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What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas: A number of companies are streaming their press conferences live online, and a bunch of tech news outlets produce live programming straight from the conference floor. Check out our live streaming calendar for all things CES. Read more »

ConnecTV on MIPS Skype Chat Highlighted (2)

MIPS is announcing its new Android-powered SmartCE platform at CES today, showing off set-top boxes running Froyo, Skype video chat and a home media center solution. Platforms like these could one day also run on your cable box. But what does that mean for Google TV? Read more »

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netflix alternative ps3 interface

Almost every third cable or satellite TV customer would consider to cut the cord and replace cable with online video, according to a new J.P. Morgan consumer survey. Give those people a Netflix subscription, and they’re even more likely to say good-bye to the cable guy. Read more »


Chatroulette, WebM, the World Cup and Apple Tv were only some of the topics that interested our readers the most in 2010. Our Top 10 also includes stories about Flash on Android, the YouTube lawsuit, the Winter Olympics and – don’t blush – porn on the iPad. Read more »

bee hive

You may think you’re downloading a movie or a TV show via BitTorrent — but you’re really taking part in a massive distributed denial of service attack against a major corporation. Sounds like Sci-Fi? Well, it’s possible today, thanks to a security vulnerability in BitTorrent’s protocol. Read more »

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newteevee video top 10

2010 marked the year when the NewTeeVee crew started its first-ever own weekly web series called Cord Cutters – but we also recorded a whole bunch of interviews, product reviews and comparisons. Check out some of the highlights of our original video content in this Top 10 list. Read more »


Get ready for a VLC app for your Android mobile phone. The team behind the open source media player project has been busy hacking away on an Android port, and it recently had a breakthrough that allowed to overcome one major obstacle and actually play video. Read more »

tivo big

Getting a new TiVo Premiere DVR through a lease from your cable company? Then don’t be surprised if it offers you less than the same device sold in stores: Hulu and Netflix aren’t allowed to offer their subscription services on DVRs distributed by cable companies. Read more »


Google TV is postponing its coming out party at CES, according to the New York Times, with manufacturers from Sharp to Toshiba holding of on device unveilings. Google reportedly wants to spend more time on improving the product – and we go some unsolicited advice. Read more »


Texas customers of cable TV provider Suddenlink will soon receive their first TiVo DVRs, but one crucial feature will be missing from those devices: Netflix is contractually not allowed to deliver its service to gear deployed by cable companies. The reason? Hollywood wants to protect VOD. Read more »

netflix alternative ps3 interface

Is the Netflix interface on your PS3 looking a little funny these days? Then you might have been chosen to participate in an A/B test of new UIs for connected devices, made possible by innovative use of technologies like HTML5 as well as the Netflix API. Read more »

youtube trends

Want to know what kind of videos are popular in Hong Kong, Honolulu or Houston? YouTube’s new Trends site offers direct access to some of its localized data, offering the ability to compare trends globally — and showcasing how Google could surface videos in the future. Read more »

Liverpool street station in the UK at rush hour with all faces blurred out and logos/trademarks removed

Today marks the introduction of GigaOm’s first Net:Work conference. The conference will examine the future of work, with topics ranging from the human cloud to new collaboration tools to the management of a remote workforce. Can’t join us in person? Then check out the live stream. Read more »


Android users will finally be able to play video encoded with the open source WebM video format: Google’s new Android 2.3 Gingerbread release adds WebM support to the platform. However, it may take until long after the holiday season until the Gingerbread man arrives on handsets. Read more »


Want to know what the future of Netflix looks like, and what kind of features the company will offer in the months to come? Then pay close attention to its Canadian subscription service, as many new features are rolled out north of the border first. Read more »


Adobe took another big step toward improving the Flash video playback experience with the release of its Flash player 10.2 today. The new player reduces to CPU load of HD video playback to as little as zero percent by using technology already used by Google TV. Read more »

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