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netflix ps3

Don’t want to read all those movie descriptions when navigating the Netflix online catalog? Then you might be interested in a new feature the company going to test next month on the PS3: Netflix will start streaming two minute video previews of its titles. Read more »

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hbo go

Microsoft is reportedly in talks to bring more TV content to its Xbox Live service. One option on the table is to directly license cable networks like HBO and Showtime, another is to compete with Comcast & Co. on their home turf by selling cable-like subscription bundles. Read more »


A Google TV Blu-ray player for $300, an antenna capable of receiving OTA HD TV signals for $5 and a Roku box for 20% off: Those are only a few of the Black Friday deals we’ve found for people ready to cut the pay TV cord. Read more »

moonlight hardware acceleration

The best hardware acceleration for Microsoft’s Silverlight… runs on Linux? Developers of the open source Moonlight adaptation of Silverlight have just brought the ability to utilize GPU processing for 3-D rendering and video playback to the platform, and it apparently performs better than the original version. Read more »

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Want to watch The Daily Show, The Colbert Report or Drawn Together on Google TV? Then don’t be discouraged by the fact that Comedy Central’s corporate parent just started blocking Google TV devices, as regaining access to these videos only takes a minute. Read more »

Boxee Monkey

Boxee made a name for itself with a cool media center application and a take-no-prisoners attitude. With its first device shipping this holiday season, the New York-based startup is streamlining its software and warming up to content owners. Question is, will its early adopters follow? Read more »

shufflr app2

Bangalore-based Althea Systems is announcing a $3 million Series A funding from Intel Capital today. The start-up recently launched its social video browser Shufflr this summer, and it has also built a video discovery platform dubbed ShuffleFeed that it plans to open to developers soon. Read more »


Want to keep local news and major league sports on broadcast channels like ABC, CBS and Fox? Then stay out of our business, and let us make money through higher retransmission fees: That’s the message News Corp. President Chase Carey has for politicians in Washington. Read more »


The first Boxee Boxes are shipping, and we got our hands on one of them, despite the fact that review units are apparently still in transit. How does the packaging look like, and what’s in the box? Check out our unboxing video to find out. Read more »

glee episode

Want to watch Glee, Bones or House on your Google TV device? Then better hurry up, because is trying to block access to its content. There’s currently a loophole available, but that might change soon. Of couse, the cat and mouse game continues nonetheless. Read more »

justin bieber

It doesn’t really get any bigger than this in the world of YouTube stardom: Justin Bieber announced via Twitter today that he clocked more than a billion video views on YouTube. He’s the second musician ever to break the billion, closely following Lady Gaga’s online success. Read more »

netflix tv content

TV show episodes account for half of the content streamed on Netflix, according to the company’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos, who also has an interesting explanation for this phenomenon: Netflix previously gravitated towards licensing TV content because most of its early movie catalog was “junk.” Read more »

California dreaming 2

How about this for day-and-date: The Dutch documentary California Dreaming will be available legally, for free, via BitTorrent today while it airs on TV. The movie is released by and licensed under a Creative Commons license that even allows viewers and downloaders to remix it. Read more »

syfy blocking google tv used to be one of a few cable network sites that let Google TV users catch up on entire episodes of its shows – but no more: The NBC-owned network is now preventing Google TV users from accessing its content, much like, and Read more »


It wasn’t meant to last: Google TV users discovered last night that they can access Hulu content via the site’s distribution partner, but the loophole has already been closed. However, Hulu said that it is in active discussions to bring Hulu Plus to Google TV. Read more »

logitech revue

You’re getting a Google TV! And you, and you and you: That’s how it must feel like to be a Google Code developer these days… Google has started to notify members of its developer community that they’re eligible to receive a free Logitech Revue box. Read more »

webm logo

Most of the videos that are watched every day on YouTube are now available in Google’s WebM open source video format, according to WebM’s product manager, WebM also has seen an increased adoption in the hardware space, with first devices coming out early next year, Read more »

CC logi revue

Google TV wants to combine the world of television with the countless videos available online – but does this work for cord cutters as well? That’s the question we asked in this week’s episode of Cord Cutters, which also covers Veebeam and Legend of Neil. Read more »

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