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Hulu CEO Jason Kilar thinks that Hulu Plus will bring in more than half of his company’s revenue within the next 12 months. Kilar made these predictions as part of his traditional quarterly report, which he also used to announce a content partnership with Univision. Read more »


Roku just announced a significant new retail parter: Target will sell the company’s media streaming boxes in its stores nationwide. The partnership follows similar deals with Best Buy and Walmart, and could help Roku sell three million boxes by the end of the year. Read more »

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Former MIT researcher Nathan Eagle wanted to use outsourcing and mobile technology to lift people in Kenya and elsewhere out of poverty. But faced with the realities of the outsourcing business, he changed course, and now wants to bring marketing dollars to people in emerging economies. Read more »

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Livestation has seen its audience size explode ever since the beginning of the Arab Spring earlier this year. The company’s success makes you wonder whether other news networks that restrict their live feeds to pay TV subscribers are really doing the right thing. Read more »

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The BBC’s research and development department launched the prototype for a new form of EPG today that replaces the traditional time-based grid with automatically updated lists. It’s a neat little project, but the way other broadcasters are involved in the site is even more interesting. Read more »


Dreamworks is parting with HBO snd giving its movies to Netflix instead: Starting in 2013, Netflix customers will be able to stream both new and catalog titles of the animation studio. Netflix was apparently willing to pay significantly more than HBO currently does. Read more »


Swedish live streaming startup Bambuser knows that mobile networks can be unreliable for high-quality broadcasts – but it also realizes that people don’t want to watch a fuzzy video of an archived stream. That’s why it came with a unique technology for its live streaming apps. Read more »


Turner is going to launch dedicated apps for Google TV that offer access to full episodes of TNT and TBS shows, as long as viewers authenticate themselves as pay TV subscribers. The apps were briefly on the Android market last week, but have since been removed. Read more »

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Facebook us about to unveil some major updates that will include a tighter integration with music services like Spotify and The company will unveil these new features at its f8 developer conference in San Francisco this Thrsday. Here’s how to tune in live online. Read more »

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Pandora has established itself as the leading personalized radio service online. A new breed of services is now challenging Pandora by mashing up videos from around the web to personalized video streams, all without spending an arm and a leg on licensing. Read more »


Warner Bros. systematically abused an automated takedown system provided by Hotfile, the file host claims in a countersuit against the studio. The claims made by Hotfile include information on the behind-the-scenes actions taken by Hollywood to enforce its rights against file sharing on cloud file hosts. Read more »

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