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Los Angeles-based District Court judge Stephen Wilson issued a permanent injunction against the torrent indexing site and its owner Garry Fung yesterday, giving Fung pretty much no choice but to shut down Isohunt or make it otherwise inaccessible for U.S.-based file sharers. Read more »


Google used the NBA, Sesame Street and House to show off capabilities of its new Google TV platform, emphasizing how well upcoming devices will work with existing broadcast programming. Dan Gillmor however believes that Google TV will also be a big boost for niche microchannels. Read more »

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Logitech’s CEO Jerry Quindlen doesn’t think that consumers are sick of buying new boxes for the living room. In fact, he believes that the Google TV-powered set-top box his company is introducing this fall will lead to consumers buying even more hardware. Read more »

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Cloud encoding service provider Zencoder wants to support VP8 as soon as absolutely possible, and the company is excited about Google’s plans to open source the video codec at this week’s Google i/O developer conference in San Francisco. However, don’t count H.264 out just yet. Read more »


Best Buy customers can start downloading movies straight to their LG Blu-ray player soon, thanks to a new download service launched by the retailer later this month. The service will be called CinemaNow – a name that brings back memories for digital media insiders. Read more »


This week’s Google i/O developer conference has been sold out since early March, but the keynotes will be available to everyone through a live stream hosted on YouTube. Expect Google to open source VP8, announce its Google TV platform, dance tango with Intel and more. Read more »


Thought Google’s upcoming Androind-based Google TV platform was just about advertising? Think again: TV apps are estimated to generate nearly $1.9 billion in revenue by 2015, according to a new report from our friends at GigaOm Pro titled TV Apps: Evolution from Novelty to Mainstream. Read more »


Watch out, and Ustream: BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen is working on a new P2P protocol, and it’s all about live streaming. BitTorrent Inc. announced the new protocol for the first time this week, and it could release a first implementation as early as this summer. Read more »


The Nazis fled Germany at the end of World War II, thanks to a secret space travel program, and settled on the moon. 70 years later, they’re ready to come back. That’s the premise of the collaboratively produced movie Iron Sky. Click through for first footage. Read more »


Thailand’s government is cracking down on opposition protests in Bangkok, leaving protesters wounded and dead. Opposition groups are using the Internet do get the word out, but live streaming sites like and can’t be accessed from within the country due to censorship. Read more »


NewTeeVee relaunched last night as part of the GigaOM network-wide redesign that started in November of 2009. It’s the second redesign since NewTeeVee started more than three years ago, and it’s our most ambitious one yet. Read more »


Motor sport fans can soon watch races live from the Nürburgring on their computer, thanks to a new broadband network dubbed Speed2 that is going to be launched by Fox this June. Speed2 is tied to Fox’s Speed cable channel and will initially only be available […] Read more »


Showtime is working on its own TV Everywhere play with a website that will offer subscribers online access to its programming, according to a report from Bloomberg. The CBS-owned premium cable channel apparently plans something similar to HBO Go, a site launched by HBO in February. […] Read more »


Licensing negotiations between YouTube and the German music rights group GEMA have broken down, and GEMA is now demanding that the video share site take down or block access to hundreds of works. Representatives of GEMA announced today that they’ve struck an alliance with a number […] Read more »


Internet users trying to access from within Thailand are currently being forwarded to a government website telling them that access to is temporarily suspended due to an “emergency situation.” The emergency in question is civil unrest against Thailand’s government. Protests, which have also been […] Read more »


Roku owners will soon be able to browse Netflix’s entire Watch Instantly catalog and search for titles through an entirely new interface, the company just announced. Watch the promo video embedded below the jump for a first demo. A company spokesperson told us that Roku boxes […] Read more »


Editor’s note: Mark Cuban published a post on his blog yesterday titled The Future of TV is……TV in which he proclaimed that consumers don’t want over-the-top video, but instead want to watch cable TV and VOD on their new, shiny HDTVs. Naturally we disagreed, and couldn’t […] Read more »


Seagate is introducing a new line of external drives dubbed GoFlex today that is in many ways a direct response to the way people use storage for video. The drives themselves come with a modular cable system that allows end users to quickly change from a […] Read more »


The number of companies booking display ads on YouTube grew by a factor of 10 in the last year, according to a Bloomberg report published today. This revelation comes as Google is looking to boost its overall display ad revenue, which some think may hit $1 […] Read more »


Microsoft’s IE blog has published a follow-up to Friday’s post about Internet Explorer exclusively supporting H.264 for HTML5 video, answering many questions raised by commenters and debunking some misconceptions. Here’s the gist: Microsoft will continue to support Flash, as well as Silverlight, for video playback. The […] Read more »


A German appeals court recently dismissed a lower court verdict against Switzerland-based one-click host site RapidShare, noting that the company can’t be held responsible for the actions of its users. The Dusseldorf-based court also found that there are no reasonable ways for RapidShare to control file […] Read more »


Consumers still aren’t warming up to YouTube’s video rentals, even with the site offering critically acclaimed movies like Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire, Reservoir Dogs and 3:10 to Yuma as paid streams. YouTube added titles from Indie powerhouse Lionsgate to its rental offering […] Read more »


We love our memes here at camp NewTeeVee. Rick Astley, angry Hitler, cute kittens, drugged-out kids: The web video world wouldn’t be half as exciting without all those viral goodies, which is why we’re very much looking forward to this Friday and Saturday, when the 2nd […] Read more »

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