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Nina Paley is upset. Her movie Sita Sings The Blues is blocked for German users on YouTube, making it the latest casualty in an ongoing conflict between the video site and German music rights group Gema. Rights holders deny that they’re to blame for the incident. Read more »


Criterion Capital Partners is announcing Wednesday that it has bought, a site that aspired to become U.K.’s Hulu but was close to being shut down just six weeks ago. SeeSaw’s past is troubled, but Criterion is nonetheless willing to make a bet on its future. Read more »

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angry man with sign

The Netflix blog has seen thousands of comments ever since the company announced its new pricing structure earlier today, with many customers threatening to cancel altogether. People are also turning to Facebook and Twitter in what looks like a major backlash against the company. Read more »

conan live

Conan O’Brien may not have the best ratings on late night television, but his followers are tweeting and updating their Facebook statuses more than the audience of any other late night talker. Team CoCo even has four times as much online engagement as Jay Leno. Read more »

vlv apps on android

Users that search for VLC on the Android Market get to see a whole bunch of apps that kind of look like the popular open-source video player, despite the fact that VLC for Android hasn’t been released yet. The foundation behind VLC wants to change that. Read more »

hulu plus TV

Hulu has made its first pitch to a number of prospective buyers, but Netflix didn’t come to the party: The popular subscription service apparently has no interest in buying its catch-up TV competitor. However, there are plenty of other well-known suitors still in the game. Read more »

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Boxee will soon roll out a firmware update that will group its growing app catalog into categories. This may seen like a small improvement, but it touches on a bigger issue: As connected devices become more popular, content discovery on them will become more challenging. Read more »

One of the many real-time apps I use every day.

Google’s new Hangouts video chat service is one of the most interesting features of its Google+ project. A look behind the tech curtain reveals that Google has big plans for Hangouts, using cutting edge technology to make it run natively on a wide range of devices. Read more »


File sharers can download a spy thriller with a cast including Six Feet Under actor James Cromwell this Friday, thanks to a collaboration between the film makers and P2P distribution platform VODO. The site is asking for donations to bring the movie to theaters. Read more »


Could Twitter have saved everyone’s favorite canceled show, Arrested Development? That’s one of the questions raised by a report released today that looks at the social engagement on TV viewers online. Turns out, viewers tweet because they want to help keep shows on the air. Read more »


Forget live music: One of the hottest trends in live streaming is competitive gaming, also known as e-sports. Gaming competitions attract hundreds of thousands of simultaneous viewers, and the events are streamed online by a number of sites that specifically cater to gamers and their fans. Read more »


Hollywood has set its eyes on Newzbin2, an indexing site that facilitates movie and TV show downloads from Usenet servers. However, it’s not going after the site directly, but is instead suing British ISP BT to have Newzbin2 blocked on the IP address level. Read more »

Om Malik, Joe Weinman, Stacey Higginbotham at Structure 2011

GigaOM’s Structure conference was the place to be if your business has a stake in cloud computing — and who hasn’t these days? Here are some of the emerging trends, key takeaways, revealing quotes and best tweets from the past two days. Read more »

Jason Hoffman (Joyent), Guido Appenzeller (Big Switch Networks), Martin Casado (Nicira Networks), Dante Malagrino (Embrane) - Structure 2011

Networking is getting sexy again, thanks to OpenFlow and other approaches to network virtualization. So what has prompted this movement towards smarter and more flexible networks? Blame it on the cloud, and the fact that the old ways of networking simply can’t keep up with it. Read more »

Jason Hoffman (Joyent), Anant Agarwal (Tilera Corporation), Jason Waxman (Intel) - Structure 2011

The cloud may have driven down the cost of bandwidth and computing instances dramatically, but engineers shouldn’t take this as carte blanche to be wasteful with resources, said Intel’s GM of high density computing, Jason Waxman, at GigaOM’s Structure conference in San Francisco on Thursday. Read more »

khan academy subtitles

Salman Khan’s popular educational videos can now be watched with subtitles in up to two dozen different languages, thanks to a cooperation between the Khan Academy and Universal Subtitles. Adding captions not only widens Khan’s audience, it could also help to avoid future legal challenges. Read more »

Teresa Lunt - VP and Director of the Computing Science Laboratory, PARC, a Xerox company - Structure 2011

PARC is working on a new networking technology that would make it possible for end users to connect with each other through “a Facebook without” With Content-Centric Networking, data would self-organize, benefiting both end users and enterprises. First commercial applications could emerge within 18 months. Read more »


MOVL is letting Google TV users play poker with each other by using their mobile devices as controllers for cards and bets. The company wants to eventually license its platform to other app makers, and maybe even invade the jumbotron at your next sports game. Read more »


Google TV development boxes sent out to a limited number of Android developers spot an interesting feature: an antenna input. This would enable Google TV users to access free OTA HD programming. Does that mean that Google TV’s next iteration will embrace cord cutting? Read more »

nrk stream

The midnight sun, harbors, beautiful fjords, and water, lots of water: That’s what millions Norwegians have been watching since the local broadcaster NRK started its 135 live stream of a fjord cruise last week. NRK is also using BitTorrent and live streaming for the show. Read more »


Five years ago today, the first ever video of lonelygirl15 was published on YouTube. Back then, many YouTube users thought lonelygirl15 was just an average teenager — but the character was part of a scripted show, which eventually became the first major web series success story. Read more »

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