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Microsoft’s IE blog has published a follow-up to Friday’s post about Internet Explorer exclusively supporting H.264 for HTML5 video, answering many questions raised by commenters and debunking some misconceptions. Here’s the gist: Microsoft will continue to support Flash, as well as Silverlight, for video playback. The […] Read more »


A German appeals court recently dismissed a lower court verdict against Switzerland-based one-click host site RapidShare, noting that the company can’t be held responsible for the actions of its users. The Dusseldorf-based court also found that there are no reasonable ways for RapidShare to control file […] Read more »


Consumers still aren’t warming up to YouTube’s video rentals, even with the site offering critically acclaimed movies like Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire, Reservoir Dogs and 3:10 to Yuma as paid streams. YouTube added titles from Indie powerhouse Lionsgate to its rental offering […] Read more »

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We love our memes here at camp NewTeeVee. Rick Astley, angry Hitler, cute kittens, drugged-out kids: The web video world wouldn’t be half as exciting without all those viral goodies, which is why we’re very much looking forward to this Friday and Saturday, when the 2nd […] Read more »

Yahoo secures Premier League highlights; U.K. users will be able to watch highlights of the English Premier League on Yahoo from the start of the 2010/11 season. (Broadband TV News) Sony Said to Announce TVs With Intel Chips, Google Tools in May; Google TV sets will […] Read more »


The controversy surrounding pop musician M.I.A.’s Born Free video just got a little more interesting: Music video portal Vevo explained in a blog post this morning that it is going to continue to show Born Free “with appropriate messaging for viewers.” But it will turn to […] Read more »


Updated: YouTube has started to roll out a new Flash video player across its site that features not only a completely new design, but also offers some nifty bits of information about the performance of the current video. Some users first started to report the player […] Read more »

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State Attorney General Jerry Brown, Google’s Green Energy Czar Bill Weihl and Squid Labs Co-Founder Paul Griffith are just a few of the speakers at tomorrow’s GreenNet 2010 conference. GreenNet is organized by Earth2Tech, which is of course a fellow GigaOM network blog, and we’re happy […] Read more »


TechCrunch revealed this weekend that the site is about to launch a 24-hour web TV channel dubbed TechCrunch TV next month. The channel will be spearheaded by TechCrunch columnist Paul Carr, who has been contributing to the site as a weekly columnist for close to a […] Read more »


The developers of the open source h.264 codec x264 have just released an update that makes it possible to burn Blu-ray discs on regular DVD-9 or even DVD-5 DVD-Rs. x264 uses advanced compression to fit Blu-ray movies on much cheaper DVD-Rs “with a reasonable level of […] Read more »


One-click file hoster RapidShare has begun to send cease and desist orders to websites that index its content, according to a Torrentfreak report. Some of the sites targeted are, and See a pattern here? Apparently RapidShare’s legal counsel did as well, which is […] Read more »


Looks like P2P piracy isn’t just for zit-faced teenagers anymore: the act of downloading videos, music, e-books and other goodies is most popular with male users between the ages of 20 and 29, according to a new survey by Germany’s GfK Panel Services that was commissioned […] Read more »

San Francisco-based gay adult entertainment company Titan Media has sued aptly named free video streaming site and its two German founders for copyright infringements, demanding $1.35 million in damages, according to a report from adult industry magazine Xbiz. Titan is alleging that the duo has […] Read more »

nascar-raceview-thumb has to date seen 70 percent more video views in 2010 as in the same time frame last year, clocking a total of 14.2 million views by Monday of this week, compared to 8.3 million views in 2009. The site has also seen a more […] Read more »


Xbox users could soon have another reason to cancel cable: former News Corp. President Peter Chernin is reportedly in talks with Microsoft to create an Xbox-only TV network, according to Bloomberg. The channel would feature exclusive programming, as well as reruns of TV network shows. Microsoft […] Read more »


A new collaborative online video editing suite dubbed Stroome is going into public beta this week, with an official unveiling planned for Wednesday at the USC Annenberg School of Communication & Journalism, where Stroome was developed as a graduate project. Stroome is based on the Kaltura […] Read more »


Dr. Horrible is back for more. For more of its fans love and spare change, that is, as the web’s favorite musical is gearing of for a Blu-ray release next month. The disc will feature a bunch of extras, including the previously released Commentary! The Musical, […] Read more »


Boxee scored its second major sports league partnership today, bringing hockey fans live NHL games through an officially sanctioned NHL GameCenter Live app — provided they’re willing to pay $19.95 per month or $79 per year, that is. The NHL app will offer paying Boxee users […] Read more »

Syabas Technology, better know as the maker of the Popcorn Hour set-top box, is officially launching the SDK for its upcoming Popbox device today. The Popbox SDK will allow developers to build Flash lite apps that can be distributed through the device’s app center. Popbox marketing […] Read more »


Ever since we broke the news earlier this week that Google is going to open source its VP8 video codec at its Google i/O event next month, speculations have been abounded as to what this means for Ogg Theora, the video codec of choice of open […] Read more »


Once again, it pays to be first, but having free TV content probably didn’t hurt either: ABC announced today that it has seen more than 212,000 downloads of its iPad application ever since the Apple tablet went on sale less than two weeks ago. The broadcaster also […] Read more »


Are you expecting, elderly or prone to have a few beers while watching a soccer match? Then you shouldn’t watch it in 3-D, according to a warning label Samsung is distributing with its 3-D TV sets (hat tip to High-Def Digest). The CE maker is also […] Read more »


Nike’s new Tiger Woods commercial is going viral in a massive way, according to new stats from Visible Measures. The clip, which features Tiger looking into the camera while his father’s voice states the wish to “find out what (his) thinking was,” received more than 2.7 […] Read more »


You could call them the Oscars of the web, the Emmys of online video, or the Webbys of… webby things with moving images, I guess. Either way, the Streamy Awards, which are happening this Sunday in Los Angeles,  are indisputably the most prestigious awards show of […] Read more »

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Twitter users are way more engaged with music videos than average web surfers, new stats from Brightcove show. A user that stumbles across a music video via Twitter watches two and a half minutes of the clip, on average, before clicking away. One who finds music […] Read more »

Want to watch Tiger Woods play golf live online? Apparently, you’re not the only one: is clocking record numbers for its live stream of the 2010 Masters Live tournament. The broadcaster clocked 56,090 556,090 unique visitors tuning into its live streams yesterday alone, which represents […] Read more »

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