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Mobile users browsed the web and checked on scores with their handsets while World Cup soccer games were broadcast, and flocked to YouTube the day after important matches to find video footage of goals, fouls and penalty kicks, according to a new report from Allot Communications. Read more »

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Participants of a public FCC hearing on the proposed Comcast-NBC Universal joint venture warned today that a lack of regulation could be a catastrophic for the online video space. They made references to BP’s oil spill, but also pointed to Comcast’s interference with BitTorrent transfers. Read more »

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BitTorrent is embracing the web with a new SDK that makes it possible to develop web apps for its popular uTorrent client. Users will be able to install these apps within the client, and the company promises that the app ecosystem will be “completely open.” Read more »

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YouTube is now serving 100 million videos per day on its mobile site, and it hopes to better monetize these videos with a new site design that goes live this afternoon. The new site features, among other things, better video playback quality and HTML5 video optimization. Read more » thumb

Steve Jobs promised iPad users “freedom from porn,” and Apple isn’t approving any adult-themed apps for the device. Porn studios like Private Media nonetheless target iPad owners, and Private CEO Ilan Bunimovitz told us that his company has an equally promising offer to make: Freedom from DRM. Read more »

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Seagate’s new Freeagent GoFlex TV tries to marry the sneakernet with online streaming, combining the company’s new GoFlex portable hard drives with online content from Netflix and YouTube. However, the box comes without Wifi, and it can get pretty pricey once you add all the fixins. Read more »

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Pieree Omidyar’s philantrophic investment company has given $500,000 to a Kenya-based TV show called the XYZ Show as part of its latest round of technology investments. The grant is supposed to help XYZ to expand its mobile and online offerings and fund its next season. Read more »

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With the U.S. team, Mexico and many others heading home, will online traffic for World Cup streams and Twitter live updates plummet? First stats seem to signal that interest in the tournament is ebbing off, but the U.S. team’s last game still saw some significant traffic. Read more »

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uTorrent, known as one of the most popular and P2P file sharing clients for Windows, is coming to the Mac: A first 1.0 stable version is available now for download, and uTorrent maker BitTorrent Inc. is planing to soon offer feature parity between the two versions. Read more »


RapidShare used to reward users for generating traffic with hugely popular free downloads, but the one-click-hoster is now revamping its offerings to move into a different direction: Content owners will be able to sell files, making it essentially possible to launch download stores powered by RapidShare. Read more »

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Amazon’s new iPad and iPhone apps let users play audio and video clips within select book titles. The online retailer currently only offers about a dozen titles with such multimedia enhancements, but the update could mean that the next Kindle will support video playback as well. Read more »

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Roku users could soon have access to VOD and linear programming offered by their cable TV operator, thanks to a new partnership between the set-top box maker and TV start-up Clearleap. The partnership also paves the way for Roku to work closer with pay TV operators. Read more »

YouTube has scored a victory in the copyright infringement lawsuit waged against it by Viacom, but the biggest winner of the day may be the DMCA — the 1998 law that was at the core of Google’s defense and that has been called outdated by some. Read more »


The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York has just granted YouTube’s motion for summary judgment against Viacom, meaning that the site is off the hook in Viacom’s billion-dollar copyright infringement case. Read more »

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Three strikes and you’re out used to be the entertainment industry’s favorite approach against P2P piracy. However, with more and more people moving towards one-click hosters, Paramount COO Frederick Huntsberry is now calling three strikes ineffective, instead calling for laws to have ISPs block pirate websites. Read more »

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Comcast and NBC secured a number of well-know supporters for their proposed merger, but today’s FCC comment filing deadline was also used by a number of companies, labor unions and public interest groups to express opposition to the idea of both companies joining forces. Read more »

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The World Cup has been a big traffic machine for ESPN3. The broadband network tracked close to 800,000 soccer fans tuning in for the match between the U.S. and Slovenia. Competitor on the other hand had its best day when Mexico faced off against France. Read more »

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FFmpeg released a new version 0.6 with support for Google’s open source WebM video codec this week. FFmpeg is a suite of tools and libraries that is an important backbone of many well-known video players, transcoding applications and even TV platforms like Boxee, VLC and MPlayer. Read more »

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