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Google wants to sell you movie rentals from major Hollywood studios on YouTube, according to reports that surfaced last night. The question is: Would anyone pay? YouTube’s past VOD efforts haven’t fared so well, and only attracted a few hundred paid plays for some movies. Read more »


Yahoo scooped up social TV startup IntoNow for more than $20 million today. The deal doesn’t just give Yahoo one of the hottest new entrants to the TV check-in game; it also offers access to technology that could help Yahoo with its Connected TV platform. Read more »

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Google’s open video format WebM has some new backers, with companies like Cisco, LG and Samsung joining a cross-licensing initiative to insure themselves against patent-related litigation. However, the need for such an initiative also shows how serious Google has to take any threats of patent lawsuits. Read more »

EV Panel: Jerome Guillen, Tesla Motors, and Chris Paulson, CODA Automotive, at Green:Net 2011

Making all-electric vehicles is easier if you haven’t been building gas guzzlers for the better part of a century: That’s the mantra put firth by representatives from Tesla and CODA. Both said today at GigaOM’s Green:Net conference that there is space for indie EV car makers. Read more »

greennet watch now

Do you think companies like Facebook, Twitter and Amazon should clean up their acts and stop using coal? Are you into electric vehicles? Do you want to know what’s next in the clean energy market? Then tune into the live stream of GigaOM’s Green:Net conference. Read more »

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Miso, GetGlue and Tunerfish all want to be the Foursquare of TV check-ins – but a closer look at data from Trendrr shows that only one of these services is really catching on. Most users seem to prefer to talk about TV shows on Twitter instead. Read more »

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Boxee violated the GPL v3 by closing down its Boxee Box platform and making it impossible to install user-submitted software, alleges an open source developer. Boxee says that it isn’t shipping any GPL v3-licensed software anymore and promises a complete audit of its open source code. Read more »

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Any new video uploaded to YouTube will be automatically encoded in WebM, the open-source video format that’s backed by Google, Mozilla and others. YouTube has also been busy transcoding its back catalog and has now around 30 percent of all videos available in WebM. Read more »

obama facebook townhall

President Obama is coming to Facebook HQ tomorrow to answer questions about the economy and the budget in a special online town hall meeting. The event will also feature Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Obama may have to deal with questions about marijuana and gambling. Read more »

Those days of watching hours of Netflix together may soon end.

Families could soon be able to add multiple users profiles to their Netflix accounts, according to statements published by the company. Netflix is also thinking about allowing simultaneous streams to multiple devices and shifting its general focus from targeting household towards targeting individual subscribers. Read more »

ipad youtube

Want to watch the Coachella festival’s live stream on the iPad? Then you’re out of luck, at least if you access it via YouTube’s live streaming platform, which doesn’t support iOS. However, a new web app makes all those live streams available to iPads as well. Read more »


Netflix could soon be forced to spend more money on Canadian content and run programming “that reflects Canadian attitudes, opinions, ideas, values and artistic creativity,” if Canada’s TV incumbents have their way. An industry consortium asked regulators this month to treat Netflix like plain old TV. Read more »


Want to watch Duran Duran, The Strokes or The National at Coachella, but didn’t get a ticket in time? Don’t worry, you don’t have pay thousands of dollars to shady ticket resellers on Craigslist: The festival will be live streamed for free on Youtube as well. Read more »


Professional cataloguers can be great if you want to index content — for professional cataloguers. But if you want to help average people find videos, then you should embrace user-contributed tags, even if they can contain spelling errors. Don’t worry, it still all makes sense to someone. Read more »

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Navigating a browser with a plain old TV remote is no fun. Hillcrest Labs wants to improve that experience with point-and-click input devices, and the company just secured an additional round of funding to deal with the increased demand for a different kind of remote control. Read more »

beau bredow cc setup

What’s it like to cut the cord from pay TV? In our weekly Survival Story series, we’re asking cord cutters to tell us about their experiences. This week’s featured cord cutter is Beau Bredow, who will save close to $1000 this year thanks to ditching cable. Read more »

keith olbermann

Contractual rules prevent from launching Keith Olbermann’s daily show until late spring, but that doesn’t stop the former MSNBC commentator from going in front of the camera. Olbermann posted a few clips on his own site this week, drumming up support for his upcoming show. Read more »

Javier Lasa

We can’t wait for a standard for TV apps to evolve, believes Prisa Digital’s Javier Lasa. It’s time to experiment now, give the consumers what they want, and learn from our mistakes. Lasa shares some of the things he learned developing TV apps in this Q&A. Read more »

firefox 4

Firefox 4 is clocking huge download numbers ever since it was released yesterday, and that’s good news for Google’s open video format WebM: The new version of Firefox supports WebM HTML5 video playback, bringing the total market share of browsers with WebM support to 50 percent. Read more »

lifehacker show

Revision3 published the first episode of its new weekly Lifehacker web series today, produced in cooperation with the popular Gawker blog. The show is just one attempt to tap new audiences, and Revision3′s Ryan Vance said shows targeting sports or car geeks could be next. Read more »

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VLC’s developers are busy working on an Android implementation of the popular open source video player, which could be released as early as next month. Next up will be a tablet-specific version of VLC, which could run on devices like Motorola’s Xoom with Android 3.0. Read more »

carlos perez

What’s it like to cut the cord from pay TV? What’s working, what’s missing, and what kind of equipment does the best job of replacing the cable box? In our weekly Survival Story series, we’re asking cord cutters to tell us about their experiences. Read more »

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