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Netgear is trying to compete with Roku, Apple TV and Boxee with its own streaming media player. The NeoTV has a few hundred apps, including Vudu, Netflix and YouTube, but lacks local playback capability and Hulu Plus. Should you buy it? Check out our review. Read more »

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Roku is starting to sell its Roku LT and Roku 2 XS players in the U.K. and Ireland. The company is hoping to cash in on the launch of Netflix in both countries earlier this week, and possibly make up for weaker-than-expected sales last year. Read more »

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Google is rolling out a tight integration of its search on and Google+. Users who opt to personalize their search results will get to see posts from their Google+ contacts mixed with classic search results. This could be a big boon for Google’s social network. Read more »

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Want to catch all the action at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, but didn’t make it out to Las Vegas? Don’t worry: Many of the keynotes and press conferences are streamed live online, and numerous outlets have set up their own show floor live feeds. Read more »

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Roku LT

There are two rumors about Roku going around these days: One says that the company is getting ready to be acquired, possibly by Intel. The other one says it’s getting more funding. Which one makes more sense for Roku? The answer may surprise you. Read more »


Netflix, AT&T’s 250-GB bandwidth caps, the Royal Wedding, Roku, Google+ Hangouts and The Guild were only some of the subjects that proved to be really popular this year. Check out our list of the eleven most-read NewTeeVee posts of 2011. Read more »


Imagine citizen journalists could remix radio programs or TV news features simply by copy and pasting text fragments of their manuscripts and closed captions: That’s the idea behind hypermedia, and first tools to make it happen could become available as early as next year. Read more »


KaZaA, Napster, LimeWire & Co. all have been sued out of existence in the U.S., but Spain’s Blubster and Piolet music swapping apps prevailed in court today. Pablo Soto, who developed both file sharing applications, can’t be held liable for copyright infringement, a local court found. Read more »

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Google Plus now offers its users an option to fine-tune their social feeds with volume sliders. It’s an interesting first step towards a more personalized social web. Now let’s make these kinds of filtering functionality available to developers so we can finally have a Tebow filter. Read more »

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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt recently said that the company’s TV platform will soon dominate the CE market. I was initially underwhelmed by the recent system update, but now I have to say that I agree with Schmidt. Here are five reasons Google TV will be huge. Read more »

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Sling Media’s SlingPlayer app is now available on Google TV, making it possible for Logitech Revue owners to access Slingbox streams on their device. The launch of the Google TV app comes a month after SlingBox debuted a dedicated app for the Boxee Box. Read more »

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How about this for localization: Hulu announced a number of new deals for Spanish-language content Tuesday morning, but it’s not about to embark on any Latin American expansion like Netflix. Instead, the site is now targeting Latinos in the U.S. with a dedicated site section. Read more »

Tommy Ahlers of Podio at GigaOM 2011

Podio CEO Tommy Ahlers is looking to a very unlikely place to figure out the future of social software in the enterprise: Excel. Spreadsheets have been inspiring people for years to customize solutions to their needs. Now it’s time to take that spirit to enterprise apps. Read more »

Google's Rajen Sheth at Net:Work 2011

Getting enterprise customers excited about Chromebooks can be an uphill battle – but for Google’s Rajen Sheth, it’s a deja vu. Sheth is known as the father of Google apps, and said at Net:Work Thursday that Google’s enterprise product was initially met with similar resistance. Read more »


Hey Mister DJ, turn the tweet hits up: is using Twitter’s collective music favorites to come up with daily music charts. Each and every song is playable through YouTube embeds, and the site is already working on plans to launch genre-specific Twitter radio stations. Read more »

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Netflix may have had some troubles keeping its customers on board, but streaming usage has nonetheless been growing: The company’s CEO Reed Hastings revealed during an investors conference Tuesday that Netflix is now streaming “well over a billion hours” to its subscribers per quarter. Read more »

tweek_screenshot-1 wants to become your social TV guide and recommend interesting movies, TV shows and web content based on the things your friends have liked on Facebook. The German startup is emerging from stealth mode today and also announcing a first round of funding. Read more »

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This week’s talk about usage-based billing has been a bit of a deja vu for BitTorrent CEO Eric Klinker, who thinks the solution isn’t to charge or slow down customers. Instead, he believes smart technology can solve our problems and save the Internet in the process. Read more »

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