains as an alternative to Microsoft Exchange or Office Live, Google’s suite is most compelling for distributed businesses or groups that do not want to center their email and collaboration around Microsoft’s desktop software. With Gmail’s outstanding […] Read more »

Last month we asked you if Network Solutions was being evil. Network Solutions “registers” domains that people search at their site, thereby locking users out of the opportunity to purchase those searched-on domains anywhere else during the allowed 5-day “tasting” period. The overwhelming response in that […] Read more »

After power cycling my Blackberry twice and hard booting once, I had to come home after an afternoon out to find out that RIM is having another North American service blackout. I can hear the screams from Wall Street and Capitol Hill from here. After the […] Read more »

There are already web applications focused on scheduling meetings between a bunch of participants including ScheduleOnce, Tungle, iKordo, Jiffle (formerly iPolipo), and others. Helpful if you have 4 or 5 people who need to meet at the same time and you want to narrow in on […] Read more »

Iterasi (Portugese for “iteration” if you’re curious) is an interesting new web-based utility making its debut at the DEMO conference this morning. Simply put, Iterasi is a utility for capturing, organizing and sharing the preserved state of complex websites. I enjoyed a sneak peek at the […] Read more »

If you have any documents saved on Coventi Pages you likely received this email: An important notice for all Coventi users: We regretfully inform you that Coventi, Inc. will cease operations on February 1, 2008. At that time, you will no longer be able to log […] Read more »

You remember the G4 Cube, right? Introduced to initial “oohs” and “aahs” in 2000, it was discontinued a year later. Why did it fail? Not because of its cutting edge design. While the faithful were impressed with its innovative footprint and technological advances that were way […] Read more »

Paisano (yes, that’s his name according to his about page) has a great post this morning where he reminds us that the social web isn’t just about using web apps and getting on Facebook. In fact, you can be sitting in your cubicle, behind an enterprise […] Read more »

As you may have heard, this afternoon NewsGator announced that all of their desktop/mobile client applications are now freeware. NetNewsWire (see our review) and FeedDemon are well regarded as the best-in-class for all things RSS in a desktop without a price tag. Loyal fans are […] Read more »

While we’re still bummed that Leo has moved on, we are thrilled to introduce two new regular contributors to Web Worker Daily: Chris Poteet wrote a couple of popular guest posts, so we invited him to join the team. Chris is a web application developer focusing […] Read more »

It’s that time, no pun intended, that every on and offline publication does its best & worst look back at the now-previous year. Time Magazine takes a look at what it believes are the 50 best websites of 2007. A number of sites made the cut […] Read more »

Unfortunately, Santa had some coal for our stocking. Leo Babauta has decided to leave our little WWD family. Leo has built a successful brand around his Zenhabits blog, and we were pleased that he found the time to share some of his productivity tips & tricks […] Read more »

For me as a Blackberry user, it has been nice to see how well Google has embraced mobility with their applications. More than simply adapting their web applications for a variety of mobile browsers, they’ve managed to create a strong presence on every corner of my […] Read more »

As if being asked to pay just as much as Windows users for software that has consistently been inferior wasn’t enough, the Mac update of Intuit QuickBooks 2006 and 2007 was wiping out users’ Desktop files and all contents. Yes, this was a nasty one. Intuit […] Read more »

…5 of our readers will be getting their Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 wireless mouse and keyboards that they won in our giveaway! Congratulations to the winners. Why did you think 2008 will be the year of the web worker? Check out some of the entries. Read more »

Don’t forget! Get your entry in before the end of the day today for your chance to win one of 5 Microsoft ergonomic keyboard/mice sets in a random draw. Read more about the giveaway and enter here. Winners will be notified over the weekend and announced […] Read more »

When it comes to working with Google data on mobile devices, Google isn’t all about the iPhone after all. A few weeks after Google updated their cross-platform Maps application comes some new love for those of us with Blackberry devices. Sync connects the native Blackberry calendar […] Read more »

Remember, let us know why you think 2008 will be the Year of the Web Worker and you can win one of 5 keyboard and mice sets we’re giving away, courtesy of Microsoft. Your entry must be received by 5 pm eastern on Friday, December 14th. […] Read more »

As 2007 draws to a close, we have a lot to look forward to in 2008. What role will the web worker play in shaping global economy and communications? What do you think the “new shiny” will look like, and how will it help us be […] Read more »

If you’re like us here at WWD, you may have been wondering if Google was ever going to do anything with JotSpot…a company Google acquired over a year ago. Now we know. According to blogger Andrew Miller who attended a Google presentation in Ann Arbor (of […] Read more »

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