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Adobe just released a new HTML5 video widget for Dreamweaver users and other web developers. The widget aims to make it easier to play video without using Flash, but it still reverts to the format for users that don’t have browsers with HTML5 video support installed. Read more »

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Conan O’Brien is returning to the airwaves on November 8. Can’t wait? Then how about a 24 hour video marathon, streamed live from the Team CoCo headquarters? The stream is starting at 10 a.m. Pacific today, and it’s brought to you by YouTube and Conan’s stairwell. Read more »

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Boxee is announcing the shipping date for its Boxee Box today: Amazon will start to ship the set-top box on November 10, and other stores will start selling it on November 17. Boxee’s new software version 1.0 will be previewed on the 10th as well. Read more »


You can’t accesss with a new Google TV device out of the box, but some of the first owners of Sony’s Google-powered Internet TV have already figured out a work-around: Apparenyly, all it takes to get all those TV shows is a simple settings change. Read more »

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Canadians love online video just as much as their U.S. couch potato counterparts. A new study from M Consulting and Ipsos Reid reveals that 81 percent of Canadians occasionally watch videos online. An impressive 41 percent even turn to online video more than once a week. Read more »

lovefilm ps3

U.K.-based PS3 owners will soon be able to access some 4000 movies through LoveFilm. The DVD subscription service is taking a cue from its U.S. counterpart Netflix by extending its online video offering to the game console after forging an alliance with Sony earlier this year. Read more »

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The prices unveiled by Sony for its line-up of Google TV devices didn’t convince you? Then how about $796 for a 40′ TV set with Google TV? That’s a price that briefly popped up on Sony’s consumer electronics website yesterday. Are more price cuts in store? Read more »


The Open Video Alliance is trying to jump-start the contribution of video to Wikipedia by getting educators and cultural institutions involved. The organization just published a white paper abut Wikipedia that, amongst other things, explains how exactly you get your video clips included in Wikipedia articles. Read more »

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Apple TV users really really want to use FaceTime: That’s the result of a admittedly completely unscientific poll of our readership that we did a week ago. And they’re right: FaceTime could be a killer app — all Apple needs now is an HD USB camera. Read more »


Right Wing Radio Duck captured the internet by storm earlier this week. The mash-up, which has an out-of-luck Donald Duck falling for Glenn Beck’s rhetoric, even received praise from Beck himself. But how long did it take to produce this? We decided to find out. Read more »


Twitter video community 12seconds has announced that it is going to shut down by October 22. 12seconds was self-funded, which didn’t exactly help it to compete with other start-ups in this space – but don’t expect CEO Sol Lipman to blame the lack of funding. Read more »

googletv site

Google unveiled the web site for its Google TV platform today, showcasing some of the features and apps of upcoming devices to prospective buyers. It’s Google’s first attempt to tell consumers what Google TV is all about, but it doesn’t reveal many previously unannounced features. Read more »


It’s coming down to the wire today for Novacut, a new open source project that aims to produce a collaborative video editor for users of HDSLR cameras. Novacut has been running a Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000 in funding since late August. Today is the last […] Read more »


20 percent of all broadcasts on now originate from the recently launched Android and iPhone apps. This number is poised to grow even further with a new iOS app supporting streams from the new iPod touch. Next up could be an app for Blackberry phones. Read more »


Two computer scientists have released source code for a tool that is capable of decrypting HDCP-protected video in real time, delivering another blow to a content protection system that is in use in most modern home entertainment devices. With it, HDCP could become an open secret. Read more »


YouTube and the French music rights group SACEM have reached a royalty agreement that will compensate rights holders for the use of their music in YouTube videos accessed by French users. However, YouTube is still missing a similar agreement with Germany’s music rights group GEMA. Read more »

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Today’s Mobilize 2010 conference, organized by GigaOM, is taking a look at the future of the mobile web. Speakers include Nicholas Negroponte, Mike Kuniavsky and Ken Denman. No ticket? No worries. Each and every session, keynote and red carpet interview and panel will be streamed live. Read more »


3-D isn’t just for sports and movies anymore: Close to 35,000 people watched what was billed as the world’s first 3-D live concert in Europe yesterday. The event was captured with five live-optimized 3-D cameras, and required a broadcast staff of more than 100 people. Read more »


The Wikipedia’s Wikimedia foundation doesn’t want to be a slave to high video bandwidth costs. Instead, it is using BitTorrent-based P2P technology to distribute the growing amount of video on Users can simply install a Firefox plug-in to help with the distribution of Wikipedia videos. Read more »

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