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Vudu’s decision to shut down its adult movie section as a result of being acquired by Wal-Mart has adult entertainment companies and fans of X-rated content alike wondering where to turn next. The answer could be Boxee; the video platform already has a number of adult […] Read more »

Much has been written in recent days about NBC’s ratings victory over American Idol; the network was able to glue more people to the screen last Wednesday than the singing competition airing at the same time on Fox. In fact, NBC won this one by a […] Read more »

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The Library Copyright Alliance has published a legal analysis (PDF) of the use of streaming video in higher education, and the bottom line could be good news for colleges: Teachers are allowed to use streaming videos as part of their courses without obtaining special licenses to […] Read more »

Wal-Mart is buying over-the-top video company Vudu, according to a report by the New York Times. Apparently talks are already underway with Hollywood studios and television manufacturers. Here’s what else you need to know. Read more »


Turns out we’re not the only ones speculating about what Google might do with ON2 Technologies, the video encoding company it finally acquired late last week after months of negotiations with shareholders. The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has published an open letter to Google this weekend, […] Read more »


NBC’s decision to restrict live streaming of the Vancouver Winter Olympics to subscribers of cable, satellite or IPTV services is making many cord cutters scramble. We’ve heard anecdotes from former cable customers flocking to gyms or stop by friends for surprise visits while figure skating and […] Read more »

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None other than YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley dropped by the company’s blog yesterday to remind us that he and his two co-conspirators registered the domain exactly five years ago. It wasn’t until two months later that the first video actually appeared on YouTube, but Hurley […] Read more »


TV networks and advertisers alike have long been looking for ways to make ads more relevant to consumers prone to skipping, or simply ignoring advertising. This quest has become even more urgent with the advent of new advertising opportunities online that are increasingly rivaling the 30-second […] Read more »

The now-defunct online video site prevailed in court this week, according to a report from TV-Links used to be one of the most popular online directories for TV show episodes hosted on streaming video sites like YouTube, Megavideo or Veoh. The site was taken […] Read more »


UPDATED Turns out D.C. isn’t the only place shut down by really bad weather this week: The 33rd America’s Cup, which was supposed to start on Monday in Valencia, has been delayed for the second time now due to “unsettling weather,” according to the Cup’s website. […] Read more »


The Boxee Box isn’t even on the shelves yet, but Boxee is already working on plans to bring its software platform to other devices as well. Boxee’s vice president of marketing Andrew Kippen sat down with me a few days ago to talk strategy, and he […] Read more »

Kevin Nalty, better known in the online video world as Nalts, published the second edition of his free e-book “How to Get Popular on YouTube Without Any Talent” a few days ago. Nalty, whose videos have attracted more than 120 million views on YouTube, published a […] Read more »


People tend to equate BitTorrent with piracy, and we’re not going to pretend that there isn’t a lot of loot out there on torrent sites. However, there’s also plenty of opportunity to download lots of legal goodies, from free documentaries to Creative Commons-licensed music to indie […] Read more »


HDMI Licensing, the company responsible for (you guessed it) licensing the HDMI standard, has announced that it’s working on an update to the current HDMI 1.4 specification to help with the standardization of 3-D TV. HDMI Licensing also released the parts of the current specification that […] Read more »

Hulu clocked more than a billion video views in December, according to comScore data reported by USA Today this morning. The paper took this as an opportunity to look into Hulu’s future plans for premium pricing, but Hulu CEO Jason Kilar kept his lips shut (as […] Read more »

Robin Sloan, former media strategist at Al Gore’s struggling TV network Current, is starting to work for Twitter this week, according to a report from Venturebeat. Sloan is joining the micro-blogging service to handle partnerships with media organizations ranging from citizen journalism initiatives to TV networks […] Read more »

This week, it almost happened. The servers hosting all of Wikipedia’s media were ready to burst, filled up to the max with almost six million files totaling close to eight terabytes of data. Wikimedia Foundation, the organization behind Wikipedia, was able to install a new server […] Read more »

British ISP TalkTalk, who has four million customers after having gobbled up AOL U.K. and Tiscali U.K. in recent years, has vowed to not divulge any customer information to rights holders in pursuit of alleged P2P infringers, according to a report from Torrentfreak. TalkTalk also said […] Read more »

New York-based Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG) believes that people don’t just want to see the same ads online that they’ve already seen on TV. DBG is specialized on long-from branded video, and it just published some data to prove that this type of advertising works better […] Read more »

We all pretty much knew it was happening, and Steve Jobs didn’t let us down: Apple introduced a tablet device called the iPad at today’s event in San Francisco. You can read a play-by-play of the unveiling on TheAppleBlog’s Twitter feed and check this post for […] Read more »

Sadly, Apple isn’t broadcasting today’s much-anticipated event live online, but our pals over at The Apple blog are covering the event live with help from none other that Om himself, who is sitting in the audience right now, waiting for the iSlate, iTablet, iTableau, or whatever […] Read more »

Alan Kay, credited with inventing the concept of the laptop in 1968, has been lambasting computer makers for not maximizing its potential ever since. One device might get close to even Kay’s high standards: The tablet computer that Apple is expected to unveil tomorrow. Read more »

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