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bbc pocket guide

Channelography makes it possible to search across the BBC’s programming for people, places and companies to learn who was mentioned on which show. The experimental EPG makes use of closed captions for semantic analysis, and utilizes all of this data for some great visualization. Read more »

youtube townhall

YouTube will stream one of the final pre-primary debates between the GOP’s contenders to challenge President Obama online, and the site will once again let users participate by asking the candidates questions. It’s part of a bigger plan to ramp up election coverage on the site. Read more »

Upcoming Events


It’s time to dance: Netflix just added the first season of the toddler and indie music fan favorite Yo Gabba Gabba to its streaming catalog. The company also added new episodes of iCarly and a bunch of other content from Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and MTV. Read more »

stuff white people like

Asian-American consumers watch more online video than any other ethnic group in the U.S., and white people don’t seem to care much at all about video streaming. Nielsen’s latest look at ethnic media consumption habits, which raises some interesting questions about the priorities of this industry. Read more »

loading external resource screenshot

Turn on the TV at any given time, and you’re likely going to see tons of tickers scrolling across the screen on news networks, sports shows and even entertainment programming. wants to get rid of that and instead bring relevant information to the second screen. Read more »

samsung chromebook

Google wants to persuade end users, corporations and school that Chromebooks represent a new and better way of computing. But what about netbooks, Android devices and strapped school budgets? Chrome VP Sundar Pichai answers the question on everyone’s minds: Why should we buy a Chromebook? Read more »

android logo3869245383_f7567ddb3d_o

Google wants to connect all your devices to the Android ecosystem and then expose their functionality to app developers. Apps to control your light, wash your dishes and even grow your vegetables in your in-house garden are just part of a bigger plan of real-world domination. Read more »

Miselu piano

Thought Android was just about phones and tablets? Think again: Google’s new ADK framework makes it possible to build all kinds of hardware extensions for Android devices. Check out our photo gallery for a first look at Android-powered gardening, exercising and robotics showcased at Google I/O. Read more »


The Google I/O live video stream will be accessible to hearing-impaired viewers and search engine crawlers alike, thanks to a new live captions feature unveiled by YouTube today. The feature combines manual transcription with automatic translation and will be available to any YouTube Live partner. Read more »

shufflr paris hilton

Want to know what kind of YouTube videos Paris Hilton is tweeting about, but don’t care about the other four tweets she’s sending out per hour? Then you might be interested in, which uses the Twitter accounts of celebrities to curate your social video feed. Read more »

plex on roku

Plex just published a beta version of its Roku channel, making it possible to access media stored on your computer as well as Internet content sources on the popular media player. The channel is currently considered beta and still seems to have a few kinks. Read more »

youtube creator institute

YouTube is announcing the 45 winners of its NextUp and Creator Institute contests today. The former will get $35,000 in cash, the latter a month-long YouTube class at a top film school. The announcement made us wonder: What exactly do you learn in YouTube class? Read more »

syria youtube

As violence against pro-democracy demonstrators and other civilians is intensifying in Syria, YouTube is increasingly becoming the primary media outlet to learn about the situation in the country. Censorship against YouTube was lifted only two months ago, but now reports about phone network outages emerge. Read more »

cordcutters meetups map

What do Redmond, Royal Oaks and Lima, Peru have in common? It’s all cities where we had meetups for Cord Cutters Day yesterday, thanks in large part to a community that even braves tornado warnings. Check out some photos from a few of the gatherings. Read more »

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