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keith olbermann

Contractual rules prevent from launching Keith Olbermann’s daily show until late spring, but that doesn’t stop the former MSNBC commentator from going in front of the camera. Olbermann posted a few clips on his own site this week, drumming up support for his upcoming show. Read more »

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Javier Lasa

We can’t wait for a standard for TV apps to evolve, believes Prisa Digital’s Javier Lasa. It’s time to experiment now, give the consumers what they want, and learn from our mistakes. Lasa shares some of the things he learned developing TV apps in this Q&A. Read more »

firefox 4

Firefox 4 is clocking huge download numbers ever since it was released yesterday, and that’s good news for Google’s open video format WebM: The new version of Firefox supports WebM HTML5 video playback, bringing the total market share of browsers with WebM support to 50 percent. Read more »

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lifehacker show

Revision3 published the first episode of its new weekly Lifehacker web series today, produced in cooperation with the popular Gawker blog. The show is just one attempt to tap new audiences, and Revision3′s Ryan Vance said shows targeting sports or car geeks could be next. Read more »

vlc android icon

VLC’s developers are busy working on an Android implementation of the popular open source video player, which could be released as early as next month. Next up will be a tablet-specific version of VLC, which could run on devices like Motorola’s Xoom with Android 3.0. Read more »

carlos perez

What’s it like to cut the cord from pay TV? What’s working, what’s missing, and what kind of equipment does the best job of replacing the cable box? In our weekly Survival Story series, we’re asking cord cutters to tell us about their experiences. Read more »

bustallmajors featured2

Two German music fans were fed up with geo-blocking on YouTube, which has been preventing them from accessing music videos from major-label artists. So they turned the tables and started to block employees of major music labels from accessing popular blogs and other websites. Read more »

vevo android

Vevo will soon be available in the U.K., and the music video platform is already looking to expand into additional international markets, with the Middle East being on top of the list. So why can Vevo pull off what Hulu and Netflix can’t? Read more »


Let’s be honest: Those videos you took during your last vacation — are you really ever gonna edit them? The growing amount of video footage on our hard drives can be intimidating, even with easy editing tools. Clipik wants to solve that issue by crowdsourcing video editing. Read more »


South By Southwest was the place where Twitter and Foursquare took off, and we’re to see a few success stories this year as well. But if you can’t make it, don’t worry: a growing number of panels and concerts will be streamed live online. Read more »

Matt Worley's setup.

“So far it has not been that bad” doesn’t exactly sound like a rave review. But when Matt Worley talks about his cord cutting experience, you’ll get a sense that he’s learning to love it. And saving a bunch of money definitely helps as well. Read more »

victor koo

Not long ago, the only way to watch movies like Inception in China was to buy a pirated DVD. wants to change that by offering Western blockbusters through VOD and Netflix-like subscriptions. Does the site have what it takes to become China’s Netflix? Read more »


The Department of Justice and the California State Attorney are looking into MPEG LA’s formation of a patent pool for Google’s WebM video format. Regulators are trying to figure out whether the patent pool is meant to stifle competition for the established video format H.264. Read more »

android tv stb

OEM manufacturers are showing off a number of Android-powered set-top boxes at CeBIT this week. That could mean many of the cheaper media streaming devices available in U.S. stores could soon be based on Android — but it also signals a market shift toward Android. Read more »

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