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MOVL is letting Google TV users play poker with each other by using their mobile devices as controllers for cards and bets. The company wants to eventually license its platform to other app makers, and maybe even invade the jumbotron at your next sports game. Read more »


Google TV development boxes sent out to a limited number of Android developers spot an interesting feature: an antenna input. This would enable Google TV users to access free OTA HD programming. Does that mean that Google TV’s next iteration will embrace cord cutting? Read more »

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nrk stream

The midnight sun, harbors, beautiful fjords, and water, lots of water: That’s what millions Norwegians have been watching since the local broadcaster NRK started its 135 live stream of a fjord cruise last week. NRK is also using BitTorrent and live streaming for the show. Read more »


Five years ago today, the first ever video of lonelygirl15 was published on YouTube. Back then, many YouTube users thought lonelygirl15 was just an average teenager — but the character was part of a scripted show, which eventually became the first major web series success story. Read more »


Disabilities rights advocates sued CNN this week in an attempt to force the network to caption all of its online videos. The lawsuit brings closed captions back into the spotlight and could, if successful, have implications on pretty much any site offering online video in California. Read more »

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Older FLO TV devices from Qualcomm that went dark when the network shut down (Source: Qualcomm)

Qualcomm’s FLO TV may have flopped, but that doesn’t mean that consumers will ignore mobile TV forever: PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that mobile TV subscription revenue will double over the next four years. And that money could be an indicator for a much bigger trend. Read more »

cord cutters miro featured

This week’s episode of Cord Cutters is all about taking your media on the go, and automatically syncing it with your Android phone. We take a closer look at the newly-released Miro 4 video player, which is optimized for this kind of mobile video syncing. Read more »

seized domain

The Spanish company behind has sued the U.S. government, the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement for seizing the domains of its website. Rojadirecta was used to trade links to live sporting events, but its former owners say the sites were legal. Read more »

youtube tic tac toe

Thought YouTube was about passive video watching? Think again: YouTube producer Rutter Jared has put together an interactive Tic Tac Toe game by utilizing the site’s annotation feature. The game consists of 131 videos and more than 1000 annotations and producing it took an entire month. Read more »


Want to enjoy all the fun of the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival but not suffer through any of the downsides? Then you’re in luck: All major acts of the festival can be watched though a live stream from the comfort of your living room. Read more »

anonymous kinodotto

It didn’t take long for hacktivists to respond to the takedown of the popular video streaming portal Activists affiliated with Anonymous responded on Thursday with a denial-of-service attack against the web site of a rights holders group. Insiders meanwhile believe that will return soon. Read more »

gbtv glenn beck

Glenn Beck is back: The controversial TV pundit is launching his own online TV network this week, promising to relaunch his daily TV show in September on the Internet. However, GBTV won’t be free: Subscribers will have to pay between $5 and $10 per month. Read more »


How will the Wii2 look like? Is Microsoft going to introduce a cable-like TV subscription service? And how will Sony make up for its long PSN outage? All these questions will be answered at this week’s E3, and you can watch it all live online. Read more »


Was the last YouTube video you watched EPIC, or did it make you LOL? YouTube users could soon express these kinds of sentiments through dedicated buttons, which the site is currently testing. However, not everyone seems to think that this feature will be an EPIC WIN. Read more »

Creative Commons

Mashup artists, your life just got easier. YouTube is now making it possible remix existing videos right within its online video editor. The site is also adopting Creative Commons licensing, immediately making more than 10,000 Creative Commons-licensed videos available for reuse. Both steps have wide-ranging implications. Read more »

ip man the legend is born

Martial arts movie fans that downloaded the action flick The Legend Is Born: IP Man earlier this month could get a letter from the movie’s U.S. distributor soon, asking them for a big lump of cash: FUNimation has sued 1427 alleged BitTorrent downloaders of the film. Read more »


Fans of Amelie, Pulp Fiction and Clerks can soon watch these titles on Hulu Plus, thanks to a new licensing agreement between Miramax and Hulu. And there is good news for freeloaders as well: About 15 Miramax titles will be available ad-supported on Read more »


The Louisiana-based animation studio Moonbot Studios published its first iPad app this week that turns an animated short film into an interactive storytelling experience. The producers shared some insights into iPad storytelling as well as exclusive behind the scenes footage of the animation process with us. Read more »

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