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FFmpeg released a new version 0.6 with support for Google’s open source WebM video codec this week. FFmpeg is a suite of tools and libraries that is an important backbone of many well-known video players, transcoding applications and even TV platforms like Boxee, VLC and MPlayer. Read more »

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Still don’t know what Google TV is all about? The company wants to explain it to you in detail, and it has released a new video tour to do so. The video features various third-party content sources compatible with Google TV, but is notably absent. Read more »

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Boxee’s set-top box was scheduled to go on sale this month, but the device won’t actually hit stores until November, the company has announced. Boxee CEO Avner Ronen told us that there were delays in the software production schedule, but he didn’t want to point fingers. Read more »

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The 2010 World Cup in South Africa started today, and Twitter is already seeing huge traffic from fans all over the world chiming in, with up to 150,000 tweets per hour. And Twitter has acknowledged that it’s already struggling with availability issues. Read more »

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Apple’s new iPhone 4 features 720p HD recording, a built-in LED spotlight and the ability to edit videos on the spot through a dedicated iPhone version of iMovie. All of those features should make Cisco pretty nervous as they make the company’s Flip camcorder look outdated. Read more »


Netflix is rolling out a free iPhone app, the company’s CEO Reed Hastings announced during Apple’s WWDC keynote event today. The new app will offer access to the entire Netflix VOD catalog via instant queue and search and also offer streaming through AT&T’s 3G network. Read more »


Comments on YouTube can be pretty rowdy at times. Good thing that YouTube publishers now have a new tool at their disposal to surface good contributions, guide the discussion and even get some interesting feedback on their own work, thanks to YouTube’s integration of Google Moderator. Read more »


Ever wondered how live streaming companies can possibly make any money? Well, how about this for a clue: Ustream announced its new Global Production Services division today, offering offers professional streaming services for concerts, conferences and other events. Live streaming a gig costs $20,000 a night. Read more »

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The season finale of Lost yesterday was seen by 13.5 million viewers in the U.S., plus millions more around the globe through an unprecedented simulcast aimed at preventing P2P piracy. Pundits may think that’s weak, since earlier episodes of had up to 20 million people viewers, […] Read more »


Los Angeles-based District Court judge Stephen Wilson issued a permanent injunction against the torrent indexing site and its owner Garry Fung yesterday, giving Fung pretty much no choice but to shut down Isohunt or make it otherwise inaccessible for U.S.-based file sharers. Read more »


Google used the NBA, Sesame Street and House to show off capabilities of its new Google TV platform, emphasizing how well upcoming devices will work with existing broadcast programming. Dan Gillmor however believes that Google TV will also be a big boost for niche microchannels. Read more »


Logitech’s CEO Jerry Quindlen doesn’t think that consumers are sick of buying new boxes for the living room. In fact, he believes that the Google TV-powered set-top box his company is introducing this fall will lead to consumers buying even more hardware. Read more »


Cloud encoding service provider Zencoder wants to support VP8 as soon as absolutely possible, and the company is excited about Google’s plans to open source the video codec at this week’s Google i/O developer conference in San Francisco. However, don’t count H.264 out just yet. Read more »


Best Buy customers can start downloading movies straight to their LG Blu-ray player soon, thanks to a new download service launched by the retailer later this month. The service will be called CinemaNow – a name that brings back memories for digital media insiders. Read more »


This week’s Google i/O developer conference has been sold out since early March, but the keynotes will be available to everyone through a live stream hosted on YouTube. Expect Google to open source VP8, announce its Google TV platform, dance tango with Intel and more. Read more »

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