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Christopher “Monty” Montgomery, better know as the lead developer of the open video format Ogg Theora, released a video that dubs itself a digital media primer for geeks today. The video is going to kick-start a monthly series that aims to make technical subjects understandable. Read more »


The UI of Netflix on the Wii is going to get a major revamp: Netflix has started to send out new Wii discs to a limited number of subscribers that feature, amongst other things, search and browse buttons to explore the entire Watch Instantly catalog. Read more »


A Spanish court dismissed a lawsuit against Google’s video sharing site YouTube today. The lawsuit was brought forward against YouTube by the Spanish broadcaster Telecinco, who alleged in it that the video sharing site didn’t do enough against and even profited from its users copyright infringement. Read more »

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European parliamentarians ratified a report today that is widely seen as an attempt to bring so-called three strikes measures against P2P file sharing back into the spotlight. Three strikes is seen as controversial in Europe, but the report insists that current laws don’t go far enough. Read more »

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apple tv shows

Apple is hoping that $0.99 TV show rentals will kick-start the sale of its Apple TV device, but Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer isn’t having any of it. He simply thinks that those cheap rentals are underpriced, which is why his company stays away from them. Read more »


I just put in my order for the Boxee Box. With the recently unveiled Apple TV offering little more than Netflix streaming and Google TV trying to play nice with cable subscriptions and DVRs, this one looks like the right choice for my living room. Read more »

Nokia’s Ovi store has taken a perceived backseat to the iTunes App Store and Android Market. We spoke with Qik EVP Bob Rosin and several other developers at Nokia World for their perspective on Nokia’s Ovi Store enhancements, Symbian^3, and the Qt development tools. Read more »

avner ronen

Boxee’s Avner Ronen doesn’t like the recently launched new Apple TV, and he thinks that Google’s idea to center its Google TV around a simple search box is not very mainstream-friendly. Check out our interview with Ronen for more thoughts on Boxee’s competition and future. Read more »


Ivi streams live TV from broadcasters like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and PBS, but it didn’t sign a single contract with any of these companies. Instead, it relies on a clause in U.S. copyright law that allows cable TV providers to retransmit over-the-air broadcast content. Read more »

google tv search

Thought Google’s new Instant Search looks a little familiar? maybe it’s because you’ve seen some of the early demo videos of Google TV, the search giant’s upcoming living room platform. Google TV features a very similar instant search functionality, which makes perfect sense for couch potatoes. Read more »


Ooyala has raised more than $22 million in a new round of financing, which brings the total amount of money raised to $42 million. Existing investors were joined by new venture money from China and Japan, and Ooyala is now preparing to further its Asia expansion. Read more »

new chatroulette

Chatroulette relaunched today after a week’s absence with a new front-end design and the disappearance of some recently launched features. The chat service, which once placed the video feeds of chat partners on top of one other, is now de-emphasizing the user’s video screen. Read more »

ericsson study cover

Linear TV still reigns supreme, but more and more consumers around the world are using time shifting and online video on a regular basis. A new study from Ericsson’s ConsumerLab say that 45 percent of all viewers access TV through online platforms once a week. Read more »

boxee movie library

Boxee users can now find new movies for streaming just as easily as they’ve been able to explore TV content, thanks to a new movie library that’s part of the latest software update. The movie library offers access to content from Hulu, YouTube and indie partners. Read more »

netgear neotv

Do we need yet another media player? Netgear certainly thinks so, and they added Blu-ray supoort to their new NeoTV 550 device make their case. The company is also releasing a number of Powerline products specifically targeted towards bringing HD video streaming to the living room. Read more »


U.S. Pay TV subscriptions have declined for the first time in history in the second quarter. Comcast & other cableco’s lost a total of 711,000 subscribers last quarter, which represents the biggest quarterly loss ever for cable TV. Telcos and sattellite TV providers were better off. Read more »

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