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This week’s GUADEC conference in The Hague is the first event ever to be live streamed in the new open source WebM video codec. The livestream is hosted by Flumotion, and the company’s CTO Thomas Vander Stichele believes that WebM could become mainstream soon. Read more »

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There have been rumors this week that Apple is working with TiVo to bring DVR functionality to the next generation of its Apple TV. A cooperation like this seems highly unlikely, but Apple’s app strategy could open the door for a TiVo presence on the device. Read more »

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Netflix users that access the company’s Watch Instantly service through their Playstation can now search its entire catalog without any laptop on their knees. Search is an important update, but it’s unclear yet when PS3 owners will finally be able to ditch their Netflix disks. Read more »


Still don’t have a 3-D TV? Don’t feel bad: 3-D TV sets aren’t actually the big consumer electronics trend of the year, according to a new report from iSuppli. That title goes to Internet-enabled TV sets, with worldwide shipments reaching 27.7 million units this year. Read more »

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Chatroulette has announced that it is going to take steps against the worst offenders on its service, threatening people who exposed themselves to minors with the police. The site announced it has collected evidence of such incidents, but it didn’t spy on any actual conversations. Read more »

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YouTube is experimenting with a new form of embeds that will play on an iPad right within a web page, making it unnecessary to launch the iPad YouTube app every time you want to watch a video. However, the new format isn’t ready for prime time. Read more »


A Dutch court let local ISPs off the hook today, deciding that they won’t have to block their customers’ access to The Pirate Bay. However, the founders of the site were ordered to prevent Dutch users from accessing their torrent site just a few days ago. Read more »

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Chatroulette introduced new features this week, but the extensive media coverage of the new Channelroulette and Localroulette offerings inevitably led to tons of penis jokes. So what can the site do to succeed? How can it possibly make money, and what needs to be fixed first? Read more »

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Mobile users browsed the web and checked on scores with their handsets while World Cup soccer games were broadcast, and flocked to YouTube the day after important matches to find video footage of goals, fouls and penalty kicks, according to a new report from Allot Communications. Read more »

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Participants of a public FCC hearing on the proposed Comcast-NBC Universal joint venture warned today that a lack of regulation could be a catastrophic for the online video space. They made references to BP’s oil spill, but also pointed to Comcast’s interference with BitTorrent transfers. Read more »

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BitTorrent is embracing the web with a new SDK that makes it possible to develop web apps for its popular uTorrent client. Users will be able to install these apps within the client, and the company promises that the app ecosystem will be “completely open.” Read more »


YouTube is now serving 100 million videos per day on its mobile site, and it hopes to better monetize these videos with a new site design that goes live this afternoon. The new site features, among other things, better video playback quality and HTML5 video optimization. Read more » thumb

Steve Jobs promised iPad users “freedom from porn,” and Apple isn’t approving any adult-themed apps for the device. Porn studios like Private Media nonetheless target iPad owners, and Private CEO Ilan Bunimovitz told us that his company has an equally promising offer to make: Freedom from DRM. Read more »

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Seagate’s new Freeagent GoFlex TV tries to marry the sneakernet with online streaming, combining the company’s new GoFlex portable hard drives with online content from Netflix and YouTube. However, the box comes without Wifi, and it can get pretty pricey once you add all the fixins. Read more »

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