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Has Comcast been imposing extra peering fees on Level 3 to hurt Netflix, which is competing with its TV business? That’s what Netflix is alleging in its just-published annual report, without actually stating it that frankly. The warning is carefully worded, but Netflix is clearly concerned. Read more »

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Want to watch the ICC Cricket World Cup that’s starting this week? Then don’t expect to find many live streams on the big streaming sites. Piracy of live sports has moved to smaller for-pay sites, according to the official ICC World Cup streaming partner Read more »

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Anyone interested in following the continuing unrest in the Middle East should pay attention to Al-Jazeera English, whose reporting about Egypt’s revolution has been unrivaled. The network isn’t available through any major U.S. cable provider, but there are still plenty of ways to tune in. Read more »

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The wait is over for Boxee Box owners, as the startup is finally making its Netflix app available today. The app comes as part of a new firmware update, which also features some added security measures. Boxee previously had to delay its Netflix rollout twice. Read more »

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Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week is starting this week, and Internet users are once again invited to follow the event with front row seating, thanks to multiple live streams. You’ll even be able to chat with Victoria’s Secret models and designer Tommy Hilfiger himself. Read more »


The Packers may have prevailed over the Steelers, but the real winner of the Super Bowl XLV was Twitter: Users of the service sent out more than three million tweets related to the game on Sunday and helped to generate record TV viewing audiences for Fox. Read more »


A few thousand consumers are pledging to never ever download any unlicensed movie via BitTorrent again, as long as Hollywood offers them a legal alternative that comes without DRM, local restrictions, release windows and premium pricing. Illusionary demands, or a necessary attempt to aim high? Read more »


The folks behind the comic book fan site iFanboy got together to discuss their different approaches towards cord cutting for this special guest episode of Cord Cutters. Turns out comic book aficionados are just as obsessed with Netflix and Hulu as everyone else. Read more »

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The BBC wants to bring personal video recommendations to its iPlayer catch-up service, and it’s been testing a number of methods and algorithms as part of a multiyear research project. The broadcaster just finished a final field test, and its lessons learned are worth a look. Read more »

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Did you watch the unrest in Egypt unfold via Al-Jazeera’s English-language live feed? You’re not alone: The Qatar-based news network has seen its traffic syrocket – and it now intends to use some of this momentum to finally gain a foothold in the U.S. cable market. Read more »

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Army tanks are rolling on the streets of the Egyptian city of Cairo today, and social media coverage has been largely cut off by a natiowide Internet black-out. However, Al-Jazeera is still reporting live, and an English-language feed of their coverage is available online. Read more »

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Want to listen to conversations with Bill Clinton, Robert DeNiro and Bono, live from the World Economic Forum in Davos? Then prepare to get up early – live streams are starting tonight at midnight Pacific, and will continue until the end of he meeting on Sunday. Read more »


Want to watch a 24-hour news network without having cable? Then you might want to check out Tiltview, a mashup that combines news clips from a number of networks to a continuous 24-hour stream, complete with leanback-like user interface developed with Google TV in mind. Read more »


Here’s another sign that cord cutting is going mainstream: Scammer have found a new source of revenue in people’s quest to rid themselves of their cable bill, and they’ve set up dozens of web sites selling software with links to otherwise freely available video content. Read more »


Did online viewers kill Caprica? Not exactly, says SyFy Digital’s GM Craig Engler. However, Hulu and Co. don’t bring in nearly as much money as traditional advertising, which is why Nielsen ratings still matter more than anything else when it comes to a show’s fate. Read more »

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Boxee Box owners, the wait is over: No, you’re not getting your long-promised Netflix app quite yet. But you will finally be able to rent and purchase major Hollywood movies, in HD and 3D, thanks to the official launch of the Vudu app on Boxee. Read more »


German rights holders have turned litigation against file sharers into a money machine that just keeps on giving. P2P activists estimate estimates that Germany’s BitTorrent users faced more than half a million lawsuits in 2010. Some people even got sued multiple times for the same file. Read more »

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