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al jazeera live

Army tanks are rolling on the streets of the Egyptian city of Cairo today, and social media coverage has been largely cut off by a natiowide Internet black-out. However, Al-Jazeera is still reporting live, and an English-language feed of their coverage is available online. Read more »

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davos 2011

Want to listen to conversations with Bill Clinton, Robert DeNiro and Bono, live from the World Economic Forum in Davos? Then prepare to get up early – live streams are starting tonight at midnight Pacific, and will continue until the end of he meeting on Sunday. Read more »


Want to watch a 24-hour news network without having cable? Then you might want to check out Tiltview, a mashup that combines news clips from a number of networks to a continuous 24-hour stream, complete with leanback-like user interface developed with Google TV in mind. Read more »


Here’s another sign that cord cutting is going mainstream: Scammer have found a new source of revenue in people’s quest to rid themselves of their cable bill, and they’ve set up dozens of web sites selling software with links to otherwise freely available video content. Read more »


Did online viewers kill Caprica? Not exactly, says SyFy Digital’s GM Craig Engler. However, Hulu and Co. don’t bring in nearly as much money as traditional advertising, which is why Nielsen ratings still matter more than anything else when it comes to a show’s fate. Read more »

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Boxee_Front_HeroBLUEGRADIENT scaled

Boxee Box owners, the wait is over: No, you’re not getting your long-promised Netflix app quite yet. But you will finally be able to rent and purchase major Hollywood movies, in HD and 3D, thanks to the official launch of the Vudu app on Boxee. Read more »


German rights holders have turned litigation against file sharers into a money machine that just keeps on giving. P2P activists estimate estimates that Germany’s BitTorrent users faced more than half a million lawsuits in 2010. Some people even got sued multiple times for the same file. Read more »


What if you could connect cell phones straight to TV set HDMI ports without adding an HDMI port to the phone itself? That’s the idea behind MHL, a new standard that uses Micro USB ports for HDMI video. One of the first adopters is HTC. Read more »

porn money

Porn producers have been going after BitTorrent file sharers with mass lawsuits, but courts have made it harder to actually unmask users based on their IP address. Some porn studios now think it’s time to fight piracy with cheaper and better online video offerings instead. Read more »


How about this for some out of the box thinking: Boxee has teamed up with Viewsonic to make the first TV set with integrated Boxee software. The 46″ device will launch in Q2 and marks the third device to incorporate Boxee’s media center software Read more »


What happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas: A number of companies are streaming their press conferences live online, and a bunch of tech news outlets produce live programming straight from the conference floor. Check out our live streaming calendar for all things CES. Read more »

ConnecTV on MIPS Skype Chat Highlighted (2)

MIPS is announcing its new Android-powered SmartCE platform at CES today, showing off set-top boxes running Froyo, Skype video chat and a home media center solution. Platforms like these could one day also run on your cable box. But what does that mean for Google TV? Read more »

netflix alternative ps3 interface

Almost every third cable or satellite TV customer would consider to cut the cord and replace cable with online video, according to a new J.P. Morgan consumer survey. Give those people a Netflix subscription, and they’re even more likely to say good-bye to the cable guy. Read more »


Chatroulette, WebM, the World Cup and Apple Tv were only some of the topics that interested our readers the most in 2010. Our Top 10 also includes stories about Flash on Android, the YouTube lawsuit, the Winter Olympics and – don’t blush – porn on the iPad. Read more »

bee hive

You may think you’re downloading a movie or a TV show via BitTorrent — but you’re really taking part in a massive distributed denial of service attack against a major corporation. Sounds like Sci-Fi? Well, it’s possible today, thanks to a security vulnerability in BitTorrent’s protocol. Read more »

newteevee video top 10

2010 marked the year when the NewTeeVee crew started its first-ever own weekly web series called Cord Cutters – but we also recorded a whole bunch of interviews, product reviews and comparisons. Check out some of the highlights of our original video content in this Top 10 list. Read more »


Get ready for a VLC app for your Android mobile phone. The team behind the open source media player project has been busy hacking away on an Android port, and it recently had a breakthrough that allowed to overcome one major obstacle and actually play video. Read more »

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