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The denial-of-service attack against online video distributor Revision3 continues to make waves. Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback revealed yesterday that his company had identified the anti-piracy outlet Mediadefender as the source of a massive flood of messages that brought Revision3’s infrastructure to its knees.The incident is one […] Read more »

Josh Catone over at ReadWriteWeb has an interesting suggestion for Warner Bros. to get folks interested in the upcoming superhero feature, Watchmen: Take a page from Trent Reznor’s book. The Nine Inch Nails front man has been experimenting with innovative distribution and marketing schemes ever since […] Read more »

The popular BitTorrent web site Mininova was sued by the Dutch anti-piracy organization BREIN this week in a bid to get Mininova to filter unlicensed content. The organization has had some success in the past against Edonkey and BitTorrent web sites, so there is at least […] Read more »

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Sandvine, the company behind the devices used by Comcast and others to block BitTorrent, has just introduced a network management tool called FairShare that aims to address Net Neutrality concerns. FairShare is supposed to allow ISPs to manage their networks with a protocol- and application-agnostic approach, […] Read more »

Remember that web-based tool to test whether your ISP is blocking BitTorrent that we linked to a couple weeks back? Thousands of broadband users around the world have tried it in the last couple of weeks. Well the results are in, and guess what? Comcast isn’t […] Read more »

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has rejected a plea by smaller ISPs to immediately stop Bell Canada from blocking BitTorrent traffic. Canadian providers requested such a step from the commission after Bell Canada started to use Comcast-type network management practices on its wholesale accounts, […] Read more »

Comcast SVP Rich Woundy told the audience of the DCIA’s P2P Media Summit in Los Angeles on Monday that his company is not spearheading the creation of a P2P Bill of Rights anymore. Instead, Comcast will take part in a newly formed working group of the […] Read more »

Remember Red Swoosh, the P2P company that was bought by Akamai for $18.7 million in April 2007? Red Swoosh used to be a competitor to Akamai, albeit on a much smaller scale, offering P2P-powered content delivery services to corporate customers. Shortly before the Akamai acquisition, the […] Read more »

When it comes to file-sharing, Usenet has long been considered an underground venue. Its odd archive formats and weird file extensions were just too complicated for the average user, and tasks like finding and merging 400 parts of a movie download seemed a little too laborious […] Read more »

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Comcast said today it plans to create a “P2P Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” in cooperation with P2P companies and other ISPs. The bill proposal is being co-spearheaded by Pando Networks, a company that recently made waves with its efforts to help ISPs with the impact […] Read more »

It’s been a great week for the BBC’s iPlayer project: The Beeb has just announced that the iPlayer is now attracting 550,000 daily views on average. The iPlayer is also now officially available on the Wii, making it the first streaming service by a major broadcaster […] Read more »

Hollywood has been stepping up its demands for ISP-based P2P filters in recent weeks, with the MPAA suggesting that such filters would help unclog the Internet’s tubes. But how well do P2P-filtering appliances really work? The French music industry association SNEP recently teamed up with Internet […] Read more »

Do your torrent downloads seem to be taking longer than usual? Are you trying to transfer, say, a home video to a friend via Pando and the upload keeps getting stuck? Or maybe you’re having problems with BitTorrent’s new streaming service, which just doesn’t seem to […] Read more »

Velocix, the UK-based content delivery service provider formerly known as CacheLogic, introduced a new line of live streaming solutions today, including live P2P streaming. Velocix is already working with a number of broadcasters, such as the BBC, as well as video startups such as the British […] Read more »

Sony won’t have much time to celebrate winning the format war against HD DVD: Notorious Antigua-based software maker Slysoft says it’s cracked Blu-Ray’s copy protection. Slysoft’s AnyDVD HD application is now offering unencrypted access to Blu-Ray content, making it possible to back up Blu-Ray discs onto […] Read more »

Ustream cofounder John Ham gave us a video preview of a new feature when we visited the company’s office this week: The live video site will allow its users to collaborate with the possibility to mix multiple video feeds in real time. Users can either interact […] Read more »

Fire Eagle lead developer Tom Coates just announced at the ETech conference that Yahoo is launching Fire Eagle for developers today. Fire Eagle is meant to be a location broker that collects location information from a variety of services and devices and makes them available to […] Read more »

Yahoo’s location based service enabler FireEagle is entering it’s beta testing phase today with an official announcement at ETech. The new web site of the service is still featuring an invite form, just as the alpha version did, so it might still be a limited beta […] Read more »

Forrester Research analyst Charlene Li, the first keynote speaker of the two-day Graphing Social Patterns West conference that started today in San Diego, said that if she held the keys to the Facebook empire, she would make the social graph open. “Not just the applications,” she […] Read more »

NBC Universal filed comments with the FCC this week that side with Comcast on BitTorrent blocking. The company opposes Net Neutrality regulations because it wants ISPs to filter out copyrighted content, and it seems to be willing to blame P2P for all the bad things in […] Read more »

The European Union has invested 19 14 million euros in a research project aimed at using P2P for Internet television. The project, called P2P Next, is a cooperation among almost two dozen European academic institutions, broadcasters and electronics makers. The BBC, the European Broadcasting Union and […] Read more »

The British tech start-up Skinkers is opening up the technical trial for its Livestation P2P platform today, promising to send out invites to anyone who signs up. Livestation is a P2P live-streaming client based on technology developed at Microsoft Research. The focus of the product hasn’t […] Read more »

Swedish authorities have charged the founders of The Pirate Bay with the crime of aiding copyright infringement, claiming that they make more than $4 million dollars per year through the operation. Named in the indictment are the site’s co-founders — Peter Sunde, Hans Fredrik Neij and […] Read more »

Getting your favored Creative Commons-licensed movies via BitTorrent is much more fun if you use your company’s T1 line instead of your slow-poke and soon possibly even metered home DSL account. The only problem: That IT guy you hired to set up your office PCs apparently […] Read more »

The writing is on the wall for Joost: The company just fired its CTO under what can only be described as puzzling circumstances. Then there are all those rumors about disappointing user numbers, funding issues and staffers looking for new jobs. It’s hard to tell whether […] Read more »

The BBC is thinking about porting its iPlayer software to OS X to allow direct downloads of its programming to the Apple TV. DRM and licensing issues could make this a complicated exercise, but the broadcaster seems determined to enter the living room of broadband-connected Britons. […] Read more »

LimeWire recently unveiled a major initiative aimed at combining web-based communities, music and video content — as well as contextual ads — with P2P file-sharing. But Wayne Rosso, founder of P2P startup Mashboxx, believes that LimeWire’s ideas violate some of his company’s patents — and he […] Read more »

Next week’s CES will see a flurry of announcements from companies looking to tap into the online video boom. Among them will be new cooperations between BitTorrent Inc. and makers of both routers and network attached storage (NAS) devices, all aimed at making BitTorrent easier to […] Read more »

It seems like not a week goes by without another online video copyright controversy. Just think of the Web 2.0 parody Here Comes Another Bubble. Or the little kid dancing to Let’s Go Crazy. Or the whole Electric Slide controversy. Heck, you can’t look at anything […] Read more »

2007 has been the year of the P2P CDNs. Akamai bought Red Swoosh, BitTorrent started to showcase their DNA streaming solution, and Pando inked a deal with NBC to P2P-power the distribution of shows like Law & Order through the network’s NBC Direct download service. Combining […] Read more »

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