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Execs Downplay Web Video Threat; Cablevision, Rovi and Disney execs dismissed cord cutting fears at the 2010 Media Summit in New York. (Light Reading) Pick Your Favorite Rev3 Shows & Create a Personalized Feed; Revision3 viewers can now generate personalized RSS feeds, combining new episodes from […] Read more »


Microsoft has launched a UK Hulu wannabe called the MSN Video Player. In addition to Microsoft’s Silverlight, it uses Adobe’s Flash. Others are switching from Move Networks’ technology to Flash. Seems like Apple’s Jihad against Adobe’s Flash may not be enough to kill it. Read more »

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26 percent of US consumers watch TV programming online more than once a week, according to a new report from In-Stat titled “OTT Video Platforms, Devices, and Consumer Expectations.” And more and more of these consumers watch online video in the living room, thanks to game […] Read more »

JooJoo Revamps Interface Ahead of Launch, Adds Local Video Playback — and Changes Color; the device formerly known as the TechCrunch tablet plays back Flash video streams and local content stored on a thumb drive, supports H.264 HD and many other codecs. (Engadget) New YouTube App […] Read more »


March Madness, baby! If you didn’t already have a good reason to drive down to Costco and pick up a huge new TV, this is it. Of course, that shiny new flatscreen won’t help you much for those games airing during office hours, but there is […] Read more »

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Sony’s Playstation Network is now carrying HD movies from 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros., the company announced today. Sony previously negotiated similar agreements with Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and the company was quick to point out in today’s announcement that […] Read more »

Web-connected TV: A Distant Dream for App Makers; app developers are staying away from Yahoo’s Connected TV and similar platforms because environment is too restricted, fragmented. (Business Week) A Detailed Look at VUDU’s Streaming Technology, and What It Means to Walmart; optimized encoding and flexible UI […] Read more »

Cisco has unveiled a new routing system that it claims can handle 12 times the traffic capacity of the nearest competing system. And it’s all about the video. The company in a much-hyped announcement this morning introduced the CRS-3, a router that can move up to […] Read more »

The blogosphere has been in a bit of a frenzy ever since The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Google has started to test a new service on selected DISH set-top boxes. The Journal’s Jessica Vascellaro told her readers that the application makes it possible to […] Read more »

comScore released its Video Metrix numbers for January today, showing a decline across the board for all the major video sites. U.S. viewers watched 32.4 billion videos in January, compared to 33.2 billion views in December. The number of unique viewers also declined from 177.9 million […] Read more »


The Financial Times will move its video assets to Brightcove, according to a report from The paper, which is currently publishing between 200 and 300 videos per month, had previously signed up with Maven Networks, which was bought by Yahoo in early 2008. Yahoo decided […] Read more »

CBS Finds Personalized Online Video Ad Insertions Nets 95% Completion Rates; network says personalized ads fare up to 15 percent better that regular mid-roll ads. ( Hulu to Offer NFL Content; partnership with NFL gives Hulu viewers access to award winning shows containing historical game footage. […] Read more »

TiVo has struck a partnership with pay TV security provider Conax that could bring its new user interface to cable customers in Scandinavia, mainland Europe and India, the company announced today. Norway-based Conax provides security solutions to a number of cable, satellite and IPTV operators in […] Read more »


Jamie Wilkinson, aka Jamie Dubs, is the go-to guy if you want to learn anything about Internet memes. He’s the brain behind Know Your Meme, and until recently used to be Rocketboom’s Internet Research Scientist, complete with lab coat and white board. Wilkinson looked into the […] Read more »

Things got a little heated when device makers and cable representatives debated the future of the set-top box at the TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco today. TiVo senior vice president and general counsel Matthew Zinn argued that cable companies should open up access to […] Read more »

Who would have thought: The Pirate Bay, notorious for mocking rights holders and celebrating the piracy of Hollywood blockbusters, wants you to buy DVDs. The people behind the site also wouldn’t mind if you invested some of your money into video games, books or software — […] Read more »

TiVo plans to unveil a major new product at an event in New York next Tuesday, but has declined to provide any specifics, instead describing the product as the “next step in the evolution of DVRs.” TiVo’s CEO Tom Rogers added fuel to the fire of […] Read more »


Vudu’s decision to shut down its adult movie section as a result of being acquired by Wal-Mart has adult entertainment companies and fans of X-rated content alike wondering where to turn next. The answer could be Boxee; the video platform already has a number of adult […] Read more »

Much has been written in recent days about NBC’s ratings victory over American Idol; the network was able to glue more people to the screen last Wednesday than the singing competition airing at the same time on Fox. In fact, NBC won this one by a […] Read more »

The Library Copyright Alliance has published a legal analysis (PDF) of the use of streaming video in higher education, and the bottom line could be good news for colleges: Teachers are allowed to use streaming videos as part of their courses without obtaining special licenses to […] Read more »

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