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lg st600

The LG ST600 set-top box doesn’t just offer access to Netflix, VUDU and Amazon VOD, but also integrates with Plex, the media center solution of choice for many cord cutters. Check it out in this episode of Cord Cutters. Read more »

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3-d bark

The Pirate Bay announced Wednesday morning that it is now in the business of offering 3-D movies, destroying the hopes of Hollywood that 3-D would be something of an automatic piracy deterrent. With prices for 3-D TVs declining, the phenomenon is poised to become more popular. Read more »

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hulu japan

Hulu is turning Japanese with the launch of a subscription service in the country. The company today announced that it will launch the service before the end of the year, but declined to provide further details. Hulu actively looked for partners in Japan earlier this year. Read more »

pga championship

Tiger Woods is back! Well, back at the Atlanta Golf Club anyway, where he’ll participate in this week’s 93rd PGA Championship. The tournament will be broadcast live online with multiple streams, a 360-degree-camera and a nifty feature that will allow fans to share clips on Facebook. Read more »

infographic banner

Netflix has a catalog of 51,000 movies and TV show episodes, which can be watched on more than 450 devices. Those numbers have helped Netflix to become the biggest video subscription service in the U.S. Check out our infographic for a success story in numbers. Read more »

iplayer for tv

Users of Sony’s PS3 can now access a special TV version of the BBC’s iPlayer, complete with a navigation optimized for remote controls, personalization and video overlays. The new iPlayer is based on HTML5, showing how important the emerging standard is to the connected-TV world. Read more »

kaxt one execs

The FCC wants to reallocate some of the TV spectrum to auction it off, and Congress is working on bills to facilitate that process. Local, low-power TV stations believe that they could be the casualty of the process, affecting cord cutters and ethnic minorities alike. Read more »


The Lollapalooza festival celebrates its 20th anniversary this weekend. We are all invited to join in on the fun through an online live stream that will feature close to 30 of the festival’s live performances, including performances by Ween, Coldplay and the Arctic Monkeys. Read more »


Any video call between users of Skype’s newest Windows client automatically uses Google’s open video codec VP8. Being embraced by a company that’s soon part of Microsoft is a big boost for Google’s open video strategy, and it could quell potential fears of patent lawsuits. Read more »

Lock DRM

Online TV viewing is about to get a whole lot more complicated soon, as and others are introducing pay-TV walls that force consumers to authenticate themselves as paying customers. It’s like DRM for online video — and, once again, consumers are getting screwed. Read more »


Hulu is catching up to its subscription service competitors by rolling out its Hulu Plus service to more devices. The newest Hulu Plus-enabled devices are the family of WD TV media players. The WD TV Live Hub media player also received access to ShoutCast today. Read more »

sagetv for boxee

Third-party developers have begun to work on a SageTV app for Boxee, bringing DVR functionality to the media player. The integration only works if users also run SageTV on a PC, but it could nonetheless be a big deal both for Boxee and SageTV’s fan bases. Read more »


TwitchTV just made playing video games a whole lot more lucrative: The site opened up its partner program, offering qualifying gamers the chance to run ads on and make money with live streams of their games. Some participants of the beta already quit their day jobs. Read more »


Netflix movie recommendations can be scarily accurate — but sometimes they’re just plain scary: A viewer spotted the site recommending March of the Penguins as a violent movie, and others have gotten horror movie titles advertised as “movies about parenthood.” It’s Netflix gone wild! Read more »


Chances are that one out of four of you went to YouTube or Vimeo yesterday. That’s one of the results of a new study published by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, which also reveals that parents like YouTube even more than people without offspring. Read more »

leo laporte

Leo Laporte and his TWiT team made the move to their new studio on Sunday, taking the next big step toward turning the podcast network into a 24/7 live technology network. The launch came with a lot of behind-the-scenes info about what makes TWiT run. Read more »

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