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It looks like the idea of a P2P-powered YouTube is finally becoming reality, albeit without any contribution from Google. Singapore-based P2P start-up PPLive, which we previously covered for its hugely successful P2P video platform, is experimenting with a P2P accelerator for Flash video streams. The application, which is dubbed PPVA, essentially distributes the stream of any popular Flash video from sites like YouTube via P2P without any involvement of the hosting server. Read more »

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The European P2P Next consortium will unveil a set-top box prototype that allows P2P streaming at the IBC conference in Amsterdam tomorrow. The device goes by the name of NextshareTV and has been developed at the Pioneer Digital Design Centre in London. NextshareTV makes use of […] Read more »

Om reported today that Joost is getting ready to abandon its client and replace it with a web-based product that’s powered by a P2P plug-in. This step certainly makes sense for Joost. The service has been struggling to remain relevant ever since its launch, and the […] Read more »

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NBC’s delayed Olympics coverage and sports’ fans quest to find pirated livestreams online has officially become the media story of the games. Even the New York Times has chimed in, noting what it referred to as the “game of digital whack-a-mole” between pirates and NBC that […] Read more »

Chinese P2P solutions provider Vatata, whose similarly named P2P streaming platform Vakaka we wrote about last year, has developed a set-top box solution to bring a Joost-like P2P TV experience to the living room. It provides access to both the company’s own P2P network for live […] Read more »

The Federal Communications Commission has ruled against Comcast’s BitTorrent blocking. The Commission’ Memorandum Opinion and Order does not include a direct punishment, but stipulates that Comcast will have to disclose details about its current network management practices and stop these practices by the end of the […] Read more »

European and Australian researchers want to build a giant P2P network on the basis of TV set-top boxes, Computerworld Australia reported this week. The so-called Nanodatacenters project is based on the idea that you don’t need giant data centers as long as you have increasingly powerful […] Read more »

Pacific Epoch is reporting rumors today that the Chinese P2P company Xunlei is in talks with U.S. venture capital companies to raise a final round of $100 million. Xunlei had previously secured a total of $30 million in funding, with an estimated $5 million coming out […] Read more »

FCC chairman Kevin Martin has finally decided that he’s had it with Comcast’s BitTorrent blocking. As the AP first reported last night, Martin has drafted an order to punish the cable giant for its “arbitrary” interference with its customers’ Internet access. The draft will be sent […] Read more »

This summer’s TV season has barely started, but net-savvy TV fans are already downloading pilots of shows slated to premiere this fall. A whole bunch of pilots have found their way onto torrent sites in recent days, and file sharers are having heated debates about shows […] Read more »

Looks like China isn’t the only country cracking down on streaming video sites these days. Korean prosecutors have arrested the CEOs of five media storage companies for alleged violation of copyright laws, but critics believe that hosting streaming videos of anti-government candlelight vigils might have something […] Read more »

The popular BitTorrent media platform Vuze, formerly known as Azureus, is releasing a major update later today that offers some social features as well as a web-wide search functionality. Users of the new client version 3.1 will be able to connect to their friends on Vuze […] Read more »

The BBC recently published a set of editorial guidelines for interacting with social networking platforms and other third-party web sites. It’s part practical how-to for BBC producers, part Star Trek-like Prime Directive, complete with warnings to “be sensitive to the expectations of existing users of the […] Read more »

The denial-of-service attack against online video distributor Revision3 continues to make waves. Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback revealed yesterday that his company had identified the anti-piracy outlet Mediadefender as the source of a massive flood of messages that brought Revision3’s infrastructure to its knees.The incident is one […] Read more »

Josh Catone over at ReadWriteWeb has an interesting suggestion for Warner Bros. to get folks interested in the upcoming superhero feature, Watchmen: Take a page from Trent Reznor’s book. The Nine Inch Nails front man has been experimenting with innovative distribution and marketing schemes ever since […] Read more »

The popular BitTorrent web site Mininova was sued by the Dutch anti-piracy organization BREIN this week in a bid to get Mininova to filter unlicensed content. The organization has had some success in the past against Edonkey and BitTorrent web sites, so there is at least […] Read more »

Sandvine, the company behind the devices used by Comcast and others to block BitTorrent, has just introduced a network management tool called FairShare that aims to address Net Neutrality concerns. FairShare is supposed to allow ISPs to manage their networks with a protocol- and application-agnostic approach, […] Read more »

Remember that web-based tool to test whether your ISP is blocking BitTorrent that we linked to a couple weeks back? Thousands of broadband users around the world have tried it in the last couple of weeks. Well the results are in, and guess what? Comcast isn’t […] Read more »

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has rejected a plea by smaller ISPs to immediately stop Bell Canada from blocking BitTorrent traffic. Canadian providers requested such a step from the commission after Bell Canada started to use Comcast-type network management practices on its wholesale accounts, […] Read more »

Comcast SVP Rich Woundy told the audience of the DCIA’s P2P Media Summit in Los Angeles on Monday that his company is not spearheading the creation of a P2P Bill of Rights anymore. Instead, Comcast will take part in a newly formed working group of the […] Read more »

Remember Red Swoosh, the P2P company that was bought by Akamai for $18.7 million in April 2007? Red Swoosh used to be a competitor to Akamai, albeit on a much smaller scale, offering P2P-powered content delivery services to corporate customers. Shortly before the Akamai acquisition, the […] Read more »

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