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Even though web workers tend to do almost everything online, we still have files on our computer that matter. At one time or another, we’ve all probably learned the hard way what happens if our backup strategy isn’t automated or tested. With that in mind, there’s been a crop of web services over the years that try and make the backup process as simple as possible. Install, sync, forget about it…if you have decent broadband, of course.

Carbonite, a popular choice for Windows users for quite some time, has been teasing Mac users for well over two years with the promise of a Mac version. The wait is over. Is it worth it? Read more »

In a comment on a post here on WWD, David Pogue told us that change was coming soon to GrandCentral, and of course he was right. GrandCentral is FINALLY relaunching as Google Voice. Om has details about the back-from-the-sleeping service over on GigaOM. In addition to […] Read more »

As these things go, is an old-timer among cloud file storage options, having been around for four years now. Without a network sync component like Windows LiveSync (aka FolderShare) and DropBox, competes by focusing on reliability and accessibility. Once a file is uploaded to […] Read more »

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Talk about a non-starter. Back in April of last year HP decided to reinvent the online storage wheel by introducing their own backup service, named HP Upline. It came. It never quite got off the ground. And now, it’s officially joining the deadpool. Just in case […] Read more »

Or at least it feels that way every time it happens. Gmail, including Google Apps, went down for about four hours or so this morning (or this afternoon, depending on where you are). It says a lot for Gmail’s reach that when it does go offline, […] Read more »

Last week, Pinch Media released some interesting statistics about App Store usage in a presentation, now available online. In short, they’ve found that while free apps are downloaded like crazy, active use drops off fast. Paid apps tend to see more use after installation and are […] Read more »

This week, Google finally answered our pleas and introduced over-the-air contact and calendar sync for Windows Mobile and iPhone. Instead of a separate sync application, as with the Blackberry, the syncing works through the Exchange client already in the device. I’ve decided to only sync my […] Read more »

The Gmail team at Google has been busy lately, haven’t they? Last week, Google introduced the Multiple Inboxes Lab, which works for both and Google Apps addresses. This lets you sub-divide your inbox into multiple views; check out Simon’s Multiple Inboxes screencast from yesterday for […] Read more »

We’re living in a cross-platform and cross-browser world. Most web workers aren’t one-browser-fits-all. I have two computers: a MacBook Pro and an iMac. Even though Firefox 3 is my default browser on both computers, I regularly have at least three different browsers open to do what […] Read more »

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For about 40 minutes this morning, Google searches were useless. Every result could “harm your computer” with no working link to result. It was, by Google’s explanation, a stupid human error. All is well now. Less than an hour of inconvenience and the incident was over, […] Read more »

WebWorkerDaily began in September 2006 as GigaOM founder Om Malik was building his new company from a table at Starbucks. Now, just about everyone who earns income is a “web worker” at least for some part of their day. To keep up with this ever-changing working […] Read more »

This morning, we published an article by a guest contributor. Approximately 30 minutes after the post was published, we were made aware that the freelance contributor had already submitted and published the exact same article on another site. As soon as the duplication was brought to […] Read more »

Focused on the cloud as we are, we haven’t paid much attention to Marketcircle’s Daylite. It’s a desktop PIM/CRM (Mac only) and it’s not cheap ($149). Now the company is getting ready to introduce Daylite Touch, a companion product that allows for over-the-air sync of calendar, […] Read more »

On behalf of all the WebWorkerDaily writers, we’d like to wish all of you who celebrate a very Merry Christmas. If today isn’t your holiday, we hope you are relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family. Even web workers deserve a break for a few […] Read more »

JobCompass is a new application on the iPhone that allows you to search through millions of jobs, locating and plotting them on a map in relation to your current position. It pulls vacancy information in real time, so new listings appear on a regular basis. After […] Read more »

Even though WebWorkerDaily is staffed by a team of international writers, expect posting to be light over the Thanksgiving holiday. That gives us a chance to give thanks to the fine companies that sponsor this site. None of this works without you. ki-work: access and outsource […] Read more »

This is the risk of falling in love with free services. We’ve written positively about I Want Sandy and Stikkit in the past, two simple but effective productivity web apps. The company behind the apps, Values of n, has announced that both services will go offline […] Read more »

Guest post by Pete Johnson As an IT teleworker for a large company over the past 10 years, I’ve spent my share of time on conference calls. The other day, in fact, I set a personal record with 11.5 hours of them in a single work […] Read more »

From The Apple Blog: Virtualization software has come a long way since the days of Virtual PC on PPC Macs. Microsoft’s Windows-enabling program was more of a parlor trick than fully functional software. These days, Parallels Desktop version 4.0, available today for purchase, makes running a […] Read more »

Ever find that little tool and think, “where have you been all my life?” We’re constantly talking about ways of dealing with information overload, so it’s a happy day when a tool can truly make a difference. Today, that tool is Idea Shower’s ReadItLater. Along the […] Read more »

Taking another move from the Facebook playbook, LinkedIn has started their own application platform they’re calling “InApps.” Don’t worry…no movie quizzes, Scrabble games or pokes in the bunch. Instead, Linked in has partnered with well-known companies with business-ready productivity applications to provide apps that users can […] Read more »

Those of us with email addresses or an email account through Google Apps have had some fun playing with the new experimental features through Gmail Labs. From the silly Mail Goggles to the more helpful ability to add a calendar to the sidebar or set […] Read more »

Those of you who have been working in the cloud for a while should be familiar with, an early entry into the now-crowded online storage/file sharing space. I recently had a nice chat with Community Manager Sean Lindo about what they have coming down the […] Read more »

Our colleagues at jkOnTheRun thought we’d like this article from Digital Nomad, and they were right. It’s now been 3 years and 3 months since I accepted a fulltime, salaried position working out of a home office, and I’d have to agree with just about all […] Read more »

If we didn’t have enough mobility to keep us busy with Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and iPhone, now there’s the new T-Mobile G1 running on the new Google Android platform. We at WWD haven’t said much about it because none of our team has had a chance […] Read more »

Feels like yesterday that I was first learning my way around the new Photoshop 2.5, and here Adobe has announced another massive update across all its products (with some massive pricing to match). Once again, Adobe has focused its attention around blurring the line between interactive […] Read more »

Here at WebWorkerDaily, we post a lot about mobile technologies and how we’re using them to work more effectively. Our co-workers in San Francisco are spending the day thoroughly exploring the implications and trends in the new mobile world with a full day’s line-up of presentations […] Read more »

As if we didn’t have enough to juggle, Google adds their own browser to the mix. Google Chrome was released a few hours ago for Windows XP & Vista. A Mac version is promised at some point. Even though I’m a Mac user, it was worth […] Read more »

One month ago today, I waited on a 3-hour line in Edison, NJ to buy my first iPhone. Shortly thereafter, I posted an entry about switching from the BlackBerry that proved to be quite popular. Thomas Hawk is regretting his iPhone purchase. Do I feel the same way? Nope. Sure, I have my issues with the phone. But it’s still the most fun I’ve ever had with a cell phone, and I’ve been productive using it. Read more »

I’ve been using Google’s GrandCentral since well, before it was Google’s GrandCentral. My day job is based in Virginia and with GrandCentral, I could have a 703 area code phone number that didn’t tie me to my home office all day. However, over the last few […] Read more »

This morning, Mike posted about how Amazon is weathering their recent technical hurricane with not only an in-depth explanation of exactly what went wrong with their Amazon S3 service last weekend, but what they’re doing to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And then there’s Apple’s […] Read more »

When Om Malik asked for my input on a piece he was doing on our network’s favorite blogs, it was easy to give him my pick. Through my love affair with Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and now iPhone, jkOnTheRun has been a constant in my feed reader. […] Read more »

On GigaOm, Found|Read editor Carleen Hawn presents 15 sites that can help penny pinching web workers get the most for their money. Carleen and her team look at sites in such categories and phone service/wireless plans, credit cards, insurance plans, web hosting, storage and remote backup, […] Read more »

When I was invited to have a video chat on my MacBook Pro with SightSpeed CEO Peter Csathy to discuss today’s announcement that their software would now be bundled with Dell computers, I was skeptical. I expected to be making apologies for my poor home DSL […] Read more »

Not everyone is going to have the chance to deliver their presentation in front of millions with a 50 foot screen behind them. As web workers, we’ve all suffered through those webinars where you have half an eye on the boring, dry PowerPoint in the WebEx window and half an eye on your email. A few of us have had to present such webinars. They’re tough. You have no feedback from body language or eye contact. After all, you can’t hear people nodding and smiling, you can only imagine their nose hitting the keyboard as they doze off. These presentations can be almost as painful for the presenter as the attendee. Never fear. Nancy Duarte offers us some tips for engaging an audience while presenting remotely. Read more »

When talking mobile platforms, we tend to consider Symbian a separate platform along the lines of Palm, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and iPhone. Now it’s official: Nokia, already a stakeholder in mobile OS maker Symbian, has announced that it will buy the remainder of the company and […] Read more »

When we review a new web office/productivity/collaboration application, we tend to focus on the features. To get everything we’re looking for, we tend to have to use many of these applications at the same time. Giacomo ‘Peldi’ Guilizzoni isn’t convinced this is the direction we should […] Read more »

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